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Jarrod Branch

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I’m interested in learning everything I can to be a capable & profitable asset to a company & to my fellow coding students if able. I’m a former warehouse worker/fork truck driver. I’m interested in...

Preparing to apply to a bootcamp
East Moline
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I like this company & found something interesting.

Different Perspectives

What is the best show of diversity/inclusion & why? Outside of Background/Experience, what’s another area that is needed? But also consider this, how do you live the ideals of D/I & deal with people...

Freecodecamp Updates

I got an email this morning from Freecodecamp has added some extra courses & interesting...

Data science Tools

Got this from an article about “lazy” Data Scientists tools on LinkedIn @Haja C would you spread this around to anyone who desires to learn more about. DataSci?...

Coding in Spanish or another language

I know it’s possible, but I don’t know how but because I’m learning Spanish, I always wondered if it would be possible to code Python, JavaScript, & other languages in it. Do you have an opinion on...