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Valentina Panic

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I have been in hospitality business since the beginning of college. Past 10 years I learned a lot about that industry doing every single position it entitles. Hospitality is a beautiful industry,...

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How did Career Karma impact my life?

I would like to start this post saying THANK YOU to Career Karma founders and their team for 2 things:
1. For my $500 Amazon award. I  couldn’t believe it when I saw the email.

What Does Career Karma Mean To Me?

 A year and half ago I started the online  IT school in my home country ( Serbia). At the time I was working very long hours in the USA and did't have enough time to study. Also, being in a different...

What are you most excited about while...

Any change for better in life is exciting. Transitioning into a career in tech will bring me a challenge of learning new staff and constant thinking ahead. I know that being in software engineering...