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Jermaine Tucker

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Professional writer-turned-aspiring software engineer. Interesting Fact: I like to watch funny cat videos when my day is going bad. I like anime, philosophy, mathematics, and I like to write, learn,...

Exploring a new career
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Coding Bootcamp: TrueCoders

Hey Career Karmites,

I have been away for awhile, but I have still been productive. I have got accepted into a coding bootcamp by a company called TrueCoders out of Birmingham, Alabama. It’s a 9...

What programming language are you studying?

The post is intended to incite discussion amongst us beginners, and my question is:

What language are you studying? 
And, why did you choose that language?

A More Beautiful Question

The book that has had a profound effect on me is the book a More Beautiful Question.

This book discusses the importance of asking questions. Instead of looking for answers we should look for better...