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Hi I’m from Harlem, N.Y., based in Atlanta. I am passionate about social justice and fitness. I am currently transitioning into the software development industry. Fun fact about me I am the oldest of...

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You can create your own API

If you’re curious about back end development, check out my latest blog post to get you started with using Rails as an API. Yes, you can create your own API, here’s how:

Click the link below and let...

POC looking for mentor

Greetings! Ghameerah, based in Atlanta, GA. I am finishing up the Software Engineering program with Flatiron School and I would like to meet more people in the same field.

My hope for everyone...

Programmers to follow?

Hey guys
I’m new on #Twitter & Interested in #development...

Who are some Programmers I should follow?

If you have any suggestions of really great programmers to follow on Twitter/LinkedIn share...

Flatiron ONLINE 👩🏾‍💻

If you are a part time Flatiron student beginning in May AND you are taking the course online then this group is for you.

I want to keep the group small as to collaborate more efficiently and...

What do software engineers do for a living?

I have always been curious about what the day in the life of a SWE looked like. What do SWE do on a daily basis, on a weekly basis, monthly, etc. What is the time line for their projects and...