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Danny Fuentes

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If I could do it all over again which bootcamp...

Hi guys,

So in a previous coaching session I was asked "Danny if you could start all over again which bootcamp would you consider?"
I've been doing some research on schools for a few people looking...

What is the best way to get started in a career...

What is the best way to get started in a career in tech?


One of the first steps is to identify which career is of your interest. 
Which are the different career paths?

What is a Variable? - JavaScript

What is a Variable?
Variable store Data, for example: numbers, colors, letters or strings.

What is a string?
As presented in W#Schools "A string can be any text inside double or single quotes": 

Women who reached the stars

Sometimes we begin to lose motivation while going through challenging moments in a bootcamp. At times it's our mind trying to see us reach our final goal vs. the Impostor Syndrome. During the day I...

A Day in the life of a Product Manager

What is a Product Manager?
Product managers are responsible for guiding the success of a product and leading the cross-functional team that is responsible for improving it

What are some basic...