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Roland Villafuerte

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I'm a person who's failed a lot. I've squandered opportunities, made cataclysmic mistakes, and tended to shy away from my true potential. I mention this because I've learned how to pick myself up,...

Attending a Bootcamp
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12May2020 AMA Shout-out: Importance of Being in...

I just wanted to give a big shout-out Alice Shin and Flatiron school for their "Importance of Being in Tech" AMA. Alice was engaging, wise, and gave amazing advice. I really appreciate how she shared...

Springboard Review

I chose Springboard because in these uncertain times I couldn't justify quitting my job and going full-immersion. The data (or lack of data) showed that it be wiser for me to keep my current career...

Flatironama ama 12may2020

What are some of the challenges you've seen introverts have to overcome to be successful in building their network?

Flatiron AMA 5May20: What differentiates your...

What differentiates your self-paced program from the other Schools' self-paced program?


Hey Team,

What kind of scholarships are available at Springboard? When I asked, I was told they didn't have but I'm hearing other members were able to get a scholarship.

I'd appreciate your help as...