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Whatever path you’re on learn to “network”

No I’m not talking about TCP/IPs.  I mean learn how to grow your network on sites like LinkedIn and Twitter.

I’ve graduated my boot camp and am now on the Job Search phase and I feel like I’m behind...

My GA Bootcamp Experience

I am now almost 2 weeks removed from my bootcamp 'graduation', so here is a rundown of what I learned, what it was like and some advice you might find useful.  I hope those of you considering any...

Starting Week 3 of GA SEI Flex

Tonight I start my 3rd week of SEI Flex Immersive (Week 3 of 24) so I thought I'd write about what my experience has been so far and what I'm hoping for things to come.   If I use some terms you...

Anyone taken SEI using Windows 10 laptop?

Has anyone taking the GA course with a Windows 10 machine?  My laptop is less than a year old and I’ve downloaded Linux Ubuntu but I’m still worried about not being able to use all of the...

Less than a week to go!

Starting SEI - Flex Next Tuesday
I'm starting the GA SEI-Flex course next Tuesday.  Is anyone else going to be in that cohort, have you done all the prep-work yet?  What are you most excited to work...