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Antonio Lobusto

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Age 29, live in Bari City, Italy and I'm junior web developer. I'm working to become FULL STACK DEVELOPER and INNOVATOR START UP CEO. My strength is adaptation to change. Open to work!

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Web Developer Padawan & Innovator Visionary at Netoget
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ProTask - ToDo List App

I made this application with Laravel php framework. Deployed with Heroku.
You can visit app in this link >>>

Workdex - A smartworking app multitools

Workdex - the your digital workstation. 
This is a multitools web-app, useful for those who work in smart working. I'd like to upgrade to a database version.  I'm looking for feedbacks to improve...

Ready to go....

Hi guys my name is Antonio, I am web  developer padawan, age 29, I live in Italy,So I thought, for the next months, to develop something innovative with the collaboration of other developers and...