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Desireé Foye

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Preparing to apply to a bootcamp
Port Arthur
Artist at heyDesireé
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It’s NOT Impossible 😱

I went into this process thinking that it was impossible for me to learn coding, get accepted to a bootcamp, etc. I was skeptical about literally every step of this process. But I am so happy to say...

(CLOSED) Need Help Finding (and funding) a...

EDIT: I found that Flatiron actually does offer a Brooklinen Access Scholarship with their Women Take Tech program so I'm going to continue the prep course and then apply for this scholarship if I...

Feeling Disheartened

I feel like I will really like to code if I continue on learning and eventually start on some projects. But I started the Flatiron School prep course and it seems soooooo hard, only learning the...


Are there examples showing finished products of each career path? I’m very much interested in both Software Engineering and UX Design but I’m torn on which I should choose because I don’t know...

Kickoff Post

Where you were 10 years ago?
- Ten years ago I was just entering high school.

Where you are now?
- I recently quit my job and right now I'm working on ME. I have always been the one to help other...