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I didn't stop cuz I finished the last course,

When I got back on my exercise regime, I decided that doing even one set of an exercise was better than intending to doing a fancy routine that I somehow never got around to. I could do the exercises...

Finished Project 5

I finally finished project 5. I went through and focused more on skill and less on book knowledge. It took the whole day and I moved forward in my vision. 

Realized a Tendency Today - Skill vs Knowledge

I recognized (again) one of my tendencies and it helped me move forward today.

Nothing against university education, but I have three degrees including a language and advanced degree - and those...

Halfway through building first Web Application

I'm halfway through the first go round for project 5. My brain is fried. Now we are creating prompts that return different values. I'm tired. Gotta go exercise and get away. Functions inside of...

Started the 5th Project, but re-do of 4th was...

For example it went totally over my head before that the syntax for turning off a comment in CSS is different than for turning off a comment in JavaScript. I have practiced examples of JS functions...