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Dominique Devereaux

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Right brained creative looking to escape a left brained existence.

Exploring a new career
Creative at Devone-Ciera Enterprises, LLC
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Time to Make it Mobile 📱

Hack with Celo & Gitcoin for $60K in Rewards!
The Make it Mobile Hackathon Runs March 5-April 12, 2021
Calling all Builders! Have an idea for web3 but wish it could be optimized for your phone?...

Gitcoin Grants Round 9 Virtual Hackathon

What is Gitcoin Grants anyway?
If you're a new or returning hacker, but haven't ventured out to the Grants side of the Gitcoin platform, you're in for a treat! Gitcoin Grants is an experiment where...

Facebook Certified Developer

Learn about the tools businesses use to optimize their marketing on Facebook.
Facebook Developer Certifications are offered to qualified specialists that demonstrate a high-level proficiency in the...

Shamar Benoit - Portfolio Spotlight

Shamar Benoit, Senior User Experience Developer
Portfolio -

As a Senior User Experience Developer, I bring a unique approach to the concepts of design...

Zach Is A Designer* - Open Web Foundry by Arweave

Design Advisor & Program Director
Taking early-stage teams with interesting ideas and turning them into investible products for the past 2+ years in the blockchain & distributed web space.