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Douglas Henderson

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OEF/OIF Veteran. Aspiring Software Engineer. Prior bean counter. FullStack Academy student.

Attending a Bootcamp
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Onto the Immersive!

Got the final grade back for foundations. This was the last barrier to the immersive portion of FullStack Academy. 

I'm incredibly excited and a little nervous for the 12 hour days to come. Looking...

Cool little illustration of array methods.

Found this while studying today. Thought it could help some folks memorize the uses of some JavaScript array methods!

Foundations part 1 complete

Let me say I was WORRIED about this test. I had to learn command line from scratch, objects were another hurdle, and I was losing  motivation by the day. It's great to have things like this to push...

More great news!

The last piece of the puzzle fell into place for me today! I recieved my certificate of eligibility for the VET TEC program. I'll be able to join the June 14th cohort at Fullstack Academy with no...

Everything's looking up from here!

After about three months of being self taught and pushing through tutorial after tutorial, I took Fullstack Academys technical assessment and their face to face interview and got in!

I'm extremely...