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Stephen Brooks

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Freelance web developer and instructor looking to make new connections in the field. I have a few portfolios to share, and looking forward to share with this community. If anyone is 8nterested in...

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Web Developer at Clear Web Designs
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Building a calculator

If you were to build a calculator to take input and display output just in the console, what language would you use? Feel free to reply with a working example. I will be building one with JavaScript...


Never give up, always proceed with your dreams

Mother of programming

Mother of programming

Rideshare WebSite

A site that helps with booking, acccepting payments, book a driver for a date and time, get driver ratings, see what vehicle they will be arriving in and a company that plans on capitolizing on that...

Open Source Project

This project is open source and uses Vue.js with TypeScript. It is a music store that will allow users to play songs once clicked, and select artist, genre, etc. This will go to everyone who...