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Mason Snow

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Recently quit my full time job as a Digital Marketer to pursue a career in Software Development⚡️ Feel free to follow my journey here, or on IG/Twitter @masonhsnow

Attending a Bootcamp
Salt Lake City
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Asynchronous Javascript module complete. Feeling...

Hey all. This week we’ve been working hard learning about Asynchronous JavaScript:⁣
Promises, Async/Await, and AJAX. Honestly, it’s been pretty tough for me to wrap my head around. ⁣
The main use...

Checking in again! Objected Oriented Programming...

Checking in again! I know I’m getting more and more infrequent, but I promise I’m still working hard on all of this coding stuff haha. This week we’ve covered Object Oriented Programming (OOP), and...

Another project in the books :)

Another completed project in the books! This one was a super fun one to do. If you’re interested in all of the functionality of it, feel free to watch my video overview which details all the...

I'm basically an Array master now

Yo! Checking in. The last few days have been ALL about arrays. And, we’ve been able to put that directly into practice and begin working on a new cool project, which is way more fun to do than...

Advanced Function Module done :)

Another solid few days of studies in the books! We finished up the strings practice we were supposed to do over the weekend (oops) on Monday, which forced us to study a bit longer yesterday and today...