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The secret is out!

First off, I (@sheriffderek) went to a bunch of interesting schools. Then from 2010 to now I read hundreds of books, built hundreds of websites, worked in a lot of different roles, took tons of classes - and taught a lot of people how to design and program things. So - 10 years of making things all-day - every day / on top of an art-school background. A few more people got involved and well:

This was our technique:

We figured out what the one single most important thing we could teach you in 2 hours would be.

Then... We figured out what the NEXT one single most important thing we could teach you in 2 hours would be...

and we did that until the student knew more than most Jr. Developers - and we found that magic point when we'd be proud to actually hire the student.

Pretty basic design strategy. But it was really effective. Feel free to copy us!

It's also a lot more than just a written set of "stuff." The information is all out there already - so, it's not like you can steal it. It's HOW you teach it that matters.

It's a long video... because there's a lot to explain...

and you can see some some real examples of our teaching style on our site.

There are a lot of great options out there. Are you interested in a more holistic path? Do you want to learn the entire design and development process? Check out what we're doing - and we're always up to talk about it and explain how we're different.

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