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How do you get accepted into App Academy?


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2 Answers

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1 year ago
After applying for the Program you'll go through an interview process similar to what you would experience applying for a role as an engineer at a tech company. There are some minor test about typing speed, personality, pattern recognition. Then there are some minor learning modules about symbolic logic, HTML, and CSS, followed by a few assessments (quizzes) and finally a little take home web project where you build a little card with html and css. In general the process prepairs you for what the course will be like. Be yourself in the interviews and study the materials until you're comfortable and you should get in no problem.
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App Academy
25 days ago
I see here that Warren answered how the application process works for our online programs! Thank you for that!

The short answer of how to get accepted into a/A is: Apply! The only reason why I say this is because App Academy provides you with its own resources that are catered towards helping you pass the admissions process. You only get access to these resources though after you apply. They are free.

Here is a snapshot of our 2 different admissions processes.

24-Week FT Program & 52-Week PT Online Programs(Takes ~3-8 weeks)
(1) Submit an application (~10 minutes)
(2) Typing speed/personality/pattern recognition test (25 minutes) - 2 chances to pass
(3) Behavioral interview with an a/A alum via zoom (2 chances to pass)
(4) Prep work containing 3 technical assessments (HTML/CSS, Git, and Boolean Algebra For Online); once you pass all 3 technical assessments, you will be officially accepted into the program - there is very specific prep work that you receive upon acceptance that are designed to help you pass the assessments. They are project based/open note assessments and all beginner friendly. You have multiple chances to pass (~3-18 days)
(5) Acceptance
(6) Enrollment
*See our "Courses" tab for more details on payment plans, etc.

16-Week Campus Program:
(1) Submit app (~10 minutes)
(2) Typing speed/personality/pattern recognition (25 minutes) - 2 chances to pass
(3) Coding test (~10-60 minutes, free resources provided by a/A to pass, 3 chances to pass)
(4) Live remote tech interview with a/A alum (45 minutes, 2 chances to pass)
(5) Non-Tech interview with a/A alum (2 chances to pass)
(6) Acceptance
(7) Enrollment

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