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FeedChevron right imageHow much can I make if I become a software engineer?Chevron right image

How much can I make if I become a software engineer?


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6 Answers

I recommend checking out our article about Full Stack developer salaries:
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Developer salaries vary quite a bit depending on geography and the type of the employer / clinet you're working with (for example, Google vs Startup).

Flatiron School published a 3rd party verified Jobs Report that documents salaries our students landed across our campuses.

If you'd like to learn more about market data from job sites like Monster or Indeed, check out this comprehensive guide for career changers. In this article you'll see that median pay [according to Indeed] for web developers is $78,178 (with $2,000 cash bonus).
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Timur Meyster
1 year ago
This is a great question. Software Engineering is considered a high paying job but there are a few things to take into account. The Salary ranges vary depending on your location and the city where you live. The big cities like NYC and San Francisco, you can expect to make around six-figures coming out a bootcamp. In other places, where the cost of living is a lot lower, you are probably looking at $65-$85k as a fresh bootcamp grad. However, here is a nice bonus. Regardless where you live, if you stay in this job for 3-5 years... you can be making over $100k. Keep in mind that this is without even any degrees... you just have to show employers that you have the skills.
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Glassdoor is a useful way to see salaries:,17.htm - however, "Software engineer" - is really really vague. These days, that's like saying "Worker" haha! So, what are your goals? What does "Software engineer" mean to you? What would an idea day in your life be like?
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21st century is all about digitization of industries. Regardless of what field you work in, people are increasingly relying on computers, hardware, and software tools to help them grow their busnesses. Software Engineer's salaries vary from city to city, as well as specialty. There are front end developers, back end developers, full stack, etc. Flatiron School has campuses all around the US and hundreds of online grads who landed jobs worldwide. If you'd like to learn more about job outcomes of our grads, check out our rcently published jobs report:
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Glassdoor is not accurate at all. is far more accurate. I work at IBM and Glassdoor is listing far below my salary for my geo. It varies by location but for a big company, the standard for entry in California is between $110k - $190k. A decent baseline to go off of.
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