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What are the biggest complaints from students in Thinkful?


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1 year ago
I only "attended" Thinkful for their JS prep course material, and did not go through the entire program. However, I did connect with some students during my time and keep in contact with them. With that said, I have heard a few things about Thinkful that I will share. I also want to preface this post: these are things that I have heard and are in no way meant to be damaging to Thinkful's image. There are many good things about them as well. Do your research and choose the best option for you.

1. The course material can be vague at times or not explain everything you need.
a. This could be meant to force students to look elsewhere for more information.
b. It may not be blatantly stated as well, also forcing the student to make connections to past information (building blocks).
2. The Live Help sessions are too short.
a. Thinkful had live help sessions for 1 hour segments. Sometimes there were multiple sessions back-to-back for more time, but that required room hopping and disrupted the flow. But with such a short time frame and multiple students to help, instructors felt rushed in their answers which sometimes left students without the help they sought.
3. Mentors were not always available to help.
a. Some mentors were so busy with mentoring others and a full-time job that the mentor sessions were not as helpful as students would like. One student told me their mentor even cut a meeting short (only lasted about 10 mins) because they "had nothing else to add".
b. The good thing in this situation is that this type of behavior is definitely in the minority. There are plenty of mentors who give as much time as they can. Plus, you can always request to change mentors until you find the best fit.
4. The TAs are not there to help.
a. Thinkful provides TAs for the Immersion (full-time) courses. A few students have noted that some TAs are not exactly helpful in that they don't explain the material.
b. This can just depend on the TA though; and also the student, in that everyone understands in their own way.

While you specifically asked for complaints, keep in mind that there are praises toward Thinkful as well. I hope this information helps. And note that the above information was true during my experience with Thinkful (Jun 2020 - Oct 2020). I'm sure some things have changed since then. Remember to do your own thorough research.
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