What Questions Are Asked at UX Design Interviews?


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2 months ago
In my experience, a lot of companies like to ask open ended interview questions. By the time you have an interview they will have seen your design portfolio and come to some sort of conclusion on your skill as a designer, so they’ll ask questions like “what’s your favorite product or design?” or “what do you like to use for inspiration?” Often they’ll also ask questions that are like small tests: “Take a look at this design, what would you change about it?” or “If a business decision is in conflict with a design decision which takes priority?” Complicated or trick questions are rare, so if you go into an interview with these kinds of questions in mind you’ll do great.
16 days ago
The first question is always the same "1. Tell us about yourself" and What they really want to know: Are you clued up on inclusive UX? Do you know how to design for ALL users?. for more info visit https://careerfoundry.com/en/blog/ux-design/make-sure-you-can-answer-these-11-ux-design-interview-questions/
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