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Reskill America:
The Great Rehiring Initiative

We’re raising money and giving away thousands of laptops to communities who need them most to reskill. We’re also providing a blueprint to help them move forward.

Help us raise $500,000 and give away 5,000+ laptops to the communities who need them most to reskill and get a job in tech

Featured Partners

Diversity & Inclusion Leaders

Fraeda Kapor Klien

Fraeda Kapor Klien

Founding Partner

Kapor Capital

Arlan Hamilton

Arlan Hamilton

Founder, Managing Partner

Backstage Capital

Michael Siebel

Michael Siebel

CEO, Partner

Y Combinator

Jewel Burks Solomon

Jewel Burks Solomon

Managing Partner

Collab Capital

Alison Rapaport

Alison Rapaport


Serena Ventures




Covid - 19 has left over 42 million Americans without jobs over the last few weeks — disproportionately impacting low - income communities, women, and people of color.

Tens of thousands of people come to us every day seeking to reskill and find new jobs but don’t have laptops to take advantage of learning opportunities online.

We’re partnering with D&I leaders and organizations to leverage our platforms towards raising over $500,000 and giving away thousands of laptops to these communities impacted by Covid-19.

We want to enable those who plan on using theselaptops to reskill and re-enter the workforce with a strong foundation that will last them a lifetime.

We believe with a collective effort, we can help millions of Americans acquire new skills and prepare for the Great Rehiring.

How to participate


Let us know how you'd like to contribute

Fill out this quick form telling us how you or your organization would like to help (to be included in our campaign materials).


Share with your community

Ensure the people who need it most learn about this opportunity and apply.


Donate to the GoFundMe

All donations are tax deductible. Significant contributions will be given additional benefits, including access to our audience of over 1 million listeners (inquire to learn more).


Submit an "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) thread

Share any resources your organization can offer those impacted by Covid on Career Karma. Top threads will be selected to be interviewed on the upcoming season of the Breaking Into Startups podcast.

Contributor benefits


Your organization’s logo will be featured in campaign materials and a series of articles written on our network of publishers including AfroTech, TechCrunch, BlackEnterprise, Career Karma, and more


You will be invited to be included to follow-up campaigns and virtual career summits


Your organization will be included on The Great Rehiring Blueprint to help underrepresented job seekers discover your initiatives and join your community


Select organizations will be given shoutouts on the Breaking Into Startups podcast with the potential to be interviewed as featured guests

Laptop Background

Need a laptop?

If you’ve been impacted by Covid 19 and need a laptop to attend a job training program, please apply.

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Career Karma is an online community and resource platform that helps people make their most important career decisions.

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The Breaking into Startups podcast is the world’s largest podcast for people from non-traditional backgrounds looking to break into tech.

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Reskill America is a fiscally-sponsored project of the Kapor Center.



Get matched with coding bootcamps that meet your unique needs with offerings including online flexible learning, income sharing agreements, and money-back guarantees. We've selected job training programs that have financial incentives to help their students start their new careers.

Software Engineering
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Discover the top bootcamp programs near you. There are over 300 cities with great technical courses that will help you level up your skills and get a job in technology.