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Reskill America
Laptop Application

We're providing laptops to people in need that want to break into tech

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Do you come from an underestimated background?

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Have you lost a job, gotten your hours reduced, are unable to find employment, or have been furloughed due to COVID-19?

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Are you planning on enrolling into one of Career Karma's partner schools?

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Do you not have a laptop and need one to go through the program?

You may be eligible to receive a laptop through Reskill America!

See below for steps on receiving your laptop

Terms and Conditions apply

Step - 0

Let us know you're applying by filling out this form

Check your eligibility and let us know you're applying to stay in the loop!

Step - 1

Submit a post to the Reskill America Discussion 👈

Share your story about

  • What brought you to Career Karma
  • How you’ve been impacted by COVID-19
  • What a laptop would allow you to accomplish
Please note: You will be asked to provide the URL link to your Discussion post as part of the application. Please ensure that you have submitted your post for us to review!
Step - 2

Share the Reskill America campaign on social media

Feel free to make it your own, but be sure to use the hashtag #ReskillAmerica and tag @Career_Karma so we can help re-share your post and fund more laptops for more people!

Step - 3

Complete the 21 Day CK Challenge 👈

The 21 Day CK Challenge is designed to help you enroll into the right job training program for you and allow you to connect with the Career Karma community!

To get started on the challenge, download the Career Karma app below!

app store
Step - 4

Sign your enrollment agreement with your school

You will be asked to submit your signed, official enrollment contract with the bootcamp you are enrolled in for verification purposes.

Please note: this is not the acceptance letter, but the official enrollment document with signatures from both you and the school that verifies you are committed to enrolling. We need this document to ensure laptops are given to students that are serious about acquiring new skills and getting a job in tech.

If you have not received a copy of your signed enrollment agreement/contract: Please get in touch with your primary point of contact at your school (typically called an “Admissions Advisor”) and ask for a signed copy of your enrollment agreement/contract or for next steps in your application process.

Step - 5

Apply for your laptop

Once you’ve completed the above requisite steps, you will have all the documentation needed to submit a completed application

You will be asked to submit:

  1. A URL link to your Reskill America Discussion post
  2. A screenshot of your completion of the 21 Day CK Challenge
  3. A copy of your signed enrollment agreement/contract with your school

Our team will verify your enrollment with your school before we are able to ship your laptop. We ask our partner schools to confirm enrollments on a weekly basis and ship laptops once confirmed


If you have any questions that are not covered in this document, not able to be answered by your Admissions Advisor, and not able to be answered on Career Karma’s Discussion Forum, please email


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