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Welcome to Career Karma AI

Your Company and Your Employees, Aligned

Career Karma helps companies manage their productivity and performance by aligning the goals of their employees to the company's organizational objectives.

Why Career Karma? 

Explore the AI Companion Experience

Career Karma is where individual growth meets organizational success. Our platform is engineered to empower, streamline, optimize, and enhance — here's how:

Empower Talent Growth

Career Karma addresses the individual's need for personalized development, offering AI-driven IDP customization that leads to tailored career growth paths, job satisfaction, and personal fulfillment

Streamline Performance Management

By providing real-time, actionable feedback and agile performance adjustments, our platform simplifies the complex task of performance reviews, making accountability clear and progress measurable

Optimize Talent Retention

Our personalized engagement strategies not only improve retention rates but also heighten employee engagement, preserving the invaluable knowledge within your organization

Enhance Leadership Capacity

Career Karma paves the way for emerging leaders with access to diverse coaching expertise and leadership development modules, bolstering management capabilities and team productivity

Demonstrate ROI on Development Programs

With advanced analytics and customizable reporting tools, we make it easy for L&D leaders to measure and showcase the success of their talent development investments

Choosing Career Karma means choosing a future where development is a personalized journey and every step forward is strategically aligned with your company's vision.

How it works

Think of Career Karma AI as your career co-pilot, making the journey smoother, more personal, and all about consistently achieving your personal and professional goals. 

Start with a quick self-assessment, designed to identify your unique talents and align them with your collective team goals — setting the stage for a development journey that is both self-driven and in sync with your organization's mission.
Create Your Personalized AI Companion
Design your AI companion, a tool that adapts to your professional persona, offering insights and strategies that resonate with your personal growth narrative, while also reinforcing the collaborative spirit of your workplace.
Meet Human Coaches 1-on-1
Engage with our network of certified human coaches, who provide one-on-one interactions that translate your ambitions into actionable plans, ensuring you have the support and accountability.
Enhance Your Daily Routine
Let your AI companion be a subtle yet powerful addition to your daily work routine, delivering real-time insights and suggestions that amplify your productivity and help you navigate your career roadmap more effectively.
Track Your Progress
Visualize and celebrate your career milestones with precise tracking tools, with the guidance of your human coach to fine-tune your path. It's about acknowledging every win and learning from every step, in true Career Karma fashion.

Why Career Karma is the Key to Progress 

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Productivity-Centric AI Companions

Elevate your daily work with an AI companion focused on enhancing productivity, ensuring that every task moves you closer to your career goals

Value-Conscious Coaching Access

Gain access to expert coaching and AI tools, designed to be within reach for every team member, reflecting our commitment to equitable career progression

Alignment with Strategic Vision

Our platform ensures that personal growth trajectories are in sync with your company’s strategic goals, enhancing overall organizational performance

AI-Driven Career Advancement: Hybrid Precision at Work

Unlock new levels of efficiency and personal growth with Career Karma AI. Our pioneering platform merges the intuitive guidance of human coaches with the analytical prowess of AI companions. This powerful synergy optimizes your productivity by streamlining routine tasks and administrative work, freeing you to focus on strategic career actions that resonate with your company's vision.

Streamlined Integration & Universal Scalability

Our platform easily integrates with your systems and scales to your needs, bringing quality coaching solutions within reach for every budget

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How we're working with Google to train 5,000+ professionals

Google's Tech Equity Collective partnered with Career Karma to build the Black Genius Academy (BGA), which aims to train over 5,000 professionals in software engineering, cybersecurity, and design skills.

Career Karma's Enterprise platform is powering BGA, through software customized for Google to give people an action plan with customized branding, content and training options in order to enable large enterprises to seamlessly discover, attract, and retain untapped talent at scale.

Our solution provides career navigation and coaching to learners, while leveraging Career Karma's vast network of job training providers and certificates to provide learners with in-demand skills.

How we're working with Google to train 5,000+ professionals

Our Investors

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Career Karma

Ready to break into the tech industry and land your dream job? Explore our curated selection of coding bootcamps on CareerKarma! Whether you're a beginner or seasoned professional, these intensive programs offer hands-on training and mentorship to help you master in-demand skills and accelerate your career in tech. Discover the perfect bootcamp to level up your expertise and unlock exciting job opportunities in the ever-evolving world of technology. Start your journey with CareerKarma today!

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Career Karma's Story



Launch Breaking Into Startups Podcast featuring people from non-traditional backgrounds



Career Karma mobile application is launched


Exponential growth

Community grows to 150,000


Fund raise

Raises $40 million Series B



Launched partnerships with employers

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Too often, CEOs and CFOs ask their learning and development (L&D) teams to demonstrate ROI after a training program is complete, without being clear about the return they want in the first place.
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