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Asia Lanae

I got accepted #21DAYCKCHALLENGE @Career_Karma @ArturMeyster @rubenharris @LambdaSchool @timurmeyster @nanamaia_ @Abdul_Qadir41 @techieEliot @AshleyS89102847 @keshalake @LyricSaysWhat1 I'm so overjoyed ❀❀❀

Kennth Lodge

Day 12 of the #21dayCkChallenge. I had the pleasure of meeting @ArturMeyster @timurmeyster @rubenharris today at the @Career_Karma HQ. Thank you to them and @Lucidworks for the help! #PayItForward

Alvin Smtih

@Career_Karma @rubenharris @timurmeyster I started coding, moved to the Bay Area, accepted to @thinkful, and as of Friday received my first offer with a tech startup @Cruise Struggle is SO real bro, w/o your community/network idk how!πŸ™πŸΎβ€οΈ#21dayCkChallenge Complete! Thank you guys

Zaija Ruth
@Ruth Zaija

Up burning the late night oil with my new found best friend. My @Career_Karma fam got me set up. I haven't been able to put it down. I'm just so excited to be able to go through my @LambdaSchool prep w/o all the lag I was having to deal with on my desktop. Forever grateful. πŸ™πŸ½β€

Benny Newtron

21 days: from learning of @Career_Karma to learning HTML, CSS, & currently JS. From zilch to @LambdaSchool student, a path to a πŸ”₯ career & #FFTSquad. Behold the power of persistence. "You fools! This isn't even my final form." πŸ˜‘ @everest10x #codeKillasUnite #IronManIsBLACK πŸ€™πŸΏ

Got accepted to @FlatironSchool AND got a partial scholarship!!!!! Thank you God and @Career_Karma for helping me get this far. Now to really put in this WORKπŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’»πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ #momsthatcode #latinasintech #futuresoftwareengineer

It's #day21 guys! I'm so excited! The kind of excited that makes you sit down in a chair and just grin at your own life! I LOVE YOU @Career_Karma !!!!! meLoveYou.length=LONGTIME! ❀❀❀ #21dayCkChallenge

Ashley Sutton

Ok you guys I am crying the happiest tears!!! I got my laptop! But that's not what made me cry. @timurmeyster @rubenharris and @ArturMeyster sent me the most thoughtful letter that I'm going to share with you all! I'm so grateful for @Career_Karma you have no idea!!

Melvin Stovall

Omg Ok ok ok, just got accepted into @LambdaSchool Web Dev course! Still going strong with #21dayCkChallenge! Going in on JavaScript like πŸ’ͺ🏾πŸ’ͺ🏾.