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4 Best Solidity Bootcamps

  • Clarusway logo



    (364 reviews)

    $0.00 - $13,800.00

    Course count: 21

    Alumni count: 818+

    Offers remote learning

    Programs available

    Tech Sales, Data Science, Data Analytics, Web Development, Full Stack Development, Cybersecurity


    We’re a Virginia-based IT training school specializing in Cloud Engineering, DevOps Engineering, Data Science, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Full Stack Web Development, Front End...

  • Udacity logo



    (9 reviews)

    $678.00 - $2,034.00

    Course count: 58

    Alumni count: 0+

    Offers remote learning

    Programs available

    UI/UX Design, Data Science, Data Analytics, Web Development, iOS Development, Digital Marketing, Product Management, Android Development, Engineering Immersion, Full Stack Development, Cybersecurity
  • AcadGild logo



    (1 review)

    $0.00 - $0.00

    Course count: 12

    Alumni count: 848+

    Offers remote learning

    Programs available

    Web development


    AcadGild is an online coding bootcamp based out of India and California. They offer courses in full stack web development, digital marketing, data science and mobile development. Students receive 24/7...
  • Encode Club logo

    Encode Club


    (No reviews)

    $0.00 - $0.00

    Course count: 1

    Alumni count: 0+

    Offers remote learning


    Encode is a web3 education community. We help ambitious, talented people achieve their personal and professional goals together. We do this through awesome programmes with the leading protocols in cry...

Best Solidity Courses and Classes

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Best Solidity Bootcamps and Courses in 2022

As the tech field grows, more and more often developers have to broaden their skills and grow the number of tools they use. While being an expert in your field is useful, professionals fluent in multiple programming languages and skilled in more than one field are often more hireable, have more job opportunities, and are—in some cases—valued higher.

Knowing how to use Solidity is essential in many fields and a valuable addition to a number of developers’ kits. Even if Solidity isn’t your primary skill, it’s worth considering as an addition to your toolbelt as a professional.

There are several bootcamps that teach Solidity as an element of a main course or in a specialized course of its own. As of 2022, there are 3 courses that teach Solidity at 3 bootcamps. The top schools that offer Solidity courses are Udacity, AcadGild and Encode Club.

Learn Solidity: Why You Should Attend a Solidity Bootcamp

If you want to help companies revolutionize how they operate, learn Solidity. It is an in-depth programming language for web development that offers limitless possibilities. Although it’s a challenging language to master, a Solidity Bootcamp is an excellent place to start. It’s where in-depth Solidity training meets expert recommendations—a great starting point for your web development journey.

Although most Solidity bootcamps cost money, it is possible to learn Solidity free of charge. The programming field is advancing at a breakneck pace, and the best Solidity classes keep up with the constant stream of new tools and framework releases. The best Solidity training might last around eight to 12-week full-time, which will help you get started on your career goals. Lastly, it is an opportunity that has the potential to change your life forever.

What Is a Solidity Coding Bootcamp?

A Solidity coding bootcamp teaches the fundamentals of blockchain technology, tools in cryptocurrency, and blockchain development. It also teaches you how to grasp the platform's introductory knowledge. The best bootcamp for Solidity is typically offered in three ways, including in-person, online, and through a hybrid format.

In-person Solidity Bootcamps are not just coding classes. They help you push boundaries alongside dozens of fellow students. Online Solidity bootcamps, on the other hand, are for self-starters interested in learning Solidity remotely. Meanwhile, hybrid bootcamps are for those seeking a more catered, time-structured program with scheduled instructor-led online classes..

Benefits of Learning Solidity at a Bootcamp

  1. Real-time interaction with skilled instructors. Solidity Bootcamps provide a safe environment with qualified educators that promote accountability and legitimate growth. The best Solidity schools will provide trustworthy sources as well as real-world experience advice.
  2. Real-world case studies in blockchains. The best bootcamps for Solidity provide some real-world blockchain case studies from various industries, businesses, business structures, and environments.
  3. Guaranteed employment opportunities. Blockchain is one of the most in-demand skills worldwide. Many firms and organizations look for bright and qualified cryptocurrency experts. With this ideal learning experience and hands-on virtual classes, the best Solidity bootcamp often comes with more offers and job opportunities.
  4. Compressed learning. Solidity courses provide compressed learning for a quick grasp of a wide range of concepts to supplement or enhance your real-world skills and knowledge. They help you embrace the cryptocurrency world.
  5. Excellent support systems. The goal of most bootcamp Solidity courses is to foster teamwork. They significantly impact peer relationships and give you many networking and peer collaboration opportunities.

How Much Does a Solidity Bootcamp Cost?

A Solidity Bootcamp online costs anywhere from zero to around $12,500. There are legitimate bootcamps that provide free immersive training programs. These online sessions help you become proficient and give you a strong background in Solidity programming. The continuous thriving of the cryptocurrency market has triggered an increase in the average Solidity bootcamp price.

Beginners typically pay a higher Solidity bootcamp cost because their programs tend to be longer. However, the effort is worthwhile as the best Solidity schools cover comprehensive modules, quality content, and modern tools.

What Is the Solidity Bootcamp Application Process?

The Solidity bootcamp application process requires completing a few steps. For easy access, here is how the process works:

  1. Choose a Solidity bootcamp that is a good fit for you.
  2. To assist them in understanding who you are, submit your Solidity application online and offer some basic background information about yourself.
  3. Make an appointment for an interview with the admissions team. Some bootcamp organizers want to know their applicants better, to be sure you're a good fit for the online experience.
  4. Most applicants must complete a short coding challenge. This Solidity application challenge is partly a problem-solving assessment that determines your suitability for the immersive bootcamp.
  5. The best Solidity online courses will require applicants to take a test and ensure successful completion.

How Long Are Solidity Bootcamps?

Although typical online Solidity bootcamps are between eight and 12 weeks long, it depends on which Solidity bootcamp you choose. You can complete the course in a weekend or a year, depending on your level of education and expertise. Blockchain technology involves navigating through multiple distributed systems and enterprise technologies. It may be more challenging for beginners and may require longer courses. Regardless, Solidity bootcamps provide a realistic and organized professional environment for people who want to change careers but don't want to wind up in a rut.

How Do Solidity Bootcamps Compare to Solidity MOOCs?

A Solidity MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) is an online option that enables applicants or learners to control their own learning in a convenient part-time format. This course of study is frequently provided free of charge to many people. MOOCs and various bootcamps are becoming increasingly popular options for those interested in pursuing a web-developing career or learning about blockchain.

Solidity bootcamps, on the other hand, are generally an eight to 12-week intensive course. Some are free, while others cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. However, these include hands-on training that provides you with ample experience, career coaching, and community support. It also creates an environment with solid foundations and well-defined objectives.

What Is Solidity?

Solidity is a high-level programming language used to develop smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain and other blockchains. It bears similarities with common programming languages such as JavaScript, Python, and C++. Learning Solidity is the ideal starting point for those interested in becoming blockchain developers and working in the cryptocurrency space.

A Solidity bootcamp goes beyond the introduction and basics. It helps you thoroughly understand blockchain technology and smart contracts. Popular tools in bootcamps are regularly updated, so you’ll be learning from the latest modules, projects, and other content.

Can Anyone Learn Solidity?

Yes, anyone can learn Solidity. However, your inclination to learn Solidity depends on your interest and desire to learn. Solidity may appear simple, but it can be complex, especially for beginners. This is why top Solidity bootcamps exist that help newbies and those already working on blockchain to better understand this programming language. Research Solidity bootcamp reviews to see how bootcamps have helped many aspiring developers navigate the field.

Benefits of Learning Solidity

  1. You’ll gain blockchain development skills. Used in different industries, it is the most in-demand hard skill of 2022. Fintech-related jobs, cloud storing, and ecommerce are just a few industries demanding this expertise.
  2. Your chances of getting hired increase. Web development is among today’s most sought-after and highly paid careers. Consequently, mastering and learning Solidity is one of the most in-demand skills for developers.
  3. You’ll get ahead of the game. Blockchain technology is still in the early phase. Learning Solidity skills now will give you an edge before it becomes mainstream and everyone wants to be on board.
  4. You’ll earn a high income. Being in demand comes with the perk of being well-compensated. Solidity-skilled developers earn up to $128,000 or more per year, according to Glassdoor.
  5. You can travel the world. Web developers often work remotely. This allows them to travel and work wherever they are around the world. All you need is an Internet connection and a computer.

What Jobs Can You Get With Solidity?

Online Solidity courses will help you find jobs like blockchain engineering, web development, digital marketing, and rust engineering. A Solidity bootcamp online will give you additional opportunities and help you get a Solidity job, whether it’s through a full-time or part-time schedule. You can get jobs with insurance agencies, the financial technology industry, fintech industry, and investment banks once you’ve learned the fundamental programming needed for these institutions.

Online Solidity training will help you to master solidity and blockchain development by giving you real-world projects. Online education through the best Solidity bootcamps will prepare you enough for a job that will kickstart your career in blockchain development and other related fields. Thanks to virtual classrooms, it’s easier than ever to earn an education without neglecting personal obligations.

Blockchain Engineer

Salary: $111,285

Blockchain engineering is easily the most in-demand and highest-paying Solidity job. Solidity bootcamps best prepare you for this job, which widely leverages the Ethereum platform. You will implement and create digital blockchains for various enterprises and assist in its infrastructure setup process. Blockchain engineers also help develop application features and interfaces through programming languages, such as Solidity and multithreaded code.

Web Developer

Salary: $97,618

Learning Solidity is a prerequisite to becoming a web developer. The job widely utilizes backend development, a skill you acquire at a Solidity online bootcamp. These days, employers don’t necessarily require computer science degrees to land such high-paying Solidity jobs. They are more focused on hiring candidates with the proper experience in programming and in-depth knowledge of program details.

Digital Marketer (Blockchain)

Salary: $84,964

Top Solidity bootcamps will teach you new skills and enough knowledge in blockchain development to become a digital marketer. This job mostly requires remote work, giving you more freedom to explore your skill. Your clients will mostly be giant blockchain development companies, and they will need your expertise in analyzing technologies and optimizing their website landing pages. Online Solidity courses will help you get the skills you need to land your dream job.

Rust Developer

Salary: $105,755

Solidity bootcamps primarily focus on proficiency in software tools and teaching students to write smart contracts. Online Solidity training will give you the exact requirements for landing a job as a Rust Engineer. Understanding and proficiency in programming languages give you an edge when applying for this job. During bootcamps, you will also have hands-on experience handling block-chain-based projects, enough to qualify you for any Solidity jobs and other related work.

Software Engineer - Smart Contracts

Salary: $117,440

Among other things, Solidity bootcamps teach the critical responsibilities of a smart contract software engineer. You can be trained to write, test, and deploy Ethereum blockchains. Landing this Solidity job will also allow you to collaborate closely with other software engineers. Most companies that hire for these jobs focus on cryptocurrency, blockchains, and related fields.

Is a Solidity Bootcamp Worth It?

Yes, a Solidity bootcamp is worth it, especially if you’re interested in keeping up with web development trends and participating in the cryptocurrency realm. Over the past five years, Solidity has grown in popularity, as has the demand for online Solidity classes. There is a high demand for Solidity-skilled professionals, which has led to their value in the tech industry.

Today’s most in-demand jobs require writing blockchain apps and building Ethereum blockchain applications. If you’re already a web developer interested in finance and cryptocurrency, learning Solidity via online Solidity classes will be your next step toward your future career.


Answers to commonly asked questions

Where can I learn Solidity?

There are 4 bootcamps available Here are some of the top schools with programs that feature Solidity: Clarusway, Udacity, AcadGild and Encode Club. Check out their school pages for more information.

Is there a bootcamp for Solidity in my city?

It depends on your city. Fortunately, we have a list of bootcamps that can be filtered by city that can be found here.

How many bootcamps and courses are available for Solidity?

Solidity is taught in 4 courses at 4 bootcamps. The top Solidity bootcamps are Clarusway, Udacity, AcadGild and Encode Club.