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298 Best JavaScript Bootcamps

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Best JavaScript Courses and Classes

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Learn JavaScript

You should learn JavaScript if you want to become a web developer, UX/UI designer, or something else in the field of computer science. Learning this essential programming language will help you find your dream career in tech.

Online coding bootcamps are the best, more efficient way to get comprehensive JavaScript training. Though you may not be able to learn JavaScript for free, JavaScript bootcamp graduates are able to land high-paying jobs in tech that make the tuition cost worth it.

What Is a JavaScript Coding Bootcamp?

A JavaScript coding bootcamp is an immersive tech training program that teaches you the essential JavaScript skills required to land a job in tech within a short time frame. It may be difficult to find targeted online JavaScript bootcamp options, but many online coding bootcamps offer JavaScript training.

You can find both in-person and online bootcamps that offer immersive courses for JavaScript and other technical skills. These programs often offer flexible payment options. In addition, students can choose between a full-time and part-time coding bootcamp so that they can chase their career goals even with a busy schedule. Further, with many online programs offering a job guarantee, you could receive a full refund if you do not get a job after graduation.

Benefits of Learning JavaScript at a Bootcamp

  1. Affordable education. By attending a JavaScript bootcamp, you can get a well-paying JavaScript job at a fraction of the cost of a four-year bachelor’s degree program.
  2. Access to job placement services. In addition to technical skills training, immersive bootcamps also provide career services like resume reviews, interview prep, and employer networking. You may even have access to a personal career advisor.
  3. Flexible payment plans. Prospective students do not need to worry about making upfront payments. JavaScript bootcamps offer tons of payment plans, including loan financing, monthly installments, scholarships, and income share agreements.
  4. High job placement rates. According to several coding bootcamps, 70 percent or more of their graduates secure a job within 180 days of graduation. Some JavaScript bootcamps also offer a job guarantee in which your tuition is refunded if you fail to get a job within a certain period of months.
  5. Fast and efficient training. JavaScript bootcamps provide extensive skills and career training that get you job-ready within a matter of months. A full-time bootcamp can get you started on a new tech career path in just three or four months.

How Much Does a JavaScript Bootcamp Cost?

A JavaScript bootcamp can cost anything from $1,500 to $20,000. The cost of tuition will vary with the bootcamp provider and what exactly the program covers. However, the average cost of a coding bootcamp in 2021 was $11,272, as stated in Career Karma’s Bootcamp Market Report.

Prospective students should know that they do not necessarily have to pay their tuition upfront. Many bootcamp students have access to financing options, deferred tuition, and flexible payment plans.

What Is the JavaScript Bootcamp Application Process?

After you have completed your school search and selected an intensive program. It is time to complete the JavaScript bootcamp application process. Different program types may have different application processes, but they all generally contain similar steps. Thankfully, nearly every coding school allows students to submit their JavaScript application online. Here are the most common steps to apply for a JavaScript bootcamp:

  1. The first step to submit a Javascript application online is to fill out the basic application form. This form will typically include your personal and contact details.
  2. The next step often involves going through a behavioral interview to assess your soft skills. In addition, some online programs also ask applicants to complete a technical interview.
  3. Some web development or software engineering bootcamps also require students to complete an assessment test. This test may include coding challenges that help determine if you are ready for rigorous online courses.
  4. Lastly, you will need to wait for the admissions team’s decision about your enrollment. If you are accepted to the program, you may be required to make a deposit to secure your spot.

How Long Are JavaScript Bootcamps?

Just as with all coding bootcamps, JavaScript bootcamps will typically last anywhere from three months to up to nine months on average. The best JavaScript bootcamps offer hands-on projects and real-world experience that help you learn to code quickly. The duration of your program will also depend on whether you sign up for full-time or part-time courses.

Full-time programs will often require students to spend upwards of 40 hours a week on lessons and projects. On the other hand, part-time programs may only require students to dedicate 20 hours per week to the program. If you attend a JavaScript bootcamp online, you may also be able to find self-paced options.

How Do JavaScript Bootcamps Compare to JavaScript MOOCs?

A JavaScript bootcamp is different from a JavaScript MOOC because the former is much more intensive, usually lasts longer, and offers additional services outside of the technical curriculum. While a JavaScript MOOC can teach you about the basic principles of JavaScript, a bootcamp for JavaScript will fully prepare you for the professional world with your career goals in mind.

In fact, many of the top JavaScript bootcamps offer hands-on experiences that help you develop professional skills. Further, bootcamp students in immersive coding bootcamps can take advantage of career services such as mock interviews and access to a career coach.

What Is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a high-level and multi-paradigm full stack programming and scripting language mostly used for enhancing user experience and promoting interactive behavior on a web page. It’s also used for browser game development, web servers, and mobile app development. Joining one of the best JavaScript bootcamps is a great step towards entering this professional field.

Can Anyone Learn JavaScript?

Yes, anyone can learn JavaScript. The programming language is relatively simple so it is not too hard to learn. However, it is always helpful to have some basic coding knowledge.

Though there are many online programs and resources that people can use to learn JavaScript, the best option is to attend a JavaScript bootcamp online. Though the cost of tuition might be high for some students, bootcamps offer a variety of financing options. Plus, these programs are still cheaper than four-year degrees. Students can also choose between full-time and part-time programs, so even working students can learn JavaScript.

Benefits of Learning JavaScript

  1. It’s popular among developers. According to GitHub’s 2020 State of the Octoverse report, JavaScript was one of the most popular languages among developers. It is present everywhere and companies like Netflix, PayPal, and Facebook use it regularly.
  2. The job outlook is promising. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that jobs for web developers are projected to increase by 13 percent between 2020 and 2030. JavaScript developers fall under that job category, so learning JavaScript future proofs your career.
  3. You’ll have your pick of jobs. Lucrative tech jobs like JavaScript developer, information security software developer, full stack web developer, and web designer all require JavaScript skills.
  4. It’s easy to learn. Just like HTML, JavaScript is a beginner-friendly language and has a simple syntax. Once you start learning JavaScript, it can take you anywhere from six to eight months to master this in-demand language.
  5. It’s everywhere. JavaScript has been around since 1995 and is built into practically every web browser. Not only that, but the list of things that JavaScipt is used for grows every day.

What Jobs Can You Get with JavaScript?

JavaScript is one of the most popular and in-demand tech skills. As such, it is used across an array of tech jobs. Bootcamp grads are able to begin looking for a full-time jobs with well-known tech companies after graduating from the best JavaScript bootcamps. To learn more about the JavaScript jobs you can get, check out the list below.

Development Operations (DevOps) Engineer

Salary: $114,359

A DevOps engineer provides tools and processes required for the smooth collaboration between system operators, software developers, and other IT team members throughout the full software development life cycle.

Full Stack Developer

Salary: $102,744

A full stack developer is responsible for coding both the front end and backend of web pages and mobile applications. In this JavaScript job, the developer designs user interfaces, develops server and web page architecture, and enhances web page functionality.

User Experience/User Interface (UX/UI) Designer

Salary: $91,500

A UX/UI designer creates user-friendly prototypes, wireframes, and designs that take business goals, target market, and user feedback into consideration. The job essentially entails creating a design that is easy for customers to interact with. A JavaScript bootcamp is a great way to work towards this future career.

Web Application Developer

Salary: $81,840

Though it is similar to mobile development, web application development refers to the process of creating web-based applications. As such, a web application developer is a JavaScript job in which the professional writes the code for programs that operate through a web browser.

Web Designer

Salary: $60,202

A web designer will work on designing, and sometimes redesigning, various websites. They will need to optimize both the appearance and the functionality of the website. During a project, they will also test a website for bugs and make adjustments as needed. After graduating from a JavaScript bootcamp, you can start your job search for web design positions.

Is a JavaScript Coding Bootcamp Worth It?

Yes, a JavaScript coding bootcamp is worth it if you want to enter the tech sector and get jobs in web development, software engineering, or other computer programming fields. A JavaScript bootcamp is a great way to get industry-led skills training and job placement assistance in just a few weeks.

Additionally, by attending a JavaScript coding bootcamp you will pay a fraction of traditional college tuition and be ready for the same entry-level jobs as a college graduate. Online JavaScript botocamps provide students with all of the technical training they need to enter the workforce in just a matter of months.


Answers to commonly asked questions

Where can I learn JavaScript?

There are 298 bootcamps available Here are some of the top schools with programs that feature JavaScript: Simplilearn, Flatiron School, Nucamp, Thinkful and Springboard. Check out their school pages for more information.

Is there a bootcamp for JavaScript in my city?

It depends on your city. Fortunately, we have a list of bootcamps that can be filtered by city that can be found here.

How many bootcamps and courses are available for JavaScript?

JavaScript is taught in 394 courses at 298 bootcamps. The top JavaScript bootcamps are Simplilearn, Flatiron School, Nucamp, Thinkful and Springboard.