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Answers to commonly asked questions

Where is data science used?

Data science is primarily used in data-heavy companies like Google and Facebook, though more and more businesses are recognizing the value of data. Data science is also used in academic studies, though this career path typically requires more...

Do I need a degree to work in data science?

No, while a degree is preferred in the field it is not required. Some data scientists started learning at data science bootcamps or have even learned on their own, though this process typically takes some time.

What’s the difference between data science and data analysis?

Data analysts find insights from data using pre-existing software and algorithms, while data scientists find insights using custom algorithms and machine learning techniques. If a data analyst is a cook, then a data scientist is a chef.

How do data scientists use machine learning?

Machine learning is a very useful method for using data to gain insights. Many modern smartphone keyboards use a form of machine learning to predict which word you’ll use next (an insight) based off of all the words you like to use (data). Data...