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173 Best React Bootcamps

Learn React

JavaScript is an important part of web development because it can help you make interactive web interfaces. Front end web developers use React to help accomplish this. The best React bootcamps will teach you to build user interfaces (UI) that are easy to use and visually stunning. If you are wondering how to learn React, check out your best options below.

What Is React?

React is a JavaScript library used by developers to build user interfaces (UI). It does not necessarily build the interface, but it is a component that helps a website function better for the benefit of the users. A website will look static without movement or strong graphics, and React is one of the tools that can improve this.

Aside from web applications, React is also useful for developing mobile applications such as online games. Digital marketing, particularly its web development component, also relies on React to make appealing web pages and digital assets. React is a versatile tool and a great one to learn if you want to get a job in tech.

Benefits of Learning React

  1. Reusable Components. Components are a combination of HTML and React codes that you need for everyday website building. Having a consistent React component means you can use it for several websites and pages that you want to look similar.
  2. Reliably Maintained. Facebook and other well-known developers maintain the React library. Having a strong backup means that it is always updated and will likely still be used for many years.
  3. Easy to Learn. There are numerous resources and online courses or programs dedicated to React. JavaScript is also one of the most popular programming languages, so it is one of the basics that you will learn in web development.
  4. Stepping Stone for Other JavaScript Libraries. Once you can use React, you can comfortably expand to other JavaScript libraries. Mastering React for front end development will prepare you for backend development with Node, another JavaScript library often paired with React.
  5. Wide Range of Uses. JavaScript is used in web pages, mobile apps, and other platforms that need to be interactive. React is your go-to for front end development, so learning this skill prepares you for many programming opportunities.

What Jobs Can You Get With React?

With React, you can become a web developer, software engineer, or programmer specializing in JavaScript. Having a familiarity with React is often the basic requirement for work in the tech field. Below are some job titles that you might want to check out once you finish your React bootcamp.

Software Developer

Salary: $110,140

As a software developer, you can create computer applications using JavaScript, Python, and other programming languages. You will develop software programs that are intended for wide use. You also have to constantly test and check the quality of these programs to ensure smooth operation.

React Developer

Salary: $108,175

As a React developer, you will design the UI for JavaScript applications. Your work is heavily focused on front web development. You must collaborate with designers, project managers, and website testers to ensure good results for the website or application.

Web Developer

Salary: $77,200

Web developers and designers are in charge of creating and maintaining websites. All of the technical aspects that go into the building of a website are handled by web developers. Your skills in coding HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with React are some of the basic requirements for this job.

What Is a React Bootcamp?

A React bootcamp is a short-term educational program that focuses on teaching you React skills. You can expect to be working with front end web development and UI design. Most of the time, React is a key part of most software engineering, web development, or UX/UI design bootcamps.

Benefits of React Bootcamps

  1. Less Time to Learn. The time it takes to learn React will depend on your chosen schedule. However, a React bootcamp is relatively short and usually takes a few weeks or months to complete.
  2. Value for Money. Bootcamp programs are cheaper compared to university degrees that you need to take for four years. The curriculum is also focused only on the specific skill, so you won’t waste money on electives.
  3. Strengthen Your JavaScript Skills. The React bootcamp will not only introduce you to React, but also strengthen your overall JavaScript knowledge. Most companies use JavaScript and React, even giants like Facebook.
  4. Learn Design Skills. As you learn React through hands-on projects, you are also improving your skills in web design. You get to figure out the right places to put certain elements and which aesthetic will work.
  5. Career Services. Most React bootcamps offer career services to their graduates. You can participate in resume workshops or mock interviews. There is often a network of alumni to help build your connections in the field.

Is a React Bootcamp Worth It?

Yes, a React bootcamp is worth it. Web development is an intricate and in-demand field that needs more brilliant programmers. Having the skill in a popular language like JavaScript with tools like React opens you up to far-reaching possibilities.

If you want to save time and money but gain reliable knowledge from respectable institutions, then a React bootcamp is worth your time. You will be introduced to dozens of new tools along with a network of professionals to help you grow in the field. If you are wondering how to learn React in 2021, the answer is clear: enroll in a React bootcamp.


Answers to commonly asked questions

Where can I learn React?

There are 173 bootcamps available Here are some of the top schools with programs that feature React: Thinkful, General Assembly, Springboard, Ironhack and App Academy. Check out their school pages for more information.

Is there a bootcamp for React in my city?

It depends on your city. Fortunately, we have a list of bootcamps that can be filtered by city that can be found here.

How many bootcamps and courses are available for React?

React is taught in 236 courses at 173 bootcamps. The top React bootcamps are Thinkful, General Assembly, Springboard, Ironhack and App Academy.