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Hack Reactor

Programs availableOnline, Full-time, Part-time
Financing optionsISA, Upfront Payments, Loan Financing

About Hack Reactor

Hack Reactor by Galvanize, the leader in tech education, has been breaking industry barriers since 2012. Our coding bootcamps are designed so that anyone with motivation can succeed, regardless of education, experience, or background. Hack Reactor Coding Bootcamps create an immersive and...

Hack Reactor Reviews

According to more than one Hack Reactor review, this bootcamp is worth it if you are prepared for a challenge. It received 4.8 out of five stars from 340 Hack Reactor reviews on Career Karma. Current students and graduates commend the curriculum, instructors, and career development assistance in their Hack Reactor bootcamp review.

In a web development bootcamp review, Joseph Balaoing states, "I learned a lot about web development, and Hack Reactor is definitely worth the money." He also comments on the friendly and supportive staff members.



Job Assistance

Overall Experience

An Old Dog Can Learn New Tricks

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Chris Schuhmacher graduated Hack Reactor
Hack Reactor Review: starstarstarstarstar
Created 5 months ago
After already having a few years of industry experience, I was a little skeptical about whether taking a boot camp would give me the skills I was looking to level-up as an engineer, but after going through the intense 13-week Hack Reactor curriculum, I feel it was a solid move. Not only did we cover all the JavaScript fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming but we got plenty of practice with asynchronous programming and back-end technologies. After completing the program and adding these...
I really enjoyed gaining exposure the things like database manipulation, deployments, load testing, and optimization.
I think the downsides were there's so much to learn so quickly and it's hard to cover it all on an in-depth level. With that said though, Hack Reactor does teach you how to break bigger problems into smaller chunks.

Challenging, fun and worth every penny

Hack Reactor Review: starstarstarstarstar
Created 1 year ago
I just graduated from the 13-week bootcamp (SF cohort, which was remote due to COVID) in October 2021 and this program has exceeded all my expectations. I had been working in a non-tech role prior to this bootcamp and sought a program that could help me quickly make the transition to software engineering. I had done a ton of research - reading reviews like this and speaking to other bootcamp grads - and chose Hack Reactor because of its challenging admissions process and its well-established...
- Thoughtful, knowledgeable staff who go above and beyond for their students with additional check-ins, workshops, and office-hours - Learn the most in-demand tech for a full-stack developer (JavaScript, Express/Node, React, MySQL,...
- Some lectures were too high-level and not very engaging (I'd prefer more time to code) - Program is challenging! It moves really fast and there's often not enough time to finish sprints or get a solid grasp of the new material. (I...

A challenging, taxing, but overwhelmingly worthwhile, investment

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Jacob Kopulsky graduated Hack Reactor
Hack Reactor Review: starstarstarstarstar
Created 2 years ago
Fast paced, intensive course that takes up the entirety of your time for 12 weeks. I struggled the first few weeks but managed to get caught up from independent studying after-course hours. The cohort-mates that didn't succeed weren't unintelligent, they were just distracted. I had an absolute blast here and feel they prepared me as best as-possible within 12 weeks time. Like other reviews say, the people in your cohort can have a big effect on your outcome at HR
Support is everywhere - If you're struggling, don't do it alone! They equipped us well on the vocabulary and knowledge of the dev ecosystem(JS mostly) out of the gate. The alumni network is strong, and most alum have been happy to help out...
Some of the instructors felt like a distraction from the overall goal of HR. A week spent on less-popular frameworks seems like wasted time to me.

Hack Reactor Job Placement Rate and Outcomes

Hack Reactor’s job placement rate is 78 percent. This means that 78 percent of students land a relevant job within 180 days after graduation. Hack Reactor career services have helped place graduates at reputable companies worldwide, such as Facebook, Walmart, Microsoft, Apple, PayPal, Google, JPMorgan Chase & Co, and Udacity.

When it comes to Hack Reactor’s outcomes, students can feel confident that they will secure a software engineering job just months after graduation. In addition, bootcamp grads reported an average compensation rate of $95,000, according to the school.

What Projects Do Hack Reactor Students Work On?

Hack Reactor students work on a range of projects throughout their courses. For example, one student developed an app called QuickCart that allows shoppers to track their grocery budgets. It includes nutrition information, prices, and food recommendations.

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Career Paths
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Hack Reactor Courses and Curriculum

The Hack Reactor curriculum focuses on software engineering. The online programs have a comprehensive, immersive curriculum that covers computer science and JavaScript concepts. Hack Reactor’s curriculum is designed to give students job-ready skills.

Hack Reactor offers two prep courses to prepare students. These Hack Reactor bootcamp prep programs can also help you determine whether or not Hack Reactor's curriculum suits your career plans.

Beginner 38-Week Part-Time Coding Bootcamp


38 weeks




Part Time


20 Hours/week





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Our Beginner Part-Time Coding Bootcamp prepares you to be a full-stack software engineer in 38 weeks. No experience needed, and a flexible schedule so you don’t have to quit your job. Learn JavaScript, TypeScript, & Build Your Project Portfolio - Gain the skills you need to be job-ready by graduation - Access cutting-edge curriculum so you have the latest skills - Learn from experienced Instructors and Career Advisors - Build a portfolio of projects to showcase your new skills and knowledge Learn more -

Beginner 19-Week Coding Bootcamp


19 weeks




Full Time


40+ Hours/week





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Our Beginner Coding Bootcamp prepares you to be a full-stack software engineer in 19 weeks. No coding experience necessary. Full-stack curriculum with JavaScript & Python. 100% online with live instruction. 1:1 career coaching. Learn more - *Please note: Tuition will increase to $19,480 starting in August 2023

Explore Common Hack Reactor Questions

Hack Reactor Courses

Does Hack Reactor Offer Prep Courses?

Yes, there is a Hack Reactor prep course. The prep program prepares students for the two-part admissions assessment and the Software Engineering Immersive program. The basic prep course is offered for free in a self-paced format. In addition, The school offers a prep course specifically for veterans that is structured and follows a set schedule.

What Courses Are Offered at Hack Reactor?

There are several different Hack Reactor courses that students can choose from to learn coding skills. Students who attend this school can choose from the Software Engineering Immersive program, which lasts 12 weeks, or the part-time Software Engineering program, which lasts 36 weeks.

In addition, students can also opt for the 19-week Software Engineering with JavaScript and Python course. Though they vary in length, each of these Hack Rector courses will allow students to pursue a software engineering career path.

What Types of Programs Are Available at Hack Reactor?

There are both full-time and part-time Hack Reactor programs. All of the available programs are offered online. During a bootcamp, students will engage with lectures, live coding challenges, and partner programming exercises. The full-time bootcamp offers a rigorous program in which students attend class from 9am to 8pm (PT), with several breaks for lunch and dinner.

On the other hand, the part-time software engineering program requires just 20 hours per week of class time. However, this does include a five-hour class from 9am to 2pm on Saturdays. The part-time bootcamp is meant for students who will continue working while attending classes.

Does Hack Reactor Offer Workshops?

Yes, there are Hack Reactor workshops, seminars, and events. The school offers free events for both beginners and intermediate coders. Currently, there are none scheduled for upcoming dates, but the school tells interested participants to check the website periodically for updates.

Hack Reactor Admissions Process

What Is the Hack Reactor Admission Process?

There is a separate admissions process from the immersive programs and JavaScript and Python program. The steps to apply for the Software Engineering with JavaScript and Python bootcamp include submitting an application, completing a non-technical assessment, and attending an information session. Lastly, prospective students will need to go through the Hack Reactor Admissions interview.

For the Software Engineering Immersive programs, you will start by submitting an application on the bootcamp website and completing non-technical assessments. Next, it is recommended that you enroll in an introductory-level prep course. After completing this course, you can take the technical assessment, which will decide whether or not you are admitted to the program.

How Do I Prepare for Hack Reactor?

You can prepare for a Hack Reactor bootcamp by going through the prep course that the school provides. For the Software Engineering Immersive programs, the school offers a free self-paced prep course that will give students the knowledge they need to pass the technical assessment and start the program off on the right foot.

Hack Rector says that the Software Engineering with JavaScript and Python bootcamp was designed for beginners, so there is no need to prepare any technical skills before the program begins. However, you can still prep by making sure that you are ready to take on the rigorous schedule of the 19-week bootcamp.

Lastly, the school offers specialized bootcamp prep courses for veteran students. These are structured courses that also prepare students for the immersive bootcamp programs. Interested applicants can register for these courses online.

How Do I Apply to Hack Reactor?

You can start the Hack Reactor application process by submitting your application on the school’s website. The coding bootcamp starts over every seven weeks. This gives you plenty of chances throughout the year if you don’t pass the admissions tests on your first try. The steps to apply to the Hack Reactor immersive programs are listed below:

  1. Apply: Select your preferred program on the school website. Then fill out an application form with your details, including your educational background, employment history, and other necessary information.
  2. Select one of the prep programs: The school offers a basic prep program that is self-paced and free of charge. The prep program prepares students for the coding challenge and technical admissions assessment.
  3. Complete a coding challenge: The coding test is a simple challenge to gauge your knowledge of JavaScript concepts. Once you succeed in the coding challenge, you will move to the next part of the assessment.
  4. Technical assessment: The technical admission assessment requires you to solve a coding problem using JavaScript fundamentals. For example, you might need to explain how to use anonymous functions or troubleshoot different function problems. You can take the technical assessment up to three times.
  5. Enrollment agreement: If you’re successful in these steps, you’ll receive an acceptance notice within two days and a Student Enrollment Agreement that is valid for seven days.
  6. Program deposit: The program deposit secures your spot at the bootcamp. After you fill out the agreement, you must pay the deposit within three days of receiving the program deposit invoice. However, you can alert the admissions team if you wish to defer your payment.
  7. Pre-course work: The pre-course curriculum is mandatory for all new cohorts. It takes 90-120 hours and enhances your skills in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and other programming languages.
  8. Tuition payment: This is the final step of the admission process. You will select a financing option, and then you can look forward to your first day of classes.

What Hack Reactor Interview Questions Should I Expect?

Only students who apply for the Software Engineering with JavaScript and Python bootcamp will need to go through a Hack Reactor interview. The interview is non-technical, and an admissions representative might ask you interview questions about your career goals, why you are interested in software engineering, and how prepared you are for a demanding program.

What Is the Hack Reactor Acceptance Rate?

Hack Reactor’s acceptance rate is not available to the public. However, since the school does not require any coding experience, we can assume that they accept a large number of applicants. In addition, the organization offers a free prep course so that more students can prepare for the program accordingly.

How Do I Get Accepted Into Hack Reactor?

To get accepted into Hack Reactor’s immersive program, you must submit your application and pass the coding challenge and technical admission assessment. Although the courses are geared toward students with a background in computer science concepts, it also accommodates beginners.

You can enroll in the prep courses as you prepare for your interview and complete the pre-course work. This will help you show commitment to the program and prove you have the motivation to excel.

Alternatively, to get accepted into the Software Engineering with JavaScript and Python bootcamp, you just need to pass the non-technical assessments and admissions interview. To do this, you simply need to demonstrate your commitment and ability to learn.

Is Hack Reactor Hard to Get Into?

The school does not publish its acceptance rate, so it is hard to know if it is hard to get into. However, looking at the admissions process, it does not seem like it would be too challenging to get into a Hack Rector program. In addition, the prep courses help students prepare for assessments. You also have a chance to do the coding challenges up to three times.

Hack Reactor Payment Options

How Much Is Hack Reactor Tuition and Cost?

Hack Reactor tuition is $17,980 for all of the Software Engineering Immersive programs and the Software Engineering with JavaScript and Python bootcamp. To cover the bootcamp’s cost, the school provides an array of payment options for students to choose from.

How Can I Pay for Hack Reactor?

There are several Hack Reactor payment options to help students afford tuition to its programs, including loan financing, scholarships, GI Bill benefits, and a split payment option. In addition, there is a deferred tuition plan in the form of an income share agreement. You can also choose to pay upfront before the first day of classes.

Does Hack Reactor Offer Scholarships?

Yes, the main Hack Reactor scholarship is the We Stand Together scholarship. To be eligible, you must be a Black student who has passed the non-technical entrance exam and is applying for the 19-week Software Engineering with JavaScript and Python program. Up to three scholarships are given out for each cohort. The application process is as follows:

  1. Apply for the 19-week software engineering program.
  2. Apply for the We Stand Together scholarship by going to Hack Reactor’s scholarship page.
  3. Continue the enrollment process as normal with the help of your assigned enrollment advisor.
  4. The scholarship application will be reviewed within two weeks.
  5. You will learn if you have been accepted for the scholarship one week before the start of your program.

Does Hack Reactor Have a Refund Policy?

The Hack Reactor refund policy offers a prorated refund of tuition if you drop out from a bootcamp before the cutoff date. However, the $100 deposit is not refundable. In addition, if you separate from the program after the cutoff date, you are not entitled to any refund.

Students should also know that the refund policy will change from state to state. So, you should always consult your Student Enrollment Agreement for more information about the terms and conditions that apply to you.

Does Hack Reactor Offer a Job Guarantee?

No, Hack Reactor does not offer a job guarantee. However, the bootcamp has a competitive track record of successful job placements, with 78 percent of students getting a job within six months of graduating. You can also receive job assistance from competent career coaches through the coding bootcamp.

In addition, all the programs dedicate one week to career services, where students learn about job searches and how to launch a tech career. So far, there are over 2,000 companies that hire Hack Reactor graduates.

Hack Reactor Student Outcomes

How Much Do Hack Reactor Graduates Earn?

According to its website, Hack Reactor graduates earn a median wage of $95,000 per year. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average wage of a software developer is $110,140.

What Companies Hire Hack Reactor Graduates?

Some companies that hire Hack Reactor graduates include Facebook, Linkedin, Google, PayPal, Apple, Amazon, Capital One, Microsoft, Visa, and Accenture. In addition, companies can sign on to become hiring partners of the school. Overall, there are more than 2,500 companies around the world that have hired graduates from this bootcamp.


Answers to commonly asked questions

How many students does this school have?

Hack Reactor has over students and graduates as of 2023. This number will only continue to grow as more and more students take advantage of the courses offered here.

What courses are offered at Hack Reactor?

Hack Reactor offers several courses in different tech subjects, including: Beginner 38-Week Part-Time Coding Bootcamp, Beginner 19-Week Coding Bootcamp.

What types of programs are available at Hack Reactor?

Hack Reactor currently has Online, Full-time and Part-time types of programs available to new students.

What financing options are offered by Hack Reactor?

This school offers a variety of different financing options, including: ISA, Upfront Payments, Loan Financing. With these payment methods, nearly anyone can attend Hack Reactor.

Where is Hack Reactor available?

Hack Reactor is an online program. Check out its student reviews to figure out if its the right program for you.

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