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App Academy vs Hack Reactor

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App Academy vs Hack Reactor

Although both schools teach Web Development, App Academy offers Online, Full-time and Self-paced programs, whereas, Hack Reactor offers Online, Full-time, Part-time and Self-paced programs and provides financing options including ISA, Upfront Payments and Loan Financing.

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Web Development, Engineering Immersion, Full Stack DevelopmentWeb development

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Online, Full-time, Self-pacedOnline, Full-time, Part-time, Self-paced


San Francisco, New York, OnlineAustin, Boulder, Denver, Los Angeles, New York City, Online, Phoenix, San Francisco, Seattle


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App Academy vs Hack Reactor comparison is based on 106 applicant, student and graduate reviews.

App Academy

App Academy is a coding school that offers online and in-person training programs with no tuition cost until you’re hired as a Software Engineer earning over $50,000. The career changing outcomes that App Academy has produced since being founded in 2012 is a major reason why it’s considered the most respected code school in the industry. App Academy has placed over 3,000 people in full-time Software Engineering roles at average salaries of $101,000 in San Francisco, $95,000 in New York, and $80,000 nationally. Their alumni work at over 1,000 companies worldwide, including Google, Apple, Netflix, Twitter, and more. App Academy understands the skills that make a successful software engineer, and more importantly, how to teach them to you. If you don’t succeed after completing the program, you pay nothing, and that’s how it should be.

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17 App Academy reviews

The reviews are true

Created 8 days ago
App Academy is still a standard in the industry. Offering an Income Shared Agreement for students that don't have the money up front, they put their money where their mouth is: they win only if you win.
The people make the program. They hire not only the smartest, but the kindest and most patient. There are rules in place, but they care more about the effort and the passion.
Not CIRR verified. Curriculum could go deeper in regards to JavaScript under the hood.
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Hack Reactor

Hack Reactor offers 12-week full-time and 36-week part-time software engineering programs at their campuses in San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles, Austin, Denver, Boulder, Seattle, Phoenix, or online. Their program covers Computer Science Fundamentals, Full Stack App Development, and Production-Grade Engineering.

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14 Hack Reactor reviews

An intense and rewarding education

Created 8 days ago
Over a rigorous 13 week process, Hack Reactor took me from knowing the very basics of JavaScript to using agile processes to collaborate with a team and put together an MVP web app using a machine learning API and voice-to-text technology. I couldn't believe the speed that I grew as a developer.
-My peers were all intelligent and driven people with different strengths, weaknesses and approaches to work. This made the program's extensive pair programming practices a huge benefit to my perspective. -The faculty were kind,...
-The intensity of the program caused some burnout. I managed it alright but I saw a lot of stress get to my cohort, some of whom chose to back out from the program. -The sheer number of hours dedicated means you have to more or less put...
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Which top tech cities have coding bootcamps?

Short answer: all of them! You’ll be able to find top coding bootcamps in places like San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Austin, Los Angeles, Atlanta, San Diego, D.C., Houston, Denver, Dallas, Portland, and more!

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No, Career Karma is not a coding bootcamp. Rather, Career Karma is an online community of aspiring tech workers who are learning to code in order to start new careers in tech. We help you get started learning to code, prepare for interviews,...

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