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Best Data Science Bootcamps 2021: Top Coding School Courses and Reviews

79 Best Data Science Bootcamps
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Are data science bootcamps worth it?

Coding bootcamps are a proven path to a high-paying career in data science. Many of these short-term programs pack a high-level curriculum into 12 weeks or less, and students graduate with the data science skills required to compete in the workforce. But what distinguishes the best data science bootcamps from the rest?

Today, great data science programs aren’t limited to residents of high-tech cities like San Francisco and NYC. If you want to become a data scientist, data analyst, or database administrator, your education options are nearly limitless. If you don’t live near a bootcamp, you can enroll in an online bootcamp and still receive a high-quality education.

The majority of data science courses cover the basics of the field. Bootcamp instructors, who are often data professionals themselves, cover everything from Hadoop, Spark, and Python to predictive models, big data, data visualization, and machine learning. Programs often include data analytics and give students real-world assignments relevant to what they may encounter in the workplace.

But the top data science bootcamps don’t hand out textbooks and expect you to learn—after all, not everyone is a natural at software engineering. Instead, high-quality data science bootcamps work with students throughout the process and connect each student with a career coach or mentorship opportunity to help them find top jobs in tech.

Many of these bootcamps feature a job guarantee, promising to refund the cost of tuition if a graduate cannot find a job (with reasonable effort) after the course. Even schools without this guarantee keep a practical and job-ready focus so that students can find solid jobs after graduation.

For those with too much on their plate to handle a jam-packed accelerated course, there are online and part-time courses offered by many schools as an alternative to their full-time course. These part-time courses typically use the same curriculum and teachers but are stretched out over a longer period of time, allowing students to take their time with the online course.

10 Best Data Science Bootcamps


Answers to commonly asked questions

Can a data science bootcamp help me get job in tech?

Yes! A data science bootcamp can help you land a job in tech. In fact, many bootcamps publish job placement statistics and offer job guarantees.

What programming languages will I learn in a data science bootcamp?

The primary programming languages used by data scientists are SQL and Python, which you’ll learn during bootcamp.

Are there any part-time, flexible, or online data science bootcamps?

Yes, data science bootcamps are available in-person and online. Also, full-time and part-time bootcamps are available.

Are there any data science bootcamps for beginners?

Yes, most data science bootcamps are designed with beginners in mind.

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