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Best Coding Bootcamps 2021

Best Coding Bootcamps 2021

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119 Best Coding Bootcamps

Are coding bootcamps worth it?

Demand for qualified tech workers is higher than ever, and opportunities in the industry abound. From San Francisco to New York City, tech companies large and small are in need of skilled tech workers. It’s no secret that there is a shortage of qualified developers, and in this growing job market, there has never been a better time to start a new career.

Due to increased demand, new tech career education programs called coding bootcamps have spread across the country in recent years. These are short-term, fast-paced training programs designed to prepare students for top tech jobs. Coding bootcamps generally take about 12 weeks to complete, though course lengths range from 3 weeks to 6 months or more.

Many web development bootcamps focus heavily on job placement and help graduates with job searching. In these bootcamps, students learn the skills they need to be competitive in the workforce and land a job in their field. Software engineers and web developers trained in coding bootcamps enjoy one of the fastest paths to a high-paying career.

There are dozens of these programs scattered around the United States and Canada, so choosing the best coding bootcamp can be a challenge. What traits do the best coding bootcamps have in common? It depends on who you ask and what you’re looking for, but modest class sizes and high job placement rates are an excellent sign.

Before you choose a bootcamp, you need to decide what to study. Coding bootcamps—such as General Assembly and Thinkful—offer a wide range of courses for the prospective tech worker. Software development and engineering is the most popular route for coding bootcamp students. Other popular bootcamp programs that schools offer include front end web development, data science and data analytics, full stack web development, digital marketing, and product management.

10 Best Coding Bootcamps


Answers to commonly asked questions

Can a coding bootcamp help me get a job?

Yes! Most coding bootcamps are designed with job placement in mind. Bootcamp students learn the specialized programming skills they need to compete in the technology job market. Some programs offer an income-share agreement and job guarantee.

How much do coding bootcamps cost?

Coding bootcamp tuition prices vary. However, most job placement-oriented bootcamps cost between around $8,000 and $20,000. Financing programs (loans) and deferred tuition plans (income-share agreements) are available from many coding bootcamps.

Are there any part-time, flexible, or online bootcamps?

Yes, most coding bootcamps offer part-time or online courses with flexible schedules. Some bootcamps are self-paced, allowing students to learn on their own time.

Are coding bootcamps accredited?

Some coding bootcamps are accredited, but most are not because bootcamps aren’t college programs. Coding bootcamps are career training courses for adults, so college accreditation doesn’t apply.

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