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About BrainStation

BrainStation offers tech bootcamp programs online and in major cities around the world, with campuses in New York, Miami, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver, and London. It is widely regarded as one of the best coding bootcamps for web development.

Students at...

BrainStation Reviews

Most BrainStation reviews from previous students are positive and mention the amazing learning experience they had with the bootcamp and the expert instructors teaching the courses. With more than 200 reviews on Career Karma, BrainStation scores a very competitive 4.5 out of 5 stars, which makes it a safe bet to kickstart your career in tech.

More specifically, a recent BrainStation review for the UX certificate program had great things to say about the teachers and the overall structure of the program: “Excellent tutor, really well organized and you come away with a great grounding in UX Design, covering all aspects of UX Design and much more.”

Another BrainStation bootcamp review emphasized that the teaching staff was “out of this world,” but the course, in general, was very rigorous and required a lot of work. So, BrainStation bootcamps and courses may be fast-paced, but based on student reviews, BrainStation is worth it.

Based on these BrainStation reviews as well as reviews found on other platforms, it is safe to say that students learn how to code at BrainStation. The general consensus seems to be that through a BrainStation bootcamp, you will acquire the tech skills needed for your chosen field while improving your critical thinking as well as the soft skills required for career progression.



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Overall Experience

Accelerated my learning and development

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Andrew Persaud graduated BrainStation
BrainStation Review: starstarstarstarstar
Created 2 years ago
For nearly a year, I started learning web development on my own. I took some online Udemy courses, started reading materials and even built a couple of very simple HTML/CSS websites. While I was learning at a pedestrian pace, it took a while for me to put the concepts I was learning into practice. Upon enrolling in the BrainStation bootcamp, this changed very dramatically. I cannot understate how valuable it is to have educators teaching you live, answering your questions, giving you concrete...
All of the educators were amazing, and even more so given that the program was mandatorily taken online due to the pandemic. Prior to starting, I was a bit worried about how much attention I would receive or how difficult it would be to...
I can't truly consider this a con, but this program was my whole life for 3 months. I didn't work on any other projects, read any other books or do much else. And this may seem like a detractor to some, but I will also point out that...

Thorough and very hands on experience.

User avatar
Fiorella Campodonico graduated BrainStation
BrainStation Review: starstarstarstarstar
Created 3 years ago
I took this course online, it was taken over a 10 week period and I opted to take it Monday evenings from 6:30PM - 9:30PM since I work full time M-F until 5:30-6:00PM most days. I have zero design background, and so was a complete newbie to UX Design. I found the course content really insightful and well paced, and at the end of each module, they had additional links with extra resources to learn more, I recommend going through this to supplement your knowledge (as it is a lot to learn). I...
-online learning -enthusiastic and engaging instructors -slack channel allowed for easy collaboration -standups at the beginning of class allowed for you to gauge where everyone else is at and also helps to get to know your classmates...
-not being able to download the slides for later reference once the course is finished, so you better have an excellent memory! :)

10 weeks - product management course

User avatar
Kaveh Hashtroodi graduated BrainStation
BrainStation Review: starstarstarstarstar
Created 3 years ago
This was my first time taking a course with BrainStation, and I am glad that I did it. I was always interested in elevating my skills and knowledge in product management to start a career shift from product design to product management. I found this course very useful, and it brought some confidence in me to move towards my career goals and plans.
The course is a well-balanced mixture of concepts and theories, in-class activities, case studies and actual hands-on work for the final project. I learnt new and useful toolkits, which I had the chance to apply to my project. However, the...
having more checkpoints and feedback sessions for the projects can benefit the students a lot. If not planned, reach out to the instructor proactively and seek one-on-one feedback yourself.

BrainStation Job Placement Rate and Outcomes

BrainStation’s job placement rate was 90 percent, with graduates being employed within 180 days after graduation. More specifically, 95 percent of data science students, 88 percent of web development grads, and 93 percent of user experience graduates found a job within 180 days of completing their programs.

BrainStation career services are always there to help aspiring graduates find a job in their chosen field. Career coaches offer a learning experience to students that goes beyond the coding bootcamp setting and help graduates network with industry professionals and hiring partners.

Even though BrainStation does not offer a job guarantee, it does provide you with plenty of opportunities to expand your professional network and showcase your technical skills. You can attend demo days to share your projects with several prestigious firms, industry events to get in touch with industry experts, and you also have the chance to attend interview workshops to enhance your soft skills.

Hiring Companies
Career Paths
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BrainStation Courses and Curriculum

BrainStation course offer is composed of six bootcamps and various certificate courses. All BrainStation bootcamps are offered online and on its campuses in the US, Canada, and the United Kingdom. They come in part-time and full-time formats and cost $16,500. We take a closer look at each BrainStation bootcamp below:

  • Software engineering bootcamp. Apart from the usual software engineering and web development tools like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and its libraries, and MySQL, students also study DevOps and even explore artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot.
  • Data science bootcamp. The curriculum for this bootcamp includes all the tools you need to work as a data scientist or data analyst, from Python programming and machine learning to Jupyter Notebooks, Numpy, and Matplotlib,
  • Cyber security bootcamp. This cyber security program focuses on the key skills of access control, authentication protocols, networking fundamentals, application security, and vulnerability assessment, among others.
  • UX design bootcamp. If you are ready to become a UX designer, this bootcamp will equip you with all the tools you need. You’ll learn skills like wireframing, user research, and empathy mapping using tools such as Sketch, Figma, and even ChatGPT.
  • Web development bootcamp. Here, you’ll follow a typical web development learning journey, starting with HTML and CSS, progressing on to JavaScript and React, and finishing with backend-focused technologies and DevOps.
  • Digital marketing bootcamp. Brainstation’s digital marketing bootcamp will turn you into a well-rounded professional in the competitive marketing space. Branding, marketing strategizing, content marketing, social media, and search marketing will be your focus areas.

Aside from these high-quality bootcamps, the school is known for its certificate courses in areas like data science, marketing, design, cyber security, web development, product management, and leadership.

Cybersecurity Bootcamp


12 weeks




Full Time


40+ Hours/week





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BrainStation's Cybersecurity bootcamp is an immersive, project-based learning experience designed to teach you the skills you need to start a new career in cybersecurity. Led by world-class Educators with ample experience in the field, you will work on real-world cybersecurity problems, building a standout portfolio of completed projects. The program's curriculum is constantly updated to ensure you are always learning the most in-demand data skills, languages, and tools. Finish the program by completing your Capstone Project and preparing yourself for your new cybersecurity career path with BrainStation's structured career support.

Artificial Intelligence Course


5 weeks




Part Time







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AI is rapidly changing the way individuals and businesses operate, unlocking new opportunities for accelerated growth. BrainStation's Artificial Intelligence course was designed to equip professionals with fundamental skills required to use and leverage AI tools. In this live Artificial Intelligence course taught by AI experts, you will learn how to apply the transformative power of generative AI, such as ChatGPT, through practical, hands-on projects and case studies.

Explore Common BrainStation Questions

BrainStation Courses

Does BrainStation Offer Prep Courses?

Yes, BrainStation does offer a wide range of prep courses that you can take to prepare for its bootcamps. There are free prep courses on data science, digital marketing, UX design, and coding. These courses include free video tutorials and are ideal for beginner students considering pursuing a career in tech and learning how to code.

So, if you are an aspiring coder, you can try a BrainStation prep course to determine whether a full bootcamp program is right for you. Here, you can learn the fundamentals of coding in languages like Python, JavaScript, HTML, and SQL.

What Courses Are Offered at BrainStation?

BrainStation offers bootcamps in the following areas: software engineering, web development, digital marketing, UX design, cyber security, and data science. These bootcamps come in part and full-time formats, are available online as well as in BrainStation campuses around the world, and cost $16,500.

In addition, BrainStation has a host of certificate courses that enjoy excellent student reviews. These courses take five to 10 weeks to complete, are designed for part-time students, and can be taken in-person or online. They cost from $3,250 to $3,950 and yield a certificate. Here is a list of BrainStation’s most popular certificate courses:

  • Data analytics
  • Data science
  • Digital marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • UX design
  • UI design
  • Product management
  • Web development
  • Cyber security
  • Design leadership

What Types of Programs Are Available at BrainStation?

BrainStation offers in-person and online bootcamps and certificate courses. BrainStation bootcamps can be complete part-time or full-time and consist of instructor-led live lectures and interactive projects. The school’s certificate courses are for part-time students and are also taught via live online instruction.

Does BrainStation Offer Free Courses?

Yes, BrainStation does have free courses. The school’s preparatory courses, designed for prospective bootcamp students, are all available at no cost. These courses take the form of video tutorials and are designed for complete beginners.

What Projects Do BrainStation Students Work On?

BrainStation students work on coding and data science projects alongside industry professionals. This gives them a chance to solve real business problems and gain real-world experience. For example, in the Data Science Bootcamp, students might work on a business case presented by a tech giant like Microsoft, Mastercard, or Google.

All BrainStation students also complete a capstone project toward the end of their bootcamp experience. This final project is designed to prepare you for your future career. Students get a chance to showcase their work to their peers and hundreds of hiring managers at Demo Day.

Does BrainStation Offer Workshops?

Yes, BrainStation offers workshops online in the form of online tech events. These workshops can vary depending on the month and topic. You can find which workshops are on every month by visiting BrainStation’s events page. Some BrainStation workshops cost around $10, while others are completely free.

BrainStation Admissions Process

What Is the BrainStation Admission Process?

The BrainStation admission process involves a few simple steps. Here is how the process works:

  1. Speak with the program's learning advisor. When this is done, submit your application to the program online.
  2. If you meet the requirements, you may be invited for an interview.
  3. If you are successful in the interview and the admissions challenge, then you will be accepted into the program.

To begin the BrainStation application process, you should visit the school’s website and provide your basic contact information. There is a detailed video available with more information about the bootcamp programs and the admissions process.

Once you contact the school, you will need to complete a personal statement and schedule an interview with the admissions team. If your interview goes well, you will be asked to complete the admissions challenge. The purpose of the admissions challenge is to ensure that you will be able to keep up with the demands of the course.

How Do I Prepare for BrainStation?

BrainStation bootcamp programs can be very challenging, so it is a good idea to sign up for the school’s free tutorials to refresh your skills before classes start. According to one BrainStation review, while “the first two weeks are simple to comprehend and shouldn’t be too difficult, it’s very rigorous.” You will want to make sure you have adequate time in your schedule before committing to a bootcamp.

How Do I Apply to BrainStation?

The BrainStation application process is relatively straightforward. Follow the steps below to apply to BrainStation and start your coding journey.

  1. You can schedule an appointment with a BrainStation admissions advisor to help you select a suitable program for your skills.
  2. After you choose your program, you fill out your online application.
  3. If you are successful with your application, you will need to take part in a video interview session.
  4. If all goes well during your video interview, you will have to do a digital admissions challenge.

BrainStation is not too hard to get into. The whole BrainStation application process is relatively easy. However, there are only a few spots per cohort, limiting the number of students that can enroll in BrainStation’s immersive programs. The digital admissions task can also be challenging for some prospective students.

What BrainStation Interview Questions Should I Expect?

In a BrainStation interview, you’ll likely be asked about your skills, why you chose to join the particular bootcamp, and what you want to get out of the program. The video interview lasts for 30 minutes. Expect BrainStation interview questions like “What is the driving force for you?” “Do you work well with others?” and “Give an example of when you have worked as part of a team.”

To prepare for a BrainStation admissions interview, you must treat it like any other interview. Make sure you are in a comfortable setup and do some research online about some common coding bootcamp interview questions.

An admissions interview is vital because it allows the school to discover more about you as a person as well as your technical skills, passions, and other important details. This will help BrainStation determine whether you are a good fit for their intensive programs.

What Is the BrainStation Acceptance Rate?

The BrainStation acceptance rate is not public. However, since only a few students attend each cohort, it may be lower than many other bootcamps, so it is safe to assume that the school does not accept everyone.

How Do I Get Accepted Into BrainStation?

To be accepted into BrainStation, you need to first discuss your goals with an admissions advisor before applying for the program. You also need to take part in an admissions challenge according to the program you want to enroll in. This helps check how knowledgeable you are in the subject to discover the skills gaps to fill before starting the course.

Is BrainStation Hard to Get Into?

Yes, BrainStation can be hard to get into compared to other bootcamps. Though BrainStation has a relatively straightforward admissions process, there are only a few slots for each cohort. This limits the number of students that can enroll at a time.

It also has an admissions challenge to check the applicant’s understanding of the basics. This could be difficult for some people. If you are not successful the first time you apply, you can take some time to practice your skills and apply again a few months later.

Is BrainStation Worth It?

Yes, BrainStation is worth it if you are willing to put in the time and effort needed to keep up with the demanding curriculum. BrainStation bootcamps are expensive, but your money will be well spent if you commit to your studies and take advantage of the school’s career services, including its vast network of hiring partners. All in all, given BrainStation’s high job placement rate, you have a pretty good chance of landing a high-paying job in tech by the end of your training, and this makes the school well worth it.

Is BrainStation Accredited?

BrainStation is not accredited like most colleges and universities are. However, the bootcamp is widely recognized by tech employers for the digital skills training it provides. You can also find numerous BrainStation reviews by recent students online if you want to learn more about the quality of the school’s programs.

BrainStation Payment Options

What Is BrainStation’s Cost and Tuition?

BrainStation bootcamps cost $16,500. For shorter courses, BrainStation’s tuition is $3,250 - $3950. BrainStation’s price for all bootcamps and courses remains the same regardless if the program is online or in person.

BrainStation has free prep courses, so aspiring and prospective students who want to study and work in the tech field can have a look through the video tutorials and decide whether a specific bootcamp or certificate course is something they would like to pursue. You can also apply for scholarships to help cover the BrainStation cost.

How Can I Pay for BrainStation?

You can pay for BrainStation tuition with several coding bootcamp payment and financing options. BrainStation payment options include:

  • Upfront payments
  • Monthly installments
  • Scholarships that can cover some parts of the program cost
  • Employer sponsorship

The bootcamp does not offer a deferred tuition plan, but it does offer a wide range of scholarships for veterans, women, and other underrepresented persons in tech. You can also look into BrainStation payment plans that allow you to pay tuition over a long period of time.

Are There Any BrainStation Scholarships?

Yes, you can apply for BrainStation scholarships. The school has many coding bootcamp scholarship opportunities for people who cannot afford to pay the tuition up front and meet certain requirements. One is the Women in Technology Scholarship to help women succeed in the digital economy sector. It also has a Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship for underrepresented groups in tech, such as people of color and the LGBTQ+ community.

The University and College Scholarship is for recent grads and students to gain access to essential data skills and training opportunities. The Not-For-Profit Scholarship is for individuals in the non-profit sector, while the Veterans Scholarship is for veterans who want to switch to the digital industry. The bootcamp also has an Entrepreneurship Scholarship, which helps small- and medium-sized business owners boost their analytics skills and knowledge.

You can get a BrainStation scholarship by applying before a course starts, meeting enrollment requirements, and being unable to participate in a course because of financial barriers. The admissions interview is a great time to learn more about BrainStation scholarships.

Does BrainStation Have a Refund Policy?

No, there is no BrainStation refund policy for deposits and tuition. However, the school has several affordable payment plans and scholarships to make it easier for students to pay their tuition fees.

Does BrainStation Offer a Job Guarantee?

BrainStation does not offer a job guarantee. This simply means that the bootcamp does not guarantee that you will find employment in your field of study after completing the program. However, the bootcamp does offer career services and job workshops to help you connect with recruiters, pass interviews for tech jobs, and receive feedback from instructors on areas you need to improve.

BrainStation Student Outcomes

How Much Do BrainStation Graduates Earn?

BrainStation reports that students of its tech bootcamp earn an average starting salary of around $65,000 in their first jobs after graduating. This is based on a survey conducted on around 1,800 graduates. Your post-BrainStation salary will depend on various factors, inducing your location and work history.

Careers in tech are well-paid, so graduates can expect their salaries to grow over time. For example, professionals in the data science field earn an average salary of $100,910, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

What Companies Hire BrainStation Graduates?

Graduates from BrainStation have been successful in securing jobs in well-known tech companies. The bootcamp reports that its graduates have worked with innovative companies like FedEx, PayPal, IBM, Microsoft, Meta, Red Bull, and Indigo.

Common BrainStation careers for grads include data analyst, software engineer, business analyst, web developer, and marketing specialist. One BrainStation review from a recent graduate states, “The program was amazing and resulted in my landing a great role as a software developer.” Another student says, “Landing a job as a software engineer is a game changer.”

Students have been able to secure such positions due to the bootcamp’s numerous hiring partners, its networking events, and the strategic opportunities to work on real-world projects. BrainStation’s interview workshops also help students brush up on their soft skills before starting their job search and help them build an impressive portfolio.


Answers to commonly asked questions

How many students does this school have?

BrainStation has over 14038 students and graduates as of 2024. This number will only continue to grow as more and more students take advantage of the courses offered here.

What courses are offered at BrainStation?

BrainStation offers several courses in different tech subjects, including: Cybersecurity Bootcamp, Artificial Intelligence Course.

What types of programs are available at BrainStation?

BrainStation currently has Online, Full-time and Part-time types of programs available to new students.

What financing options are offered by BrainStation?

This school offers a variety of different financing options, including: Upfront Payments, Month-to-month Installments, Employer Sponsored. With these payment methods, nearly anyone can attend BrainStation.

Where is BrainStation available?

BrainStation has multiple campuses in New York City, Miami, London, Toronto, Vancouver. If you live in or near any of these cities, consider visiting to get an idea of the school's style and staff....

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