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The Pacific Northwest might not be the first place you think of when you’re considering a career in technology, but Seattle has long been a major player in the tech sector. But this great city isn’t resting on the successes of Microsoft and Amazon, two tech giants that call the region home. In fact, the technology economy in Seattle is growing in a big way. And with that growth comes higher salaries for technology workers, as well as exciting new educational opportunities through the rise of top coding bootcamps in Seattle.

15 Best Coding Bootcamps in Seattle

Coding Bootcamp Courses in Seattle

Like many major tech hubs in the United States, Seattle offers plenty of opportunities to get the education you need to start your career in the technology industry. And one of the best ways to fast-track your education is to enroll in one of the top Seattle coding bootcamps. In Seattle, you’ll have many of the major nationwide coding bootcamps to choose from, including Flatiron School, General Assembly, Galvanize, Hack Reactor, and Thinkful, to name a few.

But several of the best coding bootcamps in Seattle are those offered by organizations based mostly in the western U.S., like The Tech Academy, Epicodus, and Code Fellows. There are even some coding bootcamps in Seattle that you won’t find anywhere else, including Ada Developers Academy, as well as the UW Coding Bootcamp out of the state’s largest public university. Whether you want to pursue a career in web development, data science, software engineering, or any other technology field, there is a Seattle coding bootcamp for you.

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