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17 Best Coding Bootcamps in Seattle
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Seattle, WA - Job Market Overview

The Pacific Northwest might not be the first place you think of when you’re considering a career in technology, but Seattle has long been a major player in the tech sector. But this great city isn’t resting on the successes of Microsoft and Amazon, two tech giants that call the region home. In fact, the technology economy in Seattle is growing in a big way. And with that growth comes higher salaries for technology workers, as well as exciting new educational opportunities through the rise of top coding bootcamps in Seattle.

The Best Seattle Coding Bootcamps in 2021

The tech industry in Seattle is booming, with more companies relocating to this center for innovation. Seattle is home to several tech startups, as well as tech giants like Microsoft, Amazon, and Tableau Software. As one of the leading tech hubs in the United States, Seattle is home to several coding bootcamps.

The best Seattle coding bootcamps will prepare you for a career in tech and help you find a job after graduation. In this article, we will cover some of the best coding bootcamps you can join in Seattle, their courses, their costs, and other helpful information.

Seattle Coding Bootcamp Benefits

Seattle bootcamps teach coding skills, which lead to higher salaries and more job opportunities. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), for example, software developers earn a median salary of $110,140. Additionally, BLS projects 13 percent job growth for computer and information technology careers between 2020 and 2030.

The coding skills are also valuable in and of themselves. By learning how to analyze code, understand programming logic, and implement the right solutions, you will develop important life skills. You will also develop crucial soft skills like the confidence to communicate your ideas and collaborate with peers, instructors, and tutors.

Finally, bootcamp graduates are prepared for careers in tech once they graduate. Various bootcamps have put measures in place to ensure their graduates can compete for top jobs. They also provide students with opportunities to network with employers looking for entry-level developers.

Can You Get a Job with a Seattle Coding Bootcamp?

Yes. Many Seattle bootcamps issue annual reports on their success at placing students in tech jobs. According to General Assembly’s 2019 Student Outcomes Report, for example, over 90 percent of students who took advantage of its career services found jobs within 180 days. Furthermore, since Seattle is a major tech hub, the supply of jobs is relatively high.

Is a Seattle Coding Bootcamp Worth It?

Yes. Seattle coding bootcamps equip you with the skills to prepare for some of the best jobs in tech. You also receive career services that increase your chances of finding a job. Most important, bootcamps in Seattle are in close proximity to major tech companies. You can qualify for jobs at Google, Apple, Tesla, or Amazon in a matter of months.

Here’s a list of the best coding bootcamps in Seattle:


Answers to commonly asked questions

How many in-person bootcamps offer courses in Seattle?

There are 17 bootcamps in Seattle. Many tech workers in Seattle started off in local coding bootcamps.

What are the top-rated schools in Seattle?

Based on student reviews, the top schools in Seattle are Flatiron School, Thinkful, Nucamp, General Assembly and Hack Reactor. However, there are 17 based in Seattle that might suit your needs.

What are the most popular bootcamp courses students take in Seattle?

There is a wide variety of courses available at Seattle bootcamps. But the most popular bootcamp courses in the city are Data Science, Product Design UX/UI, Software Engineering and Cybersecurity Engineering.

Will a Seattle bootcamp help me get a job in tech?

Yes! Most of the bootcamps in Seattle offer excellent career and job placement services. Many even offer job guarantees to students.