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Manchester Codes

Programs availableFull-time
Financing optionsUpfront Payments, Loan Financing

About Manchester Codes

Manchester Codes is the UK’s original part-time coding school, offering coding bootcamps in backend, front end, and full stack software development, both online and at their Manchester campus. The program will provide students with lectures given by experienced developers, bespoke and detailed walkthroughs, and a learning environment reflective of the workplace, where they can work on projects with others, covering topics like HTML, CSS and React fundamentals, Node.js, Express, and MongoDB.

Manchester Codes Courses

Manchester Codes offers a wide range of excellent courses to choose from. Part-time courses include Software Engineer FastTrack.

No matter which course you choose, the Manchester Codes curriculum has been crafted and tested to ensure you leave the program with the skills you need to launch a rewarding new career.

How much does Manchester Codes cost? As for Manchester Codes tuition, courses range in price from $NaN to $NaN. But the cost of Manchester Codes courses shouldn’t be the only thing you consider. There are a variety of financing options available to help you pay for Manchester Codes's cost.

Software Engineer FastTrack

Financial data

Admissions data

Our flagship 24-week intensive course covers the fundamentals of JavaScript, including key programming concepts. It later delves into frontend development with React, HTML and CSS, before moving onto backend development with Node.js, Express, and MongoDB. Over the duration of the course students build up portfolios containing several projects to demonstrate the skills necessary to obtain an entry-level Software Development role.
Duration:24 Weeks
Format:In Person
Pace:Part Time
Payment Options:N/A
Deferred tuition:N/A
Refund policy:N/A
Placement test:N/A
Admissions interview:N/A
Acceptance rate:N/A
Prep course:N/A
Minimum skill level:N/A

Manchester Codes Outcomes

Is Manchester Codes worth it? Let’s look at the Manchester Codes outcomes numbers. 80 Manchester Codes graduates have found rewarding careers at high-profile companies like The Manchester Metropolitan University, University of York, Makers.

Hiring Companies
Career Paths
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Answers to commonly asked questions

Which companies hire Manchester Codes graduates?

There are graduates from Manchester Codes working at a number of tech companies. This list includes companies like The Manchester Metropolitan University, University of York, Makers

How many students does this school have?

Manchester Codes has over 80 students and graduates as of 2022. This number will only continue to grow as more and more students take advantage of the courses offered here.

What courses are offered at Manchester Codes?

Manchester Codes offers several courses in different tech subjects, including: Software Engineer FastTrack.

What types of programs are available at Manchester Codes?

Manchester Codes currently has Full-time types of programs available to new students.

What financing options are offered by Manchester Codes?

This school offers a variety of different financing options, including: Upfront Payments, Loan Financing. With these payment methods, nearly anyone can attend Manchester Codes.

Where is Manchester Codes available?

Manchester Codes has one campus located in Manchester. If you live in or near Manchester, consider visiting to get an idea of Manchester Codes’s style and staff. A...

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