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App Academy vs Codesmith

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App Academy vs Codesmith

Although both schools teach Web Development, Engineering Immersion and Full Stack Development, App Academy offers Online, Full-time and Self-paced programs, whereas, Codesmith offers Online, Full-time and Part-time programs and provides financing options including Upfront Payments, Month-to-month Installments and Loan Financing.

Overall Rating

Based on 269 reviews
Based on 1 reviews

Available paths

Web Development, Engineering Immersion, Full Stack DevelopmentWeb Development, Engineering Immersion, Full Stack Development

Featured programs

Online, Full-time, Self-pacedOnline, Full-time, Part-time


San Francisco, New York, OnlineLos Angeles, New York City, Online


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Based on 269 reviews

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App Academy vs Codesmith comparison is based on applicant, student and graduate reviews.
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App Academy

App Academy is a coding school that offers online and in-person training programs with no tuition cost until you’re hired as a Software Engineer earning over $50,000. The career changing outcomes that App Academy has produced since being founded in 2012 is a major reason why it’s considered the most respected code school in the industry. App...

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159 App Academy reviews

Is App Academy legit? According to the 159 App Academy reviews on Career Karma, the school holds a rating of undefined out of five. 0

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User avatar
Frank Cormier student at App Academy
Created 7 days ago
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Codesmith offers a full-time, 12-week full-stack software engineering bootcamp in Los Angeles and New York City. Codesmith is a selective, need-blind program focusing largely on computer science and full-stack JavaScript, with an emphasis on technologies like React, Redux, Node, build tools, Dev Ops and machine learning. This program enables...

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1 Codesmith review

Is Codesmith legit? According to the 1 Codesmith reviews on Career Karma, the school holds a rating of undefined out of five. 0

Codesmith LA, 2015 (first year, early cohort)

User avatar
Michael Smith graduated Codesmith
Created 1 year ago
I was part of one of Codesmith's very first cohorts in 2015. During that time I've met, worked with, and befriended several intelligent, hardworking, awesome people. I can honestly say that, having gone here, I've changed my life for the better. I didn't have much of a coding background at all before coming here, but after my 3+ months at Codesmith I feel confident and happy in my abilities. Before applying, be aware that this is a VERY strenuous course; you will be here 60+ hours a week for...
Great job support, curriculum, & instructors. It tends to attract people that are both talented/hardworking but also just genuinely good, friendly people. My overall experience was significant in my professional and even personal...
It's difficult work, but definitely worth it. I was in an early cohort and there were some kinks to work out, but I had a successful experience and there have only been improvements since.

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Answers to commonly asked questions

How do App Academy and Codesmith stack up when it comes to reviews?

App Academy gets an average rating of 4.7, and Codesmith has an average rating of 5.0. However, keep in mind that App Academy’s rating is based on 269 number of reviews, and Codesmith’s rating is based on ...

How many campuses does each school have, and where are they located?

App Academy has 3, and Codesmith has 3. App Academy’s campuses are located in San Francisco, New York, Online, while Codesmith’s campuses can be found in Los Angeles, New York City, Online.

What are the finance options for App Academy and Codesmith?

App Academy students can pay tuition with ISA, Deferred Tuition, Upfront Payments, Loan Financing, and Codesmith students can pay using Upfront Payments, Month-to-month Installments, Loan Financing.

What kind of student outcomes does each school have?

Student outcomes are an important consideration. App Academy currently has 0, while Codesmith has 0. Graduates from App Academy are currently working at companies like a Google, Wayfair,...