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Salary After Coding Bootcamp: How Much Do Coding Bootcamp Graduates Make?

Paul Larkin - April 15, 2022

If you ask any bootcamp grad, they mostly want to become a coder because of the high job opportunities and potential salary. Yet, if you choose the untraditional route to a coding career path, what can you expect as your salary after bootcamp? We’ll get to that, but know that a coding bootcamp salary is quite high.

Progressing into the tech industry as a coder can certainly lead to an impressive annual salary. One reason for this is that gaining the professional experience to become a coder takes a lot of time, sweat, and cash. It’s a career in tech that isn’t easy, but as a reward, you’ll have in-demand skills and a comfortable salary after coding bootcamp .

However, what does a “comfortable salary” mean once you leverage learning opportunities from coding bootcamp? Your salary after coding bootcamp depends on various factors, but don’t worry this guide will help you. We’ll explore the base salary for coders after coding bootcamp, how you can increase this with tech experience, and the most lucrative careers after completing bootcamp education.

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Is Bootcamp Education Enough for Lucrative Jobs in Tech?

Yes, there are many tech jobs that offer high salaries after bootcamp education. Yet there are some factors that impact your salary after coding bootcamp. For example, coding bootcamp grads with a degree that’s required for some full-time roles may earn a higher salary than bootcamp grads without a degree.

If you have a college degree, you can earn around $85,000 in your first job. Bootcamp grads without degrees earn around $75,000. This is a significant difference, but if you don’t have a college degree, don’t be discouraged. There are many ways to pay for your month-to-month living costs and have money to save having only completed a coding bootcamp program.

Counting salary after coding bootcamp
You can earn a significant coding bootcamp salary in various careers!

What Is Your First Coding Salary After Bootcamp?

The average salary for a coder in their first job is about $70,000. Median salaries for programmers are around $65,078. These average starting salaries aren’t too bad for eight to twelve weeks of intensive training for coding technical skills.

It gets even more impressive when you factor in how quickly most coding bootcamp graduates find employment. Tech companies are desperate for developers, from entry-level positions to senior roles, and the demand isn’t going anywhere. Consequently, you can bank on a smooth job search process, and getting a job after coding bootcamp will take no more than a  few months.

What Are Future Salaries for Coding Bootcamp Graduates?

The best part of being a coder is that your wages don’t stagnate. If you work hard and do well in your first job, you’ll reap some huge rewards. As we all know, the technology field has some high-paying jobs and by progressing up the career ladder, you can get in on some of this action.

You can expect your salary after a coding bootcamp to jump up with your second and succeeding positions. On average, bootcamp grads earn about $120,000 after five years of having completed coding bootcamp. Like cheese and wine, developer salaries keep improving with age, too; expect to bring in over $135,000 by your third job

If you’re already gobsmacked by the lucrative job opportunities for coding bootcamp grads, you haven’t seen it all yet. The average salary senior programmers make is well over $150,000 per annum. Not only that but they get some pretty sweet perks along with the cash, such as stock options and more.

People working to earn a high salary after coding bootcamp
Working in tech, you can enjoy a high salary after coding bootcamp

The Top 10 Positions in Tech and How Much They Earn from Coding Bootcamp Education

If you want to join the tech community after attending any of the best coding bootcamps , there are many lucrative job opportunities available. While a coding bootcamp salary relies on various factors, in most tech jobs, you can earn a high median income. Plus, your average salary increase will skyrocket as you gain more experience and technical and soft skills.

Here are the top tech careers for coding bootcamp grads and what the coding bootcamp salary for these careers looks like.

  1. Web Developer
  2. Web Designer
  3. Software Developer
  4. Software Engineer
  5. Product Manager
  6. Digital Marketer
  7. Data Analyst
  8. Data Scientist
  9. Application Developer
  10. Junior Developer
Working in tech, you can enjoy a high salary after coding bootcamp
Your coding bootcamp salary depends on the job you specialize in

10 Tech Careers for Coding Bootcamp Grads Explained

1. Web Developer

Salary : $96,689

The primary duties of a web developer include developing functional websites for businesses. You’ll have to write, test, and debug code while ensuring websites are updated and fulfill the company’s requirements. Aspiring web developers also attend immersive coding bootcamps so they can troubleshoot website problems.

Venus, a software engineer at Rockbot

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Venus, Software Engineer at Rockbot

To secure this tech role you need impressive programming skills. You should know Python, Java, HTML, the R programming language, and Swift. The more programming languages you know, the more job and networking opportunities you’ll have.

2. Web Designer

Salary : $79,748

While beginner coders in web development focus on technical website components, web designers work on creative elements. Any job listing for this career will tell you that web developers design the visual and interactive components of websites. You’ll have to ensure these components engage web visitors and keep them on a page for longer.

Immersive bootcamps teach future web designers HTML, CSS, C++ and Java. You should also have soft skills like communication and the ability to work in a team. These skills are essential as you’ll present your projects to managers and work among other designers and developers.

3. Software Developer

Salary : $109,383

Besides the fact that a software developer’s salary is high, this career is also overflowing with career opportunities. Full-time positions in this career require professionals to design, develop, build, and test software applications. Software developers must also update applications and ensure code is error-free.

There are many self-taught coders in software development. These determined professionals study programming languages, data structures, problem-solving, code testing, and math. Software development bootcamp graduates also know how to juggle multiple projects and manage time.

4. Software Engineer

Salary : $115,946

The demand for tech professionals in software engineering is like the coding bootcamp salary these engineers earn: high. You’ll have to write new software applications and systems, update old systems and evaluate computer hardware. This tech career is ideal for patient professionals who want to know the inner workings of operating systems.

The technical skills software engineers need include coding, software testing and debugging, logical thinking, and problem-solving. You also need to have superb written and verbal communication skills and excellent time management. As you’ll be working among other software engineers and developers, you need teamwork skills too.

5. Product Manager

Salary : $117,824

Working in product management means a high salary but lots of work. If you read any job description for product management, you’ll know what we mean. Professionals have to manage products through every stage of their lifecycle and ensure the end result meets the needs of users and their company.

To become a product manager, you should have problem-solving, communication, leadership, interpersonal, teamwork, and time management skills. Product managers also need to have an eye for detail.

6. Digital Marketer

Salary : $101,339

Digital marketers are essential in the tech hub as they market products and services on online platforms. When you see social media ads, website content, and email marketing efforts, these tactics exist because of the work of digital marketers. Without the help of digital marketers, brands wouldn’t be able to develop an online presence.

If you’re considering digital marketing as a full-time job, you need technical and soft skills. These skills include email marketing, social media marketing, content writing, written and verbal communication, Google Analytics, and project management. It’s important to know that digital marketing has a competitive job market so your skills need to be up to par.

7. Data Analyst

Salary : $73,542

Data analysis offers a booming job market but the job isn’t for the faint-hearted. You need to be highly analytical for this career, as your duties include gathering, sorting, and analyzing data. Professionals will then use this data to determine actionable insights to help businesses generate their desired results.

The skills you need for data analysis include Python, R, machine learning, SQL, data visualization, and data cleaning. Full-time offers for this career will also require you to be a strong communicator and have project management skills.

8. Data Scientist

Salary : $120,636

Getting a job after coding bootcamp in this profession will prove highly lucrative. Data science professionals gather, clean, analyze, store and structure data. It will be up to you to determine data trends, problems, and find opportunities in data for businesses to leverage.

Data scientists must know data algorithms, data management, SQL, Python, math, statistics, and computer science. You should also know data analytics , big data, data manipulation, machine learning, and deep learning.

9. Application Developer

Salary : $104,578

This developer job entails designing, building, testing, and debugging applications for desktop and mobile. Developers must provide end-user support, action any required updates, and swiftly act on security threats. The applications you’ll develop vary from job to job and primarily depend on what your company needs.

To gain the competitive edge for this career, you need to be analytical, creative, logical, and know high-level programming. Professionals must also pay attention to detail, have patience and know how to work under extreme deadlines.

10. Junior Developer

Salary : $96,587

Working in a junior developer role means you’ll work with programmers but this is more of an entry-level role. If you’re new to coding and programming, becoming a junior developer may be ideal for you. You’ll assist with coding projects, testing, developing, debugging, and updating code.

Junior developers must also maintain code, provide assistance for application development and provide any support needed by the team. The skills you need for this job cover programming, analytics, problem-solving, and time management.

Is a Coding Bootcamp Salary Worth it in 2022?

Yes, a coding bootcamp salary is worth it. Besides how easy getting a job after coding bootcamp is, your salary after coding bootcamp will be more than comfortable. As coding bootcamp is directed at offering intensive training for professionals in the tech community, you can secure a high-paying tech job.Having previous experience or a college degree will certainly maximize your coding bootcamp salary. However, the tech scene still offers significant annual incomes for professionals with only bootcamp education. So, if you want a lucrative job, consider coding bootcamps.

Person looking at their salary after coding bootcamp
You can live comfortably with a coding bootcamp salary

Salary After Coding Bootcamp FAQ

How much can you make after coding bootcamp?

Your coding bootcamp salary depends on various factors. These factors include whether you have previous experience or a college degree and what profession you progress into. However, you can expect to earn around $65,000 and upward.

What jobs can you get with coding bootcamp education?

You can secure various jobs with coding bootcamp education. These professions include data science, data analytics, junior development, web development, and web design. There are tons more jobs available for coding bootcamp grads.

What to do after a coding bootcamp?

After gaining practical and immersive training from coding bootcamp, you can progress into a wide range of tech careers. These careers offer lucrative salaries, and many have a high demand for professionals. You don’t always need a college degree for these careers.

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