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Coding Bootcamps in Balikpapan

4 Best Coding Bootcamps in Balikpapan

Best Balikpapan Coding Bootcamps 2021

Balikpapan is home to 4 bootcamps like Institute of Code, Pwny Labs, Hacker Paradise Code Remote, Ruby On The Beach. While it may not be the biggest tech hub, Balikpapan’s tech scene is growing fast, and bootcamp graduates there are now working at top tech companies.

The top courses taken at Balikpapan bootcamps: Social Media and Content Marketing, 0, 0 and Cloud Camp.

Here’s a list of the best coding bootcamps in Balikpapan:


Answers to commonly asked questions

How many in-person bootcamps offer courses in Balikpapan?

There are 4 bootcamps in Balikpapan. Many tech workers in Balikpapan started off in local coding bootcamps.

What are the top-rated schools in Balikpapan?

Based on student reviews, the top schools in Balikpapan are Institute of Code, Pwny Labs, Hacker Paradise Code Remote and Ruby On The Beach. However, there are 4 based in Balikpapan that might suit your needs.

What are the most popular bootcamp courses students take in Balikpapan?

There is a wide variety of courses available at Balikpapan bootcamps. But the most popular bootcamp courses in the city are Social Media and Content Marketing and Web Development.

Will a Balikpapan bootcamp help me get a job in tech?

Yes! Most of the bootcamps in Balikpapan offer excellent career and job placement services. Many even offer job guarantees to students.

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