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Bethel Tech

Programs availableOnline, Full-time
Financing optionsUpfront Payments, Loan Financing

About Bethel Tech

Bethel School of Technology is a faith-based coding bootcamp that offers short coding programs designed to give students in-demand tech skills. It’s a non-profit subsidiary of Bethel Church. The Bethel Tech online programs include full stack development, data science, UI/UX design, and cyber security. Most of these programs take about 33 weeks...

Bethel Tech Reviews: Is Bethel Tech Worth It?

Yes, Bethel Tech is worth it. Through the school’s immersive programs, you can learn to code and start a career in tech. The Bethel Tech reviews on Career Karma indicate that the data science curriculum was easy to understand, and career services offered students essential support throughout the program. The entire staff wants to help students gain the skills they need to succeed in their job search.

Moreover, a Bethel Tech software development review emphasized that it is possible to work full time and be able to keep up with the training and assignments. In general, every Bethel Tech bootcamp review is positive and praises the school for its dedication to its students and the great support it offers to all its cohorts. This shows you’ll find attending Bethel Tech worth it if you want a good bootcamp experience.



Job Assistance

Overall Experience

Amazing experience

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Knut Olav Ekeberg graduated Bethel Tech
Bethel Tech Review: starstarstarstarstar
Created 1 year ago
I had a great time learning UX/UI design at Bethel Tech. The instructors are very helpful and giving you just enough guidance so you can keep on learning on your own. Their ability to see past all the beginner flaws and focus on the task at hand really is amazing to see. I`m still in touch in the community after graduating 7 months ago. And yes, I was able to get a job as a UX designer within 5 months.
Great people pouring their hearts into you and wanting you to success.
Staying up late at night to get on all the calls ( I live in Norway )

BEST bootcamp EVER!!

User avatar
Vince Oblak graduated Bethel Tech
Bethel Tech Review: starstarstarstarstar
Created 3 years ago
As the only faith-based coding boot camp, Bethel School of Technology teaches you to apply the biblical principles of a strong work ethic, honesty, character, excellence and integrity to your job as a programmer. These are all skills that every employer wants. The coursework is up to date and cutting edge, reflecting what is actually being used in the industry right now. The support you get from staff and fellow students alike are amazing! The retention rate is high, and over 80% of grads get...
Amazing people. Great instructor support. Personal coding mentors. Spiritual support and formation. Access to the latest technology.
Fast paced. I honestly cannot think of any cons!

From Carpenter to Software Developer

User avatar
chad chad graduated Bethel Tech
Bethel Tech Review: starstarstarstarstar
Created 1 year ago
Coming from a professional background in carpentry, with a bachelors degree in music, I had absolutely zero knowledge or experience in anything related to technology. Starting from the ground up in design fundamentals as a UI/UX student, I was exposed to how good design related to good design principles. Then through a series of events, I had the opportunity to double-down on schooling and re-enroll in the Full Stack program Bethel Tech offered in order to help round out my skillset and give...
Barrier-to-entry is very low -- zero to very little understanding required to start. Flexible schedule (for the most part) Offers solid, biblically-based teaching to bolster your education experience
Very-much not part time. I was basically working 40-hours a week

Bethel Tech Job Placement Rate and Outcomes

The Bethel Tech job placement rate was 85% for graduates finding a job within 120 days after completing their course. Even though the school does not get you a job, based on the high percentage of students finding work after graduation, it is safe to say that you will most definitely land jobs after finishing the bootcamp.

Bethel Tech career services are also there for students throughout their learning journey with the bootcamp. They provide students with essential support by helping them create polished resumes and effective cover letters. Bethel Tech career services also assist students through mock interviews and career assessments and provide them with essential interviewing strategies. Furthermore, Bethel Tech career services offer students lifelong guidance with no additional cost.

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Career Paths
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Bethel Tech Courses and Curriculum

Bethel Tech courses have different prices depending on the program you choose to attend. The UI/UX design costs $12,900, while the full stack web development, data science, and cyber security bootcamps cost $15,900. Although there are no free classes or programs, Bethel Tech does not charge its students for books, enrollment, supplies, and tools. There are flexible payment options to help you cover the Bethel Tech price.

Bethel Tech online courses start by laying a solid foundation in broad concepts, making it a good school for beginners. Furthermore, you’ll learn some of the best programming languages, including Java, JavaScript, C#, and Ruby. This knowledge of coding will be essential if you want to get a job as a software developer. Every Bethel Tech bootcamp program also includes a capstone project that you will present to fellow students.

UI/UX Design


33 weeks




Part Time


30 Hours/week





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Course Description: 01 Design Thinking and Structures Basics of design principles, user empathy, and testing product hypothesis. 02 Research Methods Overview of user research methods including quantitative, qualitative, and competitive analysis. 03 Ideation and Strategy Discovery and development of ideation techniques, user stories, sitemaps, card sorting, and brand strategy. 04 Research Demonstration Concepts of empathy maps, user personals, journey maps, and data analysis. 05 Coding Structures Basics of HTML, CSS, and Javascript and Source Control. 06 Front-end Theories and Practices Advanced concepts of HTML, CSS, and Javascript 07 Interaction Design and Prototypins Lab environment where students develop competency in design tools, sketching screens, wireframes, grid layouts UI patterns and libraries. Key concepts of rapid prototyping, creating a prototype with a tool like Sketch or Adobe XD. 08 Presentations, Pitches, and Proposals Building case studies, design presentations, processes and Client Projects. Develop a portfolio platform, personal brand, resumes, and social media content for hiring and the digital marketplace. 09 Capstone Design Presentation of individual and client projects upon graduation. 10 Bethel Kingdom Core Foundations Identity, Intimacy, Supernatural Living, Kingdom Culture, Relationships, Bible, Leadership, and Honor.

Full Stack Web Development


33 weeks




Part Time


30 Hours/week





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A 33-week part-time, full stack web development bootcamp covering HTML, CSS, Java, Javascript, C#, and Ruby. The program also covers intimacy with the Lord, Supernatural Living, Kingdom Culture, Bible, Leadership, and Scripture.

Bethel Tech FAQs

How Much Is Bethel Tech Tuition and Cost?

The Bethel Tech bootcamp cost ranges from $12,900 for the UI/ UX program to $15,900 for the full stack web development, data science, and cyber security bootcamps. Even though the school is not free and the Bethel Tech price may be a bit high for the programs offered, students do not have to pay for books, enrollment, supplies, and tools.

Moreover, students are provided with various options, such as private loans to pay for their Bethel Tech tuition fees. Loan opinions allow students to focus on their studies and become successful tech professionals while attending the bootcamp without having to worry about paying tuition straight away. A good tech job will help you cover your student loan debt

What Is the Bethel Tech Acceptance Rate?

The Bethel Tech acceptance rate has not been made public. The school may not accept everyone as it has certain eligibility criteria, such as the fact that students have to be above the age of 18 or have the consent of their parents if they are below 18 to attend the school. Also, students need to have a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent if they are applying through one of Bethel Tech’s partner schools.

However, if you are applying through Bethel Tech directly, you do not need to have a high school diploma, which indicates that the school may accept candidates that do not have a solid educational background.

How Can I Pay for Bethel Tech?

You can pay for Bethel Tech tuition with several payment options and financing solutions. Unfortunately, there is no scholarship option to help you lower your Bethel Tech bootcamp cost. Bethel Tech payment options include:

  • Upfront payments
  • Loan financing and deferred tuition (Ascent bootcamp loans)

A Bethel Tech deferred tuition is available when students acquire a loan from Ascent funding. With this payment option, students do not have to pay for their tuition fees until three months after completing their program.

How Do I Apply to Bethel Tech?

The Bethel Tech application process is relatively straightforward and includes the following steps:

  1. First, you must fill out an application form that you can access through the school’s website.
  2. In this form, you must include your personal details, your email, phone number and the program you wish to pursue.
  3. Once you submit your application, a Bethel Tech admissions advisor will contact you via phone to set up an interview to discuss your application.
  4. During your interview, you must be able to show good proficiency in English to be considered for the program you are applying for.
  5. If you cannot show good proficiency in English, you will be required to pass a TOEFL test and achieve a certain score to be considered as a prospective student.

How Do I Get Accepted Into Bethel Tech?

Getting into Bethel Tech starts with filling out an online form before attending an interview with an admissions representative. Bethel Tech admissions do not require a technical skills test, but they are looking for candidates to be proficient in English. The school does not offer a Bethel Tech prep course to enhance English skills. You likely won’t need a Bethel Tech bootcamp prep program, as the courses are designed for beginners.

Furthermore, to attend the Bethel Tech programs, students must be over the age of 18 or have parental approval if they are under 18. If applying through one of Bethel Tech's partner schools, students must also have a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent. However, if you apply directly to Bethel Tech, you do not need a high school diploma, indicating that the school may accept people with less than a solid educational background.

What Is the Bethel Tech Admission Process?

The Bethel Tech admission process starts with a scheduled interview with the admissions team. You need to provide your high school diploma, GED, or equivalent to be considered for the school’s programs if you have applied through one of Bethel College’s partner schools.

Also, if you cannot prove your English proficiency, the Bethel Tech admissions team will ask you to take a TOEFL exam and achieve certain scores to be considered for the school’s programs. The Bethel Tech acceptance rate is not publicly available.

What Bethel Tech Interview Questions Should I Expect?

You should expect behavioral interview questions during your Bethel Tech interview since the school does not require you to have a technical background. You’ll also be asked additional questions about your level of education, previous academic and professional experiences, and time management skills. An admissions interview usually lasts 30-45 minutes.

You can prepare for the Bethel Tech admissions interview in a variety of ways. To demonstrate your interest, you can do some research on the school and make a list of any questions you have. You can also talk about any past coding experiences you've had or times you've worked in a team. Moreover, you can research online about coding bootcamp interview questions to help you prepare for the Bethel Tech interview process.

A Bethel Tech admissions interview is important because it helps the school learn more about you as a person, including your skills, passions, and other relevant information. This information will assist Bethel Tech in determining whether or not you are a good fit for its rigorous programs. The school has a foundation of faith, so you may be asked about your religious beliefs.

Is Bethel Tech Hard to Get Into?

No, it is not hard to get into Bethel Tech as most of its entry-level requirements are easily attainable. Besides, the programs do not need any prior experience in coding. With that said, Bethel Tech does not accept everyone.

The school is also based on a strong Christian foundation, and it prefers recruiting students who display qualities that embody it. If you are looking to access coding classes at a school with biblical foundations, you’ll find attending Beth Tech worth it.

Does Bethel Tech Offer Prep Courses?

No, Bethel Tech does not offer prep courses. However, you can prepare for coding school by looking up free video tutorials on YouTube or by accessing free courses online. Moreover, the Bethel Tech courses include a curriculum that is designed for students with no tech background.

You will learn the most basic principles first before progressing to more advanced concepts on coding. This way, it is like Bethel Tech prep courses are integrated within the actual programs themselves.

Does Bethel Tech Offer Workshops?

Yes, Bethel Tech does offer workshops. At the time of writing, the school offered a workshop designed to introduce students to coding. The workshop called “Learn Coding and Tooling,” will introduce you to all the basic concepts of coding. Students interested in Bethel Tech workshops can sign up through the school’s website by filling out an online form.

Does Bethel Tech Offer Scholarships?

No, you cannot apply for a Bethel Tech scholarship as this school does not offer one. However, this coding bootcamp has partnered with a few lending organizations to enable students to pay for their education costs. A Bethel Tech deferred tuition option is also provided when students acquire a loan for Bethel Tech programs through Ascent funding.

Does Bethel Tech Have a Refund Policy?

Yes, Bethel Tech does have a refund policy. There are various provisions under the Beth Tech refund policy, but generally speaking, the school provides partial or full refunds. However, this depends on the specific circumstances.

If a student wishes to terminate their participation in a Bethel Tech program after it starts, the school may retain a percentage of the total tuition based on the number of days the student has attended a specific course. In addition, if notification of cancellation is given at the beginning of the first class session or on the seventh day after registration, Bethel Tech will refund all institutional charges.

How Much Do Bethel Tech Graduates Earn?

The Bethel Tech graduate salary, according to the school’s website, is $66,000 for a junior developer. The school does not provide any other information regarding how much graduates from other programs earn. Moreover, the school boasts that its graduates get a wage increase of 65% after successful completion of the Bethel Tech programs.

Does Bethel Tech Offer a Job Guarantee?

No, Bethel Tech does not offer a job guarantee. However, the Bethel Tech job placement rate is 85%, so it is safe to assume that the school will help you find a job after you graduate from its programs. The amazing staff at Bethel Tech provide students with all the skills they need for their future employment.

In addition, the Bethel Tech career services team will help you create a polished resume, establish a social media presence, develop in-depth cover letters, and attend networking events. So, in a way, a Bethel Tech job guarantee is offered to you through the job placement assistance you will receive from the school in finding your dream job.

What Companies Hire Bethel Tech Graduates?

IBM, Dell, and Ramsey Solutions are some of the companies that hire Bethel Tech graduates. Bethel Tech will help you find a job with several organizations like the US Army, Seattle Children’s Hospital, and Tailored Brands. The Bethel Tech hire rate is 85%, so graduates can find employment after graduation with the support of the career services team.

Is Bethel Tech Accredited?

No, Bethel Tech isn’t accredited. Even though a Bethel Tech accredited status has not been achieved, the programs offered by the school are recognized by several top tech companies. Bethel Tech courses provide students with in-demand skills that can be applied to several industries, and the useful resources offered by the Bethel Tech career services team help graduates find employment in well-known tech firms.

Is Bethel Tech Worth It?

Yes, Bethel Tech is worth it if you are an aspiring professional developer looking to break into tech by acquiring essential coding skills. Bethel Tech is worth the money because Bethel Tech programs will help you land a high-paying developer job in the tech industry or design field.

Bethel Tech is a good bootcamp because it provides you with a flexible schedule since all of its programs are online. This school is ideal for aspiring tech industry workers who are looking for college education alternatives without necessarily breaking the bank or having to quit their day job.

Bethel Tech Reviews: Is Bethel Tech Legit?

Yes, Bethel Tech is legit. Even though Bethel Tech is not accredited, almost every Bethel Tech review includes students speaking highly of this school’s professional instructors and mentors. So, you should definitely put Bethel Tech in your resume.

According to Bethel Tech bootcamp reviews on Career Karma, the curriculum is simple to grasp, and career services provide students with crucial support throughout the program. Furthermore, a Bethel Tech full stack development review stressed that working full time while still being able to keep up with training and assignments is achievable. Overall, Bethel Tech reviews are positive, praising the school for its commitment to its students.

Is Bethel Tech a Scam?

No, Bethel Tech is definitely not a scam. This school is approved to operate in the State of California through the Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education. Also, Career Karma has Bethel Tech as one its preferred partners who help students find successful careers in tech.

Many graduates and current students have praised the skilled instructors and mentors of Bethel Tech programs, making it a safe institution to attend and invest your time and money in. You do not have to worry about a Bethel Tech scam. Looking into Bethel Tech workshops can help you get an idea of what your courses will look like without committing to a full program.


Answers to commonly asked questions

How many students does this school have?

Bethel Tech has over 686 students and graduates as of 2023. This number will only continue to grow as more and more students take advantage of the courses offered here.

What courses are offered at Bethel Tech?

Bethel Tech offers several courses in different tech subjects, including: UI/UX Design, Full Stack Web Development.

What types of programs are available at Bethel Tech?

Bethel Tech currently has Online and Full-time types of programs available to new students.

What financing options are offered by Bethel Tech?

This school offers a variety of different financing options, including: Upfront Payments, Loan Financing. With these payment methods, nearly anyone can attend Bethel Tech.

Where is Bethel Tech available?

Bethel Tech is an online program. Check out its student reviews to figure out if its the right program for you.

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