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5 Best Database Design Bootcamps

  • devCodeCamp logo



    (55 reviews)

    $6,900.00 - $19,900.00

    Course count: 5

    Alumni count: 750+

    Offers remote learning

    Programs available

    UI/UX Design, Data Analytics, Web Development, Full Stack Development


    devCodeCamp is an online coding bootcamp that offers software engineering, web development, and data analytics training. Its programs do not require coding experience because they start from the ba...

  • Sabio logo



    (15 reviews)

    $15,000.00 - $15,000.00

    Course count: 8

    Alumni count: 112+

    Offers remote learning

    Programs available

    Web Development
  • Ikigai Dojo logo

    Ikigai Dojo


    (No reviews)

    $0.00 - $0.00

    Course count: 1

    Alumni count: null+

    Offers remote learning

    Programs available

    Web development


    Ikigai Dojo is a six-month full-time full stack web development bootcamp in Manila, Philippines. Their program aims to help those who want to switch careers, entrepreneurs, and upskillers. The curricu...
  • DevBootcamp logo



    (No reviews)

    $1,495.00 - $6,000.00

    Course count: 14

    Alumni count: 2558+

    Offers remote learning

    Programs available

    Web Development


    Change Your Life - Starting Today Developer Bootcamp offers comprehensive IT certificate programs that provide a reliable, affordable, facilitated, guided path to a career in the high-paying world o...
  • Hunter Business School logo

    Hunter Business School


    (No reviews)

    $0.00 - $0.00

    Course count: 1

    Alumni count: 2730+

    Offers remote learning

    Programs available

    Web development


    More than a bootcamp, Hunter Business School offers a 7 1/2-month training program that gives students the skills, theory, and hands-on experience necessary to enter the cutting-edge field of website ...

Best Database Design Courses and Classes

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Best Database Design Bootcamps and Courses in 2022

As the tech field grows, more and more often developers have to broaden their skills and grow the number of tools they use. While being an expert in your field is useful, professionals fluent in multiple programming languages and skilled in more than one field are often more hireable, have more job opportunities, and are—in some cases—valued higher.

Knowing how to use Database Design is essential in many fields and a valuable addition to a number of developers’ kits. Even if Database Design isn’t your primary skill, it’s worth considering as an addition to your toolbelt as a professional.

There are several bootcamps that teach Database Design as an element of a main course or in a specialized course of its own. As of 2022, there are 7 courses that teach Database Design at 4 bootcamps. The top schools that offer Database Design courses are Sabio, Ikigai Dojo, DevBootcamp and Hunter Business School.

Learn Database Design: Why You Should Attend a Database Design Bootcamp

You should attend a database design online bootcamp if you want to get a job in database administration and learn how to organize data. Bootcamp providers design their programs to include essential expert and foundational skills to help you learn database design quickly. A database design bootcamp will help you enhance your key skills in this field and provide you with a wide range of resources to train you on working with data.

Top database design bootcamps include specialized courses and deep learning methods that help students master a wide variety of data science fundamentals. You will also learn the basics of coding using in-demand languages. You’ll gain hands-on programming experience working on data analytics projects. You can also learn database design free or any tuition payments using online database design training tutorials, but the best database design courses will cost money.

Database design training might last from seven to nine months if you attend a database design bootcamp online or in person. Coding bootcamp graduates leave the school with essential technical and job-ready skills that are required for a successful career in this field. With the advancement of technology and the availability of a wide range of job openings, database design training will offer you an advantage and open up a number of career tracks for your future.

What Is a Database Design Bootcamp?

A database design coding bootcamp is a tech school or an intensive training program that teaches students how to handle and work with data. It usually offers online courses and ends with a capstone project that will prove your digital skills to a prospective employer. Database design bootcamp reviews will attest to the fact that the majority of employers like to see bootcamps on applicants’ resumes.

Full-time, part-time, or online database design bootcamps are available. Students can learn at their own pace with most online database design bootcamps. The online database design training usually takes students anywhere from six to 15 months to complete, though the length often depends on how many hours per week you dedicate to your online program.

A database design bootcamp is great for designers aiming to build careers in tech. Some courses offer hands-on experience and certificates upon completion, paving the way for students to access excellent job opportunities. These schools generally accept several payment options to help students cover their database design bootcamp cost. You can usually pay using student loans from companies like Climb Credit or in multiple installments.

Top database design bootcamps also provide comprehensive career services like access to a network of alumni and mock interviews. You may be assigned a career coach to help you navigate entering the tech industry.

Benefits of Learning Database Design at a Bootcamp

  1. Easy access to professional instructors. When you join database design bootcamps, you have access to instructors with extensive professional experience. Students get the help they need throughout their bootcamp journey and receive vital feedback on how to enhance their skills. Some schools also provide a tutor network to support students.
  2. Flexible learning schedules. Unlike database management bachelor’s degree programs, bootcamps offer flexible learning schedules for students. This allows them to learn database design without compromising their work-life balance. You can often complete your online database design training at your own pace at a bootcamp.
  3. Organized collaborative learning. Database design bootcamps will provide you with essential, in-demand skills. You will study in a collaborative learning setting using structured and organized learning styles. You will gain real-world programming experience while working on projects with your peers.
  4. Quick skill-based learning. Beginners and experienced professionals can benefit from acquiring the knowledge they need by attending database design bootcamps because these programs provide skill-based learning in a short amount of time. Bootcamps are a comprehensive learning experience that teach you the skills you need to get hired.
  5. Opportunity to create a comprehensive portfolio. Learning from database design bootcamps will help you build a comprehensive portfolio to showcase the range of your technical skills. Your professional portfolio will also include all the complex hands-on projects you have completed.

How Much Does a Database Design Bootcamp Cost?

The database design bootcamp cost can range anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000. How much you should pay for a bootcamp will usually depend on the program you have decided to join and the bootcamp itself. Moreover, the database design bootcamp price will vary depending on the duration of the bootcamp and the specialized courses it offers.

Your tuition cost may also depend on whether you attend your database design bootcamp online or in person. Some bootcamp database design classes are also available on a monthly subscription basis.

What Is the Database Design Bootcamp Application Process?

The database design bootcamp application process is usually straightforward. To qualify for a database design bootcamp you must fill in an application online and complete a series of steps. If you fulfill the eligibility criteria and pass any assessments and interviews required, it will not be hard to get accepted into a database design bootcamp. Here are the steps of the database design application process:

  1. Once you decide on the best bootcamp for database design for your career goals, go to the bootcamp’s official website and fill in the database design application online.
  2. Submit the application before the deadline.
  3. Complete an assessment if required. Some bootcamps might also need you to participate in an interview.
  4. Once you fulfill the requirements, wait for the response from the school. If you don’t have any hands-on experience or knowledge of languages used in this field, you may want to look up online database design training tutorials online to prepare for your program.

How Long Are Database Design Bootcamps?

On average, a database design bootcamp is usually six to nine months long. However, the length of an online coding bootcamp varies greatly depending on its project-based curriculum and structure. For instance, part-time bootcamps might last longer than full-time database design bootcamps because they require less class time.

Some bootcamps take place entirely online, while others follow a hybrid model where there are online database design classes and in-person lessons. The best bootcamp for database design for your needs will fit around your schedule and provide you the database and development skills required for your chosen career.

How Do Database Design Bootcamps Compare to Database Design MOOCs?

A database design bootcamp provides more structure and career services than a MOOC. You can access some of the best database design classes from a MOOC provider, but you will not receive the level of instructor support you can expect from a bootcamp. Database design bootcamps have a more structured learning environment and offer students the opportunity to work on real-world projects.

MOOCs are intensive, short-term courses and allow students to complete their projects without deadlines. This can cause some learners to get easily distracted and leave their courses halfway through. In addition, bootcamps provide features such as career services and guidance, hands-on training, and community support that is usually not available in MOOCs.

Developers with experience in database management and a handful of programming languages might be able to gain the basic knowledge they need from a MOOC. A bootcamp may be a more effective option for individuals looking to make a complete career change because they will need a more comprehensive technical program.

What Is Database Design?

Database design refers to the process of designing, organizing, developing, and maintaining data according to database models. It involves selecting which data to include in a database and where to place it based on their significance. Database design also includes understanding the relationship between different elements of data.

A database design bootcamp will teach students about the logical and physical tools needed to organize data and distinguish the relationship between different data sets. You may also learn to code. This knowledge helps in providing the foundation for database management systems. It also helps in producing data models in a database that are further processed to draw meaningful insights.

Can Anyone Learn Database Design?

Yes, anyone can learn database design through a database design bootcamp if they plan to pursue a career in tech. Following a consistent schedule and focusing on the tasks you have to complete is essential in your learning journey. Some of the best database design bootcamps will require you to have some background knowledge about machine learning, software development, or full stack development before being accepted into their programs.

Even if you do not have any background knowledge or previous experience, you can still apply for a database design online bootcamp. Once you decide to learn database design, choose one of the best database design schools and complete the application process.

When attending a bootcamp, you will learn through different projects, assignments, online database design courses, and group tasks. All the work you do during your database design training should be included in your portfolio so you can showcase your work and professional experience to potential employers.

Benefits of Learning Database Design

  1. Great job opportunities in tech companies. Learning database design can open doors to exceptional career paths. It's a high-demand field with a lot of room for advancement for coding bootcamp grads. With the high market demand, most data experts work in roles that come with a high median salary.
  2. Skill development. Database design is more than just acquiring theoretical knowledge. Learning database design will help you build hands-on digital skills that you can apply in other related tech fields. If you want a career change, you can master a few additional technologies and work in digital marketing, full stack web development, or mobile development.
  3. Effective database management skills. Learning database design will help you to manage and organize databases, which is a highly sought-after skill. Companies in various cities are looking for qualified professionals who can help them with database management. You can find a technical role in this field with a high average base salary quickly.
  4. Insights into data sets. Data plays a key role in gaining insights into crucial sets of information. Your database design skills will help you understand how to effectively organize the information from the data you select and gain essential insights on how to enhance business processes.
  5. Ability to discard redundant data. Learning database design will provide you with the essential critical skills you need to distinguish between important and redundant data. The best database design training will help you manage data more effectively.

What Jobs Can You Get With Database Design?

There are several database design jobs you can pursue with your newly acquired skills. It is not hard to get a job after a database design bootcamp. You can work as a database design engineer, database architect, or database administrator. When you complete your studies, you will have gathered the necessary knowledge and experience to work in this field.

A database design bootcamp can get you a job without a degree because the hands-on projects you will have worked on will help you to effectively tackle the challenges you may face in the real world. The best database design bootcamp will prepare students for the job market and equip them with the critical thinking skills they will need to get an entry-level job. Below you will find a list of the most common database design jobs.

Database Design Engineer

Salary: $98,902

Having adequate knowledge of database design through a database design bootcamp can help you get a job as a database design engineer in various tech companies. The training projects help students learn the fundamentals of building and developing logical database designs, as well as analyzing them. All of these digital abilities help you perform better in your career as a database design engineer.

Database Architect

Salary: $126,473

You can become a database architect after completing the courses offered by a database design analytics program. This role demands high-level understanding of database systems and programming languages. These are all a part of training in a database design bootcamp. You can find many job opportunities without a degree using your programming skills and business intelligence.

Database Administrator

Salary: $86,833

Database administrators are responsible for managing the collection, storage, and analysis of data in an organization. If you have adequate knowledge of user experience design along with relevant knowledge of organizing data, you can qualify to become a database administrator. Data design bootcamp graduates will also be required to draw insights from data to design effective strategies for the organization. Database administrator salaries also make this career worth pursuing.

Database Developer

Salary: $95,066

You can become a database developer with the hands-on foundational skills learned through a database design bootcamp. This role enables you to design and develop databases to improve efficiency in business operations.

Software Engineer

Salary: $99,729

A software engineer needs to work efficiently with databases, and a database design bootcamp can help them learn about databases. The complex projects you complete during your bootcamp education will help you develop the digital skills you need to perform software engineering tasks efficiently. You might need other supporting tech courses and certifications also if you want to earn higher salaries.

Is a Database Design Bootcamp Worth It?

A database design bootcamp is worth it if you are interested in enhancing your database design skills and receiving career coaching from industry experts. With the continuous growth in this field of study, you can expect to see an increasing number of job openings for people who have technical and programming skills. A database design bootcamp equips you with job-related skills and makes you employer ready.

Students can enroll in online database design classes to continue learning while keeping their full-time jobs. They can also build a large professional network with bootcamp alumni that may help them during their job search. By graduating from a database design bootcamp you can access a high annual salary that will be above the national average and perks like working remotely, which definitely make a database design bootcamp worth it.


Answers to commonly asked questions

Where can I learn Database Design?

There are 5 bootcamps available Here are some of the top schools with programs that feature Database Design: devCodeCamp, Sabio, Ikigai Dojo, DevBootcamp and Hunter Business School. Check out their school pages for more information.

Is there a bootcamp for Database Design in my city?

It depends on your city. Fortunately, we have a list of bootcamps that can be filtered by city that can be found here.

How many bootcamps and courses are available for Database Design?

Database Design is taught in 8 courses at 5 bootcamps. The top Database Design bootcamps are devCodeCamp, Sabio, Ikigai Dojo, DevBootcamp and Hunter Business School.