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18 Best Perl Bootcamps

  • Clarusway logo



    (362 reviews)

    $0.00 - $13,800.00

    Course count: 21

    Alumni count: 818+

    Offers remote learning

    Programs available

    Tech Sales, Data Science, Data Analytics, Web Development, Full Stack Development, Cybersecurity


    We’re a Virginia-based IT training school specializing in Cloud Engineering, DevOps Engineering, Data Science, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Full Stack Web Development, Front End...

  • Coding Dojo logo

    Coding Dojo


    (312 reviews)

    $8,995.00 - $16,495.00

    Course count: 5

    Alumni count: 7730+

    Offers remote learning

    Programs available

    UI/UX Design, Data Science, Data Analytics, Web Development, Engineering Immersion, Full Stack Development, Cybersecurity


    As a leading coding education company, Coding Dojo provides bootcamps and courses that cover topics from software development to cyber security. Coding Dojo programs include both full-time and part...

  • JobPrepped logo



    (185 reviews)

    $549.00 - $549.00

    Course count: 1

    Alumni count: ""+

    Offers remote learning

    Programs available

    Digital Marketing


    JobPrepped is a Digital Marketing Training + Immediate Work Experience Program that solely specializes in Digital Marketing and focuses on getting you hired quickly. 9...

  • $6,900.00 - $10,900.00

    Course count: 3

    Alumni count: 208+

    Offers remote learning

    Programs available

    Data Science, Data Analytics, Web Development, Full Stack Development


    Practicum Bootcamp is a family of digital re-skilling products. We help people with versatile backgrounds learn a new profession online and kickstart a sustainable career in tech. Practicum stands ...

  • CCS Learning Academy logo

    CCS Learning Academy


    (37 reviews)

    $7,995.00 - $12,995.00

    Course count: 4

    Alumni count: 1452+

    Offers remote learning

    Programs available

    Data Science, Data Analytics, Web Development, Cybersecurity


    Whether it’s for yourself or your team, continuing education is key to ongoing growth and success. So why are you trusting your precious training budget to providers who aren’t experts in the field? I...
  • KeepCoding logo



    (33 reviews)

    $0.00 - $0.00

    Course count: 6

    Alumni count: 838+

    Offers remote learning

    Programs available

    Data Science, Web Development, Cybersecurity


    KeepCoding offers ten-month part-time online bootcamps in mobile development, web development, big data and machine learning, DevOps, and Cybersecurity. They also offer an intensive Python bootcamp fr...
  • Woz U logo

    Woz U


    (17 reviews)

    $13,200.00 - $13,200.00

    Course count: 3

    Alumni count: 616+

    Offers remote learning

    Programs available

    Web Development
  • Afterskills logo



    (14 reviews)

    $0.00 - $0.00

    Course count: 15

    Alumni count: 0+

    Offers remote learning

    Programs available

    Data Science, Data Analytics, Product Management


    Afterskills is the world's premiere boutique education company specializing in analytic enablement and corporate upskilling. Our philosophy is that with the right guidance, anyone can extract value fr...
  • StartupIgnition logo



    (8 reviews)

    $1,999.00 - $1,999.00

    Course count: 1

    Alumni count: 400+

    Offers remote learning

    Programs available

    Web development


    Startup Ignition offers a 3-day all-day intensive entrepreneur bootcamp in Lehi, Utah. The program includes actual implementation of learned tools and skills that prepare entrepreneurs, founders, and ...
  • Data Science Dojo logo

    Data Science Dojo


    (5 reviews)

    $2,799.00 - $3,499.00

    Course count: 2

    Alumni count: 288+

    Offers remote learning

    Programs available

    Data Science, Data Analytics


    Data Science Dojo offers online and in-person data science bootcamps in Redmond, Washington. Data Science Dojo believes that anyone can learn data science, and provides comprehensive, hands-on trainin...

Best Perl Courses and Classes

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Best Perl Bootcamps and Courses in 2022

As the tech field grows, more and more often developers have to broaden their skills and grow the number of tools they use. While being an expert in your field is useful, professionals fluent in multiple programming languages and skilled in more than one field are often more hireable, have more job opportunities, and are—in some cases—valued higher.

Knowing how to use Perl is essential in many fields and a valuable addition to a number of developers’ kits. Even if Perl isn’t your primary skill, it’s worth considering as an addition to your toolbelt as a professional.

There are several bootcamps that teach Perl as an element of a main course or in a specialized course of its own. As of 2022, there are 19 courses that teach Perl at 18 bootcamps. The top schools that offer Perl courses are Clarusway, Coding Dojo, JobPrepped, Practicum and KeepCoding.

Learn PostgreSQL: Why You Should Attend a PostgreSQL Bootcamp

If you want to learn PostgreSQL and level up your career in tech, you should enroll in a PostgreSQL bootcamp. PostgreSQL is widely used by professional developers around the world. According to Statista, PostgreSQL ranked fourth in the most popular database management tools survey in 2022.

Top PostgreSQL bootcamps like App Academy and Fullstack Academy use intensive training and hands-on experience to teach students all levels of specialized skills in PostgreSQL. Depending on your program of choice, students may also learn other technical skills such as machine learning, full stack development, software engineering, and computer programming.

Previous experience in programming or tech industry experience is not required to enroll in PostgreSQL bootcamps. The best PostgreSQL courses will offer foundational level classes to ensure students of all levels are prepared for full-length bootcamp programs. These prep classes can help prospective students learn PostgreSQL free of charge.

Online PostgreSQL training offers students flexible learning and a part-time program will allow students to continue working while they study. You can even learn PostgreSQL at home by enrolling in self-paced and online PostgreSQL courses. There are also full-time programs and instructor-based classes.

While there are specialized PostgreSQL bootcamps, PostgreSQL is also included in the curricula of tech courses such as web development, software development, data science, and data analytics. These programs will allow you to learn applications of PostgreSQL, such as complex queries and triggers, in the real world through hands-on projects.

The best PostgreSQL bootcamps also offer career support for students. Job applications in the tech industry can be a bit challenging but career services will help you find a job that fits your skillset and connect you with companies and professionals in your field. You will also learn how to enhance your portfolio, social media profile, resume, and interview skills. With these benefits, plus your dedication and commitment, the best PostgreSQL courses will help you find the career path you want to pursue.

What Is a PostgreSQL Analytics Bootcamp?

A PostgreSQL analytics bootcamp is a school that helps students learn PostgreSQL through practical training and hands-on projects. Bootcamp PostgreSQL programs are instructor-led, immersive, and hands-on. They provide in-demand training with an up-to-date curriculum and job services to ensure students learn the required technical and soft skills for a professional tech job.

PostgreSQL bootcamp program formats are offered according to your schedule, location, and learning preferences. Students can enroll in online, in-person, or hybrid classes. Programs are offered full-time and part-time and online PostgreSQL bootcamps also offer self-paced classes. In-person programs and online programs offer the same level of education and typically follow an identical curriculum.

The best PostgreSQL training includes bootcamp prep courses. These classes teach students basic and foundational skills to prepare them for their full-length bootcamp program. Career services will prepare them for the job market and full-time programming experience, complex projects, and cyber security courses will also allow them to expand their technical portfolio.

PostgreSQL bootcamps typically last about 17 weeks and cost up to $18,000. The PostgreSQL bootcamp application process may require you to attend interviews and pass an assessment exam. Before you apply for a bootcamp, be sure that you read and understand the process and the program you want to apply for.

Benefits of Learning PostgreSQL at a Bootcamp

  1. PostgreSQL bootcamps are more affordable. Bootcamp programs are low-cost compared to traditional universities. These programs don't have additional expenses for co-curricular activities or other school events. Online PostgreSQL courses let you save your transportation allowance. They also offer flexible financing options and scholarships to help you pay for tuition fees.
  2. PostgreSQL bootcamps offer career services. Bootcamps not only help you gain in-demand data skills but also guide you in reaching your career goals. Top PostgreSQL bootcamps like Coding Dojo, Flatiron School, and Coder Foundry provide career support services such as career coaching, mentorship, interview training, social media profile support, and portfolio building. They also help students get a job after graduation through intensive job searches and networking.
  3. PostgreSQL bootcamps can be completed over a short time. Bootcamps offer short courses that will enable you to learn PostgreSQL within weeks or months, compared to the four years it typically takes for a bachelor’s degree. A Bootcamp’s curriculum is designed to be straightforward and focused on current tech skills so that students can study PostgreSQL without spending years in school.
  4. PostgreSQL bootcamps offer a flexible schedule. Depending on your preferences, PostgreSQL bootcamps enable you to choose full-time or part-time courses that will fit your schedule. If you are a working student, you can enroll in self-paced or part-time online courses. A bootcamp with campuses will offer in-person courses either full-time or part-time. PostgreSQL bootcamp online courses and self-paced classes will also allow you to study anytime and anywhere.
  5. Students will experience solving real-world problems through real-world projects. One of the most exciting parts of bootcamp PostgreSQL programs is working on complex projects. Students complete projects using in-demand technologies. Instructors, who are industry professionals, guide them throughout their projects. Hands-on experience is advantageous when you apply for a tech job.

How Much Does a PostgreSQL Bootcamp Cost?

A PostgreSQL bootcamp costs anywhere from $900 to $18,000. The best PostgreSQL bootcamps offer flexible financing options to help you pay your tuition fee. These include income share agreements (ISA), loan financing, upfront payment discounts, and scholarships. Some PostgreSQL bootcamps offer prep courses. These online PostgreSQL bootcamps offer a prep course, which is included in the tuition.

What Is the PostgreSQL Bootcamp Application Process?

The PostgreSQL bootcamp application process involves a few simple steps. Here is how the process works:

  1. Visit the official website of the bootcamp you want to enroll in and choose from the programs that offer PostgreSQL.
  2. Complete the PostgreSQL application online and submit it.
  3. Wait for the admissions team to contact you regarding any further steps. You may have to attend an interview, sit an exam, or pay a deposit before you are accepted into the program.

It is not hard to get accepted at a PostgreSQL bootcamp since the best PostgreSQL classes are beginner-friendly. You do not need a technical background to enroll in a PostgreSQL bootcamp. However, you must be at least 18 years of age on the first day of class and have a high school diploma or equivalent. If you meet these basic requirements and have a genuine passion for tech and analytics you will have no problem getting accepted into a bootcamp.

How Long Are PostgreSQL Bootcamps?

PostgreSQL bootcamps can take anywhere from a few months to a year to complete. A typical PostgreSQL program lasts about 17 weeks. The duration of each course will vary depending on the format and schedule. Full-time and part-time online programs run on the same schedule as in-person programs and self-paced classes.

A full-time program runs Monday to Friday, eight hours a day, and typically takes 12 weeks to complete. Students will also be expected to spend two to three hours on projects and study each day. A part-time program is offered on midweek evenings and weekends. You can expect to complete a part-time program in 24 weeks.

How Do PostgreSQL Bootcamps Compare to PostgreSQL MOOCs?

PostgreSQL bootcamps are more advantageous compared to PostgreSQL massive open online courses (MOOCs) in terms of curriculum and career support. Both bootcamps and MOOCs are helpful to those who want to enhance their tech skills and knowledge. However, bootcamps are more interactive and immersive compared to MOOCs.

Bootcamps also provide interactive career services such as mentorship, career coaching, and technical interview training. Bootcamps help students find a job through job referrals, grow their professional networks through training, and gain experience in business environments.

However, the PostgreSQL price is favorable for MOOCs. PostgreSQL MOOCs are typically free or low-cost whereas bootcamp programs have high tuition fees. On the flipside, bootcamp tuition can be subsidized with flexible payment options.

What Is PostgreSQL?

PostgreSQL is an open-source database initially released in July 1996. It is a Relational Database Management System (DBMS) used as a data archive for web and analytics applications. It is known for advanced queries and it also supports both JSON and SQL. PostgreSQL is free to download and use.

PostgreSQL is widely used by developers and programmers around the world. Online PostgreSQL training is often taught through immersive software engineering bootcamps, cyber security courses, or deep learning online video courses, to name a few.

PostgreSQL has lots of features and functions that are helpful in data management and software development. PostgreSQL also features flexibility since it is compatible with most software tools and architecture. You should learn PostgreSQL as it offers plenty of opportunities in the tech industry.

Can Anyone Learn PostgreSQL?

Yes, anyone who is passionate about technology and willing to learn new tools can learn PostgreSQL. The best bootcamp for PostgreSQL will make it easy for complete beginners to learn PostgreSQL. Whether you have a programming background or are new to databases, you can enroll at these bootcamps because they have courses designed for beginners.

Career shifters and professionals who want to enhance their skills can also apply since the bootcamps curriculum includes cutting-edge technologies and tools, in-demand skills, and career guidance. PostgreSQL reviews also show that students with no prior experience learned a lot from PostgreSQL bootcamps.

Benefits of Learning PostgreSQL

  1. PostgreSQL has many uses and features. PostgreSQL can be used in several applications such as machine learning, deep learning, software development, web application, and analytics application. Other useful features of PostgreSQL are table inheritance, object oriented features, and its open-source accessibility. Bootcamps will help you learn PostgreSQL and gain the technical skills needed to become a PostgreSQL expert.
  2. Learning PostgreSQL opens job opportunities. PostgreSQL is popular among developers and programmers. With this, tech professionals who are experts in PostgreSQL are in huge demand. The features and flexibility of PostgreSQL help these companies provide the best services and products to their customers.
  3. PostgreSQL offers a rewarding career. Since PostgreSQL is in high market demand in the tech industry, it offers valuable career paths to software engineering, development, and database administration. These jobs play a big role in the digital economy, the advancement of technology, and helping businesses maintain client satisfaction through the use of efficient tools and software like PostgreSQL.
  4. PostgreSQL jobs provide competitive salaries and benefits. Database jobs that require PostgreSQL skills offer high salaries. The prestigious companies that hire PostgreSQL experts also give generous benefits. Some of the top companies that use PostgreSQL are Uber, Netflix, Spotify, Instagram, and Reddit.
  5. PostgreSQL is flexible and compatible with many software tools. PostgreSQL is also compatible with many operating systems such as Linux, Windows, macOS, and Unix. You can also use PostgreSQL with several CPU architectures like X86, x86_64, PowerPC, PowerPC 64, Sparc 64, and more. Compatibility ensures that the software will work efficiently and operate as expected on different platforms.

What Jobs Can You Get With PostgreSQL?

The best PostgreSQL bootcamp can get you a job after finishing a course even without a degree, but it’s not guaranteed. Bootcamp students must put extra effort into job searches as they will have competition from applicants that hold a higher level of education. With this, finding a job can be challenging for bootcamp grads.

However, the best bootcamp for PostgreSQL will help you improve your portfolio, resume, and social media profile and boost your qualifications. Bootcamps like Fullstack Academy, Launch Academy, App Academy, and Code Fellows boast impressive job employment rates. Furthermore, top PostgreSQL bootcamps will have a job guarantee. Read on as we list the top PostgreSQL jobs.

Database Engineers

Salary: $107,844

Database engineers design and build databases. They use several tools including PostgreSQL to perform their tasks efficiently. PostgreSQL has lots of useful features for data engineers such as spatial and geographical objects, object oriented database features, and full-text search. Enrolling at a PostgreSQL bootcamp will enable you to learn how to use these features as well as the soft skills needed for this popular PostgreSQL job.

PostgreSQL Developers

Salary: $120,630

PostgreSQL developers are professional developers who build databases and are responsible for developing and maintaining database code using PostgreSQL. This PostgreSQL job uses features of PostgreSQL such as its compatibility, reliability, security, and performance to help with database development.

Top PostgreSQL bootcamps like CodingNomads will train you how to use PostgreSQL in modeling, developing, and maintaining a relational database. Immersive software engineering bootcamps will often include PostgreSQL in their curriculum to ensure students can go on to be professional developers.

Software Engineers

Salary: $99,729

This PostgreSQL job is one of the most in-demand careers in the tech industry. PostgreSQL includes tools that software engineers use when developing software. Software engineers must be knowledgeable about databases because software interacts with data. At a PostgreSQL bootcamp, you will learn from professional software engineering instructors about PostgreSQL tools and best practices that are used in software development.

Database Administrators

Salary: $86,833

Database administrators use RDBMS like PostgreSQL to store and organize data. They also troubleshoot problems, keep the database up-to-date, and handle database access. Some of the useful features of PostgreSQL to a database admin are geo-tagging, replication, and SQL features.

A PostgreSQL bootcamp like CodingNomads, LearningFuze Coding and Data Science Bootcamp, and Coding Dojo offer programs for PostgreSQL database management. These are the best PostgreSQL schools to attend if you want to apply for this PostgreSQL job.


Salary: $87,645

Programmers use PostgreSQL to design and program databases. PostgreSQL supports object oriented programming and can be used to help programmers create functions for advanced queries. The best PostgreSQL classes will implement these features of PostgreSQL using hands-on training and real-world projects. This PostgreSQL is ideal for recent PostgreSQL bootcamp grads who are interested in programming.

Is a PostgreSQL Bootcamp Worth It?

Yes, a PostgreSQL bootcamp is worth it if you're interested in learning database management and analytics. These fields provide a vast number of job opportunities from reputable companies where you can have a stable career. Bootcamp grads' reviews and testimonials show that they easily found a job and increased their median salary within a couple of months of graduation.

At the best PostgreSQL bootcamp, you will learn valuable programming experience through projects and interactive classes. In the tech industry, many employers hire applicants with practical and industry experience. Bootcamps allow you to create real-world projects that can boost your qualifications and portfolio. This will help you stand out in your job applications.


Answers to commonly asked questions

Where can I learn Perl?

There are 18 bootcamps available Here are some of the top schools with programs that feature Perl: Clarusway, Coding Dojo, JobPrepped, Practicum: Coding bootcamps and CCS Learning Academy. Check out their school pages for more information.

Is there a bootcamp for Perl in my city?

It depends on your city. Fortunately, we have a list of bootcamps that can be filtered by city that can be found here.

How many bootcamps and courses are available for Perl?

Perl is taught in 18 courses at 18 bootcamps. The top Perl bootcamps are Clarusway, Coding Dojo, JobPrepped, Practicum: Coding bootcamps and CCS Learning Academy.