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Devmountain vs V School

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Devmountain vs V School

Although both schools teach UI/UX Design and Web Development, Devmountain offers Full-time and Part-time programs, whereas, V School offers Online, Full-time, Part-time and Self-paced programs and provides financing options including ISA, Deferred Tuition, Upfront Payments, Month-to-month Installments and Loan Financing.

Overall Rating

Based on 27 reviews
Based on 29 reviews

Available paths

UI/UX Design, Web Development, iOS DevelopmentUI/UX Design, Web Development, Full Stack Development

Featured programs

Full-time, Part-timeOnline, Full-time, Part-time, Self-paced


Dallas, Lehi, Online, Phoenix, Provo, Salt Lake CityBeirut, Cape Coast, Online, Provo, Salt Lake City


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Devmountain vs V School comparison is based on 56 applicant, student and graduate reviews.
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Devmountain is a coding bootcamp and design school that offers housing at no extra cost to immersive students who attend one of its three campuses: Lehi, Utah; Dallas, Texas; and Phoenix, Arizona. It was founded in 2013 and has graduated more than 3,000 students. Devmountain’s courses can be completed in between six and sixteen weeks with the majority of courses being thirteen weeks in length. The courses are designed to give real-world experience, build portfolios, and prepare students for entry-level positions within the technology industry. COMMUNITY Devmountain courses are in-person. Students work individually and together to accomplish projects in a real-world setting. Devmountain’s Utah campus offers a unique program that places iOS, UX, and QA students together in collaborative groups to launch an app in the App Store by the end of the bootcamp. CAREER SUPPORT Career support is available to every student and includes resume workshopping, employer networking, and interview preparation. This is baked into the immersive bootcamp experience. AFFORDABILITY Devmountain’s courses are competitively priced and tuition financing is available through third-parties. Housing is included for immersive students at no extra cost, which can be helpful for out-of-area students. APPLICATION PROCESS The application process consists of three parts, including filling out an application, participating in a phone consultation, and completing a skill review. The purpose of this process is to help students discover if the bootcamp experience and specific course is a good fit for them or not.

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27 Devmountain reviews

Overall Pleased With Experience

Created 1 day ago
I began my time with DevMountain in Jan of 2020. I had literally zero experience in computer programing, however I was told by staff that experience was not necessary. For about two weeks leading up to the start of my program I spent my time completing the 'basecamp' work which is essentially some pre-coursework that catches people like me who have no experience up to speed. If you have experience in programming this stuff might be tedious for you, however I found it exceedingly helpful. Once...
-At least one or two instructors here are really smart and you can learn a lot from these ones if you take the time to reach out to them -Housing included in tuition is a nice deal -Most of the time the coursework felt like it advanced at...
-Not every instructor/mentor is really an expert at what they teach -It feels like from my experience and the experience of others who I talk with that it can take a really long time to get a job afterwards... If I knew this beforehand I...
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V School

V School is an end-to-end career preparation academy for code and design. V School has pioneered an outcomes-optimized education model called Responsive Learning, that moves the goal posts from "graduation" to gainful employment in the industry of study. Each V school program includes dedicated phases of 1) skill acquisition, 2) on the job experience, and 3) career training so that every student with high aptitude and drive is able to transition into a successful career in the tech industry. We believe that learning should be inclusive to be most impactful, and offer a range of education, career, and logistics assistance including housing, transportation, and laptops, as well as income share agreements, internships, and apprenticeships. We are proud to have our programs approved to accept the G.I. Bill. We’re also proud that one third of staff are veterans, and one third of our students are female (more than double the industry average). Curricula is tailored to the needs of the industry and alumni receive lifetime career support in order to achieve the best outcomes. V School maintains an industry leading staff/student ratio of 1:8 to provide a high touch, immersive learning experience. The full stack Javascript program includes MERN stack technology (MongoDB, Express, React.js, Node.js), and front end web development. The Experience Design program includes UX, UI, research, analytics, and current industry tools (Sketch, Figma, and related Adobe programs).

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29 V School reviews


Created 1 month ago
V School was a great jumpstart into programming. I went from never seeing a line of code, to being able to develop a full functioning website for a business client. The free housing was the best perk, and my main reason for selecting this school. I was mislead here with being told class sizes were small (8-12) with my boot camp being around 30 students. Many students just did not put in the time or effort and significantly slowed down our progress. While at the time I felt very prepared for a...
Free housing Great exposure for internships/job opportunities but only specifically for the greater Salt Lake City area. Post-boot camp assistance Free Snacks, coffee, drinks
Large class size, which lead to less learning The lead instructor was more focused on making E-learning videos then helping answer questions. I don’t believe they taught best practices, as I learned afterwards. No job assistance, Outside...
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Answers to commonly asked questions

How do Devmountain and V School stack up when it comes to reviews?

Devmountain gets an average rating of 4.1, and V School has an average rating of 4.6. However, keep in mind that Devmountain’s rating is based on 27 number of reviews, and V School’s rating is based on ...

How many campuses does each school have, and where are they located?

Devmountain has 6, and V School has 5. Devmountain’s campuses are located in Dallas, Lehi, Online, Phoenix, Provo, Salt Lake City, while V School’s campuses can be found in Beirut, Cape Coast, Online, Provo,...

What are the finance options for Devmountain and V School?

Devmountain students can pay tuition with Upfront Payments, Loan Financing, and V School students can pay using ISA, Deferred Tuition, Upfront Payments, Month-to-month Installments, Loan Financing.

What kind of student outcomes does each school have?

Student outcomes are an important consideration. Devmountain currently has 0, while V School has 85. Graduates from Devmountain are currently working at companies like a Podium, The Church...