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Programs availableFull-time, Part-time
Financing optionsUpfront Payments, Loan Financing

About Devmountain

Devmountain is a coding bootcamp and design school that offers housing at no extra cost to immersive students who attend one of its three campuses in Lehi, Dallas, and Phoenix. Though the bootcamp focuses on in-person instruction, Devmountain online programs still provide the same valuable curriculum. Devmountain programs last anywhere from six...

Devmountain Reviews

After 96 student reviews, Devmountain boasts an impressive 4.2 out of 5 rating at Career Karma, with its instructors receiving a rating of 89 percent and the curriculum scoring 83 percent. Devmountain reviews report that the school is a great option to develop in-demand tech skills like coding to land a high-paying entry-level job.

One of the most recent Devmountain reviews highlights how the school was instrumental in helping the student land their first job. “About 3 months after graduating, I was offered a full stack developer job that would have paid $85k plus benefits,” they said. Another Devmountain review says that “Devmountain is a great choice if you are looking for straightforward education on the topics that are hot in the industry.”

Devmountain’s courses are available remotely and students are generally satisfied with the online learning experience. For example, a Devmountain UX Design review says “I was worried that I wouldn't be able to learn as much going into a completely new field with no experience and in a remote environment, but that couldn't be less true.”

Devmountain exclusively works with leading professionals, so you’ll be trained by dedicated instructors with professional expertise. The school’s job placement resources are also known to help graduates successfully land their first jobs.

However, a few Devmountain reviews do highlight weaknesses. For example, one former student said the curriculum for the cyber security bootcamp didn’t focus sufficiently on the topics needed to land an entry-level job in the industry. Another former student wished the school had a greater emphasis on job placement.



Job Assistance

Overall Experience

DevMountain review

Devmountain Review: starstarstarstarstar
Created 4 years ago
They really care fore there students. And do everything in their power to help each student.
They are pationate about the students and the materials they teach. They really do there best to teach you everything they can. And try to make so you succeed. Great lessions and help you really have what takes to be a good programer.
The course covers a lot and it really requires extra time outside of the class. To master everything. But they give you the materials so that you can learn them and continue to learn so you can learn even beyond the scope of the class.

3 months was totally worth it

User avatar
Ethan Mitchell graduated Devmountain
Devmountain Review: starstarstarstarstar
Created 4 years ago
I had been wanting to get into the web development field for a while and I heard many good things about DevMountain. I signed up and paid upfront. The instructors and mentors were very helpful and explained things in a way that I could understand. The exercises were fine tuned to help me remember what I was taught. Overall a great experience! If you don't put the time needed into this course, you will have a bad time. You need to stay on top of pre-class materials, finish all the homework on...
- Great mentors and teachers. They are usually available if you have a question or need clarification on something. - Course is outlined clearly and all homework and materials are online. No need for paper. - Graduate outcomes and success...
- The graduate outcomes and success department wasn't around til the next summer after I graduated, but I have been working with them since then and they have been very helpful in sorting out my resume, LinkedIn, organizing job fairs and...

I Love Devmountain

Devmountain Review: starstarstarstarstar
Created 4 years ago
Devmountain has a caring staff, a challenging course and the resources to help you succeed.
Adaptable (with COVID-19 situation). Staff is personable and willing to help.
Be prepared to learn how to learn. This goes for any bootcamp.

Devmountain Job Placement Rate and Outcomes

The Devmountain job placement rate for the web development program is an impressive 86.4 percent. In addition, Devmountain had an average graduation rate of 87 percent in 2021. This fact positions Devmountain as one of the coding bootcamps with the most impressive job placement rates.

Devmountain outcomes are particularly impressive because of the school’s emphasis on career services. Devmountain gets students jobs by helping them build great resumes, prepare for interviews, and network with potential employers. The Devmountain career services team also helps students reach career goals with one-on-one coaching, job negotiation training, and tips for properly utilizing resources such as LinkedIn.

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Career Paths
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Devmountain Courses and Curriculum

Devmountain courses cover topics such as software engineering, web development, software QA, user experience design, data analytics, and cyber security. Most of these courses can be either held remotely or in person at one of the school’s campuses. The good news is that you can access the same quality Devmountain curriculum regardless of whether you opt for in-person or remote learning.

Devmountain's curriculum is good for beginners, as the school aims to provide immersive and foundational knowledge in your chosen subject. You can also talk with the admissions team to find out which Devmountain courses would be best for you.

Devmountain courses are not free. However, all of Devmountain’s bootcamps are competitively priced. For example, the four-week Coding Basics course is just $49. On the other hand, full-time 16-week Devmountain courses cost $9,900, whether they are online or in person.

Web Development | Immersive


13 weeks




Full Time


40 Hours/week


In Person


Dallas, Phoenix, Lehi

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The Devmountain full-time Web Development class is the best immersive coding experience you can find. It's a world-class coding education. It's also a grind⁠—8 or 10 or 12 hour days of instruction, 1:1 mentoring, and work. You'll live, eat, sleep, and breathe code for 12 weeks. And when you're done, you'll be a different person. This class is great for those who are serious about learning to code. If you want to code as a career, this is the place to do it. There's no better place in the country for this price to get nearly two years worth of world-class education. Subjects: CSS, HTML, JavaScript, React, Node, SQL Course Offerings: - Housing at no extra cost for immersive students - In-person instruction and collaborative projects - Career support baked into immersive experience - Informative three-step application process

UX Design | Immersive


13 weeks




Full Time


40 Hours/week


In Person



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If you're a designer, product person, developer, or simply interested in taking a dive into UX design (user experience design), this class is for you. The Devmountain "Immersive" full-time UI/UX course makes the most of class time because we focus on less theory and more hands-on practice. You're probably already doing some UX whether you know it or not and this course will help you give structure to your innate thoughts through industry know how and structured design processes. Students go over design researching and prototyping as well as information architecture and visual design elements. This course is designed to help students make the most of user experience design in the modern world, preparing them for entry-level UX design positions. Subjects: UX, UI, Researching, Wireframing, Prototyping, Typography, Color Theory Course Offerings: - Housing at no extra cost for immersive students - In-person instruction and collaborative projects - Career support baked into immersive experience - Informative three-step application process

Explore Common Devmountain Questions

Devmountain Courses

Does Devmountain Offer Prep Courses?

Yes, there is a Devmountain prep course designed for those who have zero experience with coding. The Devmountain prep course, Coding Basics, prepares students with the most fundamental programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

This short-term and affordable introductory course will provide you with real-world challenges to help you develop core coding skills. Though Devmountain’s bootcamps are designed for beginners, the Coding Basics prep program is a great way to prepare for coding school.

What Courses Are Offered at Devmountain?

Devmountain offers courses in several tech subjects, including iOS development, QA testing, UX design, web development, data analytics, cyber security, and Python and Java software engineering. Among the Devmountain courses, the most popular is the web development program, which is available part-time and full-time. All Devmountain courses are taught by industry experts.

What Types of Programs Are Available at Devmountain?

Most Devmountain programs are offered remotely and in-person, as well as part-time and full-time. Currently, UX design, software QA, and coding basics are the only programs exclusively offered online and part-time. The online format offers a higher degree of flexibility for busy professionals, but these students still get the chance to interact with instructors and peers during class hours.

Does Devmountain Offer Free Courses?

No, Devmountain does not offer free courses. If you want to get an idea of what attending Devmountain is like without committing to a full bootcamp, you can enroll in the Coding Basics course for $49.

What Projects Do Devmountain Students Work On?

In the Web Development course, Devmountain students may be tasked with creating a website. On the other hand, students may focus more on optimizing a website in the UX Design program. It’ll all depend on the course you’re in and what you would like to build for your portfolio.

Regardless of the course they join, students will get to work on hands-on practical projects. For example, in the iOS Development program, students will go through the entire process of building an app for Apple devices.

Does Devmountain Offer Workshops?

No, there are no available Devountain workshops. However, there is a four-week Coding Basics program that is a great introduction for interested students who are not ready to commit to more immersive courses.

When it comes to bootcamps, Devmountain covers topics including web development, cyber security, UX design, iOS app development, and more. Within the course offers, Devmountain offers a comprehensive, well-rounded curriculum.

Devmountain Admissions Process

What Is the Devmountain Admission Process?

Devmountain’s application process consists of three steps: the online application, the phone consultation, and the skills assessment. It is the same for both full-time and part-time courses. Take a look at the following list to see the entire process in more detail.

  • The online application portion is a 30-minute process to let the school know you are interested in joining a particular course. You must also answer a couple of general questions about your background.
  • The second step is to attend the phone call consultation. Most coding bootcamps would have an interview at this point, and this consultation process is similar to that. However, the major difference is that the Devmountain interview is used to help clear your doubts about the program.
  • The last step is to pass an evaluation test. This allows the school to assess your skills in programming. Having some basic understanding of programming fundamentals will give the school an idea of your level of commitment to the program.

These steps can be followed remotely. It’s not necessary to go to the campus to apply for one of Devmountain’s courses. You also don’t need to worry about doing interview prep, as the Devmountain interview is used as a time for you to ask questions about the program.

How Do I Prepare for Devmountain?

To prepare for Devmountain, you can enroll in the coding basics part-time course. This will give you a basic understanding of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. However, coding experience is not required if you want to attend a Devmountain bootcamp. If you are concerned about keeping up with the course curriculum and don’t want to pay for the coding basics class, you can look into free online tutorials.

How Do I Apply to Devmountain?

You can apply to one of Devmountain’s programs via the school’s website. These are the exact steps you need to follow to complete your Devmountain application:

  1. Complete the short online application by providing general information about yourself.
  2. Attend the phone interview with a Devmountain admissions representative. This is your opportunity to ask questions and express concerns about joining a program.
  3. Take the evaluation test that will measure your current skills in the subject you would like to study. If you pass this assessment, you will be accepted, and you can decide how you want to pay the Devmountain cost of tuition before enrolling.

Thankfully, Devmountain is not hard to get into. Since the Devmountain application process is straightforward and simple, many applicants can successfully get into Devmountain. If you are unsure of which program is the best fit for you, Devmountain’s admissions team is happy to provide guidance.

What Devmountain Interview Questions Should I Expect?

Even though the Devmountain interview is more focused on your own doubts, you’ll also be asked questions about yourself, your interest in the school, and your career background. This will give Devmountain an idea of your profile as a candidate.

You do not need to prepare much for the Devmountain admissions interview because it is more of a consultation call, focused on your questions and concerns about the school. You can be as open as you want during this process and ask any questions you may have. This way, it’ll be easier for you to know whether the program you’ve chosen is right for you.

What Is Devmountain’s Acceptance Rate?

The Devmountain acceptance rate is not publicly shared at the moment. However, we do know that Devmountain does not accept everyone.

Students should show that they are committed and ready to enter an intensive program if they want to be accepted to a Devmountain program. In addition, students can ask the admissions department for guidance on which programs they should apply to.

How Do I Get Accepted Into Devmountain?

To get accepted into Devmountain, you just have to apply and show commitment to the program. You don’t need to be a programming expert or an experienced UX designer. However, it’s important to do some research before applying to a program to demonstrate that you are passionate about a particular subject you are trying to learn.

Though we don’t know the Devmountain acceptance rate, we know the school is looking for someone with excellent communication skills, commitment, and logical thinking. That’s why it’s crucial to demonstrate competencies throughout the entire application process. If you are looking for more information about how to get into Devmountain, you can contact an admissions representative on the school’s website.

Is Devmountain Hard to Get Into?

No, Devmountain is not hard to get into. Even though the school hasn’t shared its acceptance rate, we can see that Devmountain’s application process is simple. The school also doesn't require you to have previous experience with the subject.

Though it is not hard to get accepted into Devmountain, it is important to prepare yourself for the evaluation test and have the right mindset for the interview. This way, it’ll be easier for you to demonstrate that you have what it takes to succeed in the program.

Is Devmountain Worth It?

Devmountain is a good school if you are trying to learn software design and engineering, data analytics, cyber security, or web development. Devmountain bootcamps are good for students who want to develop their skills quickly while learning in an immersive, supportive environment. While some Devmountain reviews state that a bootcamp education wasn’t sufficient in helping students find a job in the real world, the vast majority of the reviews are positive.

Is Devmountain Accredited?

Like most bootcamps, Devmountain isn’t accredited. However, Devmountain’s certificate of completion is completely valid for your job search. As a student, you will have constant one-on-one communication with your teachers, so you can clarify any doubts. Devmountain’s courses are intensive, so you will get a thorough education. If you decide that a coding bootcamp is right for you, consider Devmountain.

Devmountain Payment Options

How Much Does Devmountain Cost?

All Devmountain full-time, 16-week bootcamps cost $9,900. In addition, the school has one bootcamp priced at $4,900, the 12-week Software QA program, and an introductory course for $49 entitled Coding Basics.

Devmountain’s prices are all the same for both in-person and online learning. However, the school usually provides housing at no cost if you want to attend an in-person program. To help students with the cost of tuition, Devmountain offers various scholarship opportunities.

How Can I Pay for Devmountain?

You can pay for Devmountain tuition with three different financial assistance and payment options. Devmountain payment options include:

  • Upfront payments
  • Loan financing
  • Scholarships

Devmountain will not limit you when it comes to choosing your lender. You can use any type of private loan provider. However, there are several lending partners that the school recommends. Although there is no Devmountain deferred tuition plan, students can take advantage of deferred loan options that are available through Devmountain’s lending partners.

If you are concerned about the Devmountain financing options or have any questions about how to pay for your Devmountain bootcamp, the admissions interview is a great opportunity to get more information. Applying for a scholarship is one option to lower the Devmountain cost of tuition.

Are There Any Devmountain Scholarships?

Yes, you can apply for a Devmountain scholarship. Devmountain offers three different non-transferrable scholarships worth $5,000 each. The first one is for underrepresented groups in the tech community. The second one is for outstanding candidates with excellent skills but who have faced adversities. The last scholarship is for people who feel trapped in a dead-end job.

You can get a scholarship for Devmountain by being at least 18 years old, qualifying for the target group of the scholarship, and filling out the application form online. Here is how to get a Dead-End Job Scholarship for Devmountain:

  • Fill out your personal details.
  • Answer questions about what makes your current job so terrible and what you have learned from the experience.
  • Submit your application.

This is how you can apply for the Adversity Scholarship for Devmountain:

  • Fill out your personal details.
  • Answer questions about adversity you have faced, how determination has helped you reach your goals, and what achievements you are most proud of.
  • Submit your application.

Below is how you can apply for the Bridge the Gap Scholarship for Devmountain programs:

  • Fill out your personal details.
  • Answer questions about diversity in tech and how you have brought diverse people together.
  • Submit your application.

The interesting thing about Devmountain’s scholarships is that candidates are anonymous to the judges. The reviewers won’t get to see their names, addresses, ages, or contact information. This makes the process fair and honest.

Does Devmountain Have a Refund Policy?

Yes, Devmontain does have a refund policy for deposits and tuition. However, the Devmountain refund policy for both deposits and tuition is dependent on which state you attend the program.

The bootcamp instructs prospective students to contact for more information about their policies. Devmountain does state, however, that the full amount of tuition is not refundable.

Does Devmountain Offer a Job Guarantee?

No, Devmountain doesn’t offer a job guarantee. However, it might not even be necessary considering its high employment rate and dedicated career services.

You will have access to internships, the school’s employer networking experience, and meetings with hiring partners. Therefore, you can be sure that you will receive the necessary career assistance to help you land a job after finishing the program. Devmountain offers a supportive environment to help students find their dream job.

Many alumni rave about their career opportunities in their Devmountain review. For example, one recent graduate states they learned enough to “build a couple of web apps and get an internship only a few months after graduating.” Another graduate writes “about three months after graduating, I was offered a full stack developer job.”

Devmountain Student Outcomes

How Much Do Devmountain Graduates Earn?

According to the bootcamp’s 2021 Outcomes Report, the average annual base salary of Devmountain’s graduates ranges from about $60,000 to $65,400 per year. However, since there are multiple courses and locations at Devmountain, we must consider the context when thinking about their average salary.

What Companies Hire Devmountain Graduates?

Devmountain does not indicate which companies hire graduates of its programs. However, with a high job placement rating and thousands of graduates, there are many companies that are willing to hire Devmountain graduates to launch their tech careers.

There’s a very low percentage of graduates who haven’t found a job in-field. Those graduates are still eligible for help from Devmountain’s career coaches to search for career opportunities in the job market.


Answers to commonly asked questions

How many students does this school have?

Devmountain has over 3602 students and graduates as of 2024. This number will only continue to grow as more and more students take advantage of the courses offered here.

What courses are offered at Devmountain?

Devmountain offers several courses in different tech subjects, including: Web Development | Immersive, UX Design | Immersive.

What types of programs are available at Devmountain?

Devmountain currently has Full-time and Part-time types of programs available to new students.

What financing options are offered by Devmountain?

This school offers a variety of different financing options, including: Upfront Payments, Loan Financing. With these payment methods, nearly anyone can attend Devmountain.

Where is Devmountain available?

Devmountain has multiple campuses in Atlanta, Dallas, Phoenix, Lehi. If you live in or near any of these cities, consider visiting to get an idea of the school's style and staff. A visit can help...

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