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Programs availableOnline, Full-time, Part-time
Financing optionsDeferred Tuition, Upfront Payments, Month-to-month Installments, Loan Financing

About Designlab

Our industry-leading online courses and programs connect you with experienced designers to unlock learning opportunities and help you launch and grow a career in digital design.

Designlab Reviews: Is Designlab Worth It?

Yes, Designlab reviews show it is worth it for aspiring UX designers. Designlab’s UX Academy review by Dominic Ong reports, “The mentorship that I got was amazing. The course is very hands-on and practical which helps build a good portfolio.” Many students also said Design 101 was an excellent design introduction course and they found enrolling in Designlab worth it.

Designlab bootcamp reviews show that students have learned all the essential skills they need to start a design career. Many students went on to become product designers with the help of Designlab’s job search services.



Job Assistance

Overall Experience

Interactive Design at Design Lab

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Camila Ortiz graduated Designlab
Designlab Review: starstarstarstarstar
Created 2 years ago
I learned so much, I would say is not the best for people with very tight schedules but as far as education is really good, they designate a mentor for you and you can rely on them and ask them about the industry, overall the interface of the course if extremely user friendly and the lectures a very smooth too read.
Easy to use Valuable assignments Reachable and engaging mentors Relatable lectures that help you understand concepts easily Affordable and worth the price Resources are good
Schedule for assignments is a bit tight so if you have a very demanding full time job is a little hard to finalize assignments on time. No certificate for this specific course

THE Best Bootcamp for UX Design in 2020

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Alex Zhang graduated Designlab
Designlab Review: starstarstarstarstar
Created 2 years ago
Within 8 months, I made a drastic career change from working in HR to becoming a full-time UX Designer for one of Houston's top design agencies that provides branding, strategy, web, print, AI, omni-channel, AR, VR, video, motion, SEM, SEO for enterprise clients. I had no design experience prior to becoming a Designlab student. So, my experience is just one of the many student success stories that are a testament to the effectiveness of their UX certification program. Why it's effective (from...
Why it's effective (from my personal experience): more affordable than other UX bootcamps, responsive and helpful community specialists, fast-paced curriculum that motivates you to create your own portfolio website, required group...
Some of the curriculum included outdated material.

Design Lab 101

Designlab Review: starstarstarstarstar
Created 2 years ago
Design Lab is great place to start if you’re interested in UX/UI designs. I took with design 101, and the course curriculum is simple, clear, and informational. I was assigned to a mentor over the 4 weeks course. The experience with my mentor is cool, she will give me lots of feedback and insight of my work. I would totally recommend people to take this course to start their design journey or career change.
Great curriculum Helpful mentor
The actually online bootcamp UX academy is a little over my budget. Otherwise I would take it right after design101.

Designlab Job Placement Rate and Outcomes

The exact Designlab job placement rate is not available. However, according to Designlab’s website, 1343 of its graduates have found work with highly reputable organizations with the help of mentorship from expert designers. Many graduates are career changers that have learned in-demand skills that have led to an increase in salary. Designlab career services are extensive.

All UX Academy students have access to multiple one-on-one mentoring sessions. These mentor meetings are the perfect time to polish your resume, work on a cover letter, practice for job interviews, and sharpen your networking skills. Your mentor will be an industry expert with real-world experience. Designlab does all it can to help you land a design job.

Hiring Companies
Career Paths
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Designlab Courses and Curriculum

Students without a design background who wish to enroll in the Designlab online UX Academy program begin by taking a short foundational course to pick up basic skills. Designlab also provides several four-week courses for students who wish to learn design fundamentals. Designlab courses are self-paced and beneficial for web developers, aspiring designers, and mobile app developers.

The Designlab bootcamp is not free. The total cost of the UX Academy program is $7,249. The shorter courses all cost $399. Designlab is good for beginners. If you aren’t an experienced designer, the Designlab prep course will help you learn all the design basics you need to keep up with the main design bootcamp.

UX Academy Foundations


8 weeks




Self Paced


10 Hours/week





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Looking to transition your career into the world of UX/UI design? Learning visual and UI design is a great place to start. Through our flexible, 4-8 week UX Academy Foundations course, you'll work 1-on-1 with an expert mentor to learn key visual design concepts and practical skills. Your mentor will give you written feedback on all your work and also meet with you for 8 personalized sessions to further discuss concepts, project work, and the UX/UI industry in general. By the end, you'll have completed a final design challenge which you can use in your application for UX Academy to showcase your newfound knowledge and skills. What's good to note is you'll receive a $500 credit on UX Academy tuition afterwards, so taking UX Academy Foundations is technically free!

UX Research & Strategy


4 weeks




Part Time


10 Hours/week





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In this 4-week online course, you'll master the art of understanding your user through learning the ins and outs of user centered research and design. This course is perfect for design beginners and those new to UX — you'll learn the basics of user-centered design, explore the core research techniques professionals use to gain customer insight, and get experience by working on hands-on projects to create deliverables like personas, storyboards, customer journey maps, and empathy maps. You'll have 4 weekly sessions with your mentor and receive additional written feedback from them on all your project pieces and assignments.

Designlab FAQs

How Much Is Designlab Cost and Tuition?

The Designlab tuition for the UX Academy bootcamp is $6,850 if you pay upfront. There is also a course deposit of $399, so the total Designlab price is $7,249. The Designlab bootcamp cost is reduced by $500 if you complete the foundational course first. Designlab’s short four-week courses all cost $399. Designlab does not offer any free courses.

What Is the Designlab Acceptance Rate?

The Designlab acceptance rate is not available publicly. Designlab online programs do have limited capacity, however, so Designlab cannot accept every student. Students with a passion for product design and a drive to succeed have the best chances of being accepted into the program.

How Can I Pay for Designlab?

You can pay the Designlab tuition for the UX Academy bootcamp with several payment options. If you sign up for the short courses, you will need to pay $399 upfront. There is no Designlab deferred tuition option. Designlab payment options include:

  • Upfront payment. If you take the foundational design course, you can pay the UX Academy tuition with an upfront payment of $7,249.
  • Monthly payments. Students also have the option of making monthly payments of $1,208. This adds up to a total of $7,649, including the $399 course deposit.
  • Climb Credit loan. Students can also create an interest-only payment plan from Climb Credit. The total cost for this payment method will vary for each student.
  • Scholarships. Designlab scholarships aim to help underrepresented communities in the tech field. Every month one student receives 50 percent tuition off and three students receive $1,000 off.

How Do I Apply to Designlab?

You can apply to Designlab by filling out an online application through the official website. Because it does not require any interviews or assessments, Designlab is not as difficult to get into as some other bootcamps. The steps of the Designlab applications process are listed below:

  1. The Designlab admissions team recommends interested students attend an open house webinar to learn more details about the program and ask any pressing questions.
  2. Design beginners should complete the UX Academy Foundations course. This takes four weeks if you study 20 hours per week.
  3. Complete the three-minute application on the Designlab website. If you did not take the foundational online program, you will need to include samples of your work so the team can assess your graphic design background.
  4. If the Designlab admissions team feels you will be a good fit for the program, they will let you know. You can then proceed to finalize your chosen payment option.

How Do I Get Accepted Into Designlab?

To get accepted into Designlab, you will need to include an example of your work in your application. If you have no background in design, you will have to take its foundational course to learn the basics before you apply. UX Academy is looking for students with a passion for design and strong creative thinking skills.

What Is the Designlab Admission Process?

The Designlab admission process starts with a foundational course to gain basic knowledge if you don’t have experience with design. To apply, you will need to fill out an application on the official website. After this, the team will contact you to let you know if they feel you would be a good fit.

What Designlab Interview Questions Should I Expect?

There is no Designlab interview during the admissions process. You do not need to prepare for any Designlab admissions interview questions. If you have any questions regarding the design coursework, payment options, or anything else, you can set up an informational chat with admissions.

Is Designlab Hard to Get Into?

No, according to the majority of Designlab reviews, Designlab is not difficult to get into. However, Designlab limits the number of students it allows into its courses, so you will want to make sure you put your best foot forward during the application process.

Does Designlab Offer Prep Courses?

Yes, Designlab does offer a prep course. The Designlab prep course is for students who wish to apply to its UX academy program. This course takes four to eight weeks to complete and helps students build introductory skills.

The prep program is not necessary if you already have relevant experience. However, the coursework is a great way to prepare for design school if you are concerned about keeping up with the curriculum.

Does Designlab Offer Workshops?

No, Designlab does not offer workshops. Though there are no Designlab workshops, the school does offer four shorter courses for students who don’t want to commit to the full bootcamp program. Designlab courses teach students all aspects of UX and UI design.

Are There Any Designlab Scholarships?

Yes, you can apply for a Designlab scholarship. The Diversity Design scholarship is awarded to students from underrepresented groups in tech. It is awarded to four students on a monthly basis.

You can get a scholarship for Designlab if you are a member of a historically disadvantaged group and are passionate about design. Here is how to get the Diversity Design scholarship for Designlab:

  1. Fill out an application with general information about yourself on the Designlab website.
  2. Answer several short written questions about why you are interested in the program and this scholarship.
  3. Create a short video explaining why you are a good candidate for the Designlab scholarship program.
  4. The Designlab team will review all applications and let you know of their decision.

Does Designlab Have a Refund Policy?

Yes, Designlab does have a refund policy for deposits and tuition. The Designlab refund policy states that you can receive a full refund for tuition and your deposit if you cancel enrollment within the first two weeks of the course. After two weeks, the deposit becomes non-refundable.

In addition, if you do not receive a job offer within six months of graduation, you may be eligible for a tuition refund. This is because of Designlab’s job guarantee for students in the UX Design bootcamp.

How Much Do Designlab Graduates Earn?

Designlab does not currently provide information about how much its graduates earn. However, ZipRecruiter reports that the average salary of a UX designer is $98,816, while the average salary of a UI designer is $98,780.

Does Designlab Offer a Job Guarantee?

Yes, Designlab does offer a job guarantee. If students don’t receive a job offer within six months of graduation from the UX Design bootcamp program, they may be eligible for tuition reimbursement.

What Companies Hire Designlab Graduates?

According to its website, graduates of Designlab can be found working at large tech companies like Samsung, Microsoft, PayPal, Facebook, Deloitte, Cisco, and Adidas. Working with an expert mentor helps Designlab students succeed in landing their dream job.

Is Designlab Accredited?

No, Designlab is not accredited. It does report on its website that it has helped students land over 7,900 job interviews since 2019. Of the students who use their newfound knowledge to work in the design field, 86 percent work in full-time positions.

Is Designlab Worth It?

Yes, Designlab is worth it if you want to gain the skills you need to get a job in web design. Based on several positive Designlab reviews, Designlab is worth the money if you are passionate about joining the field of UX design. Designlab is a good bootcamp that provides mentorship opportunities with industry professionals, portfolio-building projects, and in-demand skills.

The short courses offered by Designlab are worth it if you are looking to gain a more specific skill set in a short period of time. These courses are self-paced and you can fit them in around your busy schedule. They are also more affordable than the full bootcamp program.

Designlab Reviews: Is Designlab Legit?

Yes, Designlab is legit. Designlab reviews praise the school’s career services and comprehensive curriculum. According to LinkedIn, Designlab alumni work in companies like Microsoft, Accenture, and Deloitte. Though Designlab is not accredited, Designlab UX Design reviews show the school provides students everything they need to succeed.

You can put Designlab on your resume and stand out from the field of applicants while you’re job hunting. Designlab bootcamp reviews report that students learn the tools needed to build attractive online and mobile products through hands-on projects and one-on-one coaching from expert designers.

Is Designlab a Scam?

No, Designlab is certainly not a scam. Designlab is safe and hundreds of students have utilized the school to launch successful careers. Designlab graduates work at some of the largest tech companies in the world, such as Netflix, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. There is no Designlab scam. If you choose to enroll, you will receive all the content it promises.


Answers to commonly asked questions

How many students does this school have?

Designlab has over students and graduates as of 2024. This number will only continue to grow as more and more students take advantage of the courses offered here.

What courses are offered at Designlab?

Designlab offers several courses in different tech subjects, including: UX Academy Foundations, UX Research & Strategy.

What types of programs are available at Designlab?

Designlab currently has Online, Full-time and Part-time types of programs available to new students.

What financing options are offered by Designlab?

This school offers a variety of different financing options, including: Deferred Tuition, Upfront Payments, Month-to-month Installments, Loan Financing. With these payment methods, nearly anyone can attend Designlab.

Where is Designlab available?

Designlab is an online program. Check out its student reviews to figure out if its the right program for you.

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