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About DevLeague

DevLeague Reviews: Is DevLeague Worth It?

Yes, DevLeague is definitely worth it. DevLeague is one of the best coding bootcamps for tech professionals in Hawaii and offers advanced training, mentorship, and career services that prepare students for the job search. In DevLeague reviews, students commend the bootcamp’s immersive and extensive curriculum, which focuses on in-demand tech skills, such as full stack web development and coding.

In his DevLeague Cyber Security Professional review, former student Rick Baker states that “the team at DevLeague took me from no knowledge of cyber security to now holding multiple certifications in the field and pursuing more."

Most DevLeague reviews indicate that the bootcamp is worth it if you are ready for immersive learning and long study hours. For example, in his DevLeague bootcamp review, school graduate Mark Wuu says that “personally, I struggled a bit with how fast the material was being taught. However, there is no doubt that I learned a great deal while at the school, which helped me apply to developer jobs.”

All in all, if you are still wondering “is DevLeague worth it?”, know that the school has a strong reputation backed up by very positive reviews from students. DevLeague covers in-demand programming languages, particularly JavaScript (Full Stack JavaScript bootcamp) and Python (Cyber Security Professional bootcamp), so you will definitely learn how to code at this school.



Job Assistance

Overall Experience

My experience with the 'JavaScript Web Engineer Course' part time.

DevLeague Review: starstarstarstarstar
Created 3 years ago
Overall, I had a great experience at DevLeague. My instructors were great and eager to help students learn. Personally, I struggled a bit with how fast the material was being taught. However, there is no doubt that I learned a great deal while at the school, which helped me apply to developer jobs.
I believe learning is best when it is done with your peers. DevLeague excelled at pushing their students to work with others. The group projects helped mimic what developers do on the actual job.
In my opinion, there are many different learning and teaching styles. A downside is that you do not get placed with the best instructor that fits your needs as a student. Another downside is the rate of learning new technologies. It can...

Prep course experience

User avatar
Ana Caroline Colombo graduated DevLeague
DevLeague Review: starstarstarstarstar
Created 3 years ago
When I did the prep course, I knew only basics concepts of python. During the course we had an intensive hands on experience with the basics of coding, GitHub, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. It was a great start for starting the transition to a tech job. Unfortunately, l couldn’t continue it but I had friends that did and they got jobs in the field. Overall, great program with excellent material and teachers. Ps: I saw that they did a partnership with Kingsland University and they have now online...
Friendly staff and great hands on material.
Very intense curriculum and a bit expensive. However, they do offer scholarships.

The Devleague Experience

User avatar
Rick Baker graduated DevLeague
DevLeague Review: starstarstarstarstar
Created 4 years ago
What can I say about this program? The team at Devleague took me from no knowledge of cyber security security to now holding multiple certification in the field and pursuing more. I never expected the kind of support that I received from everyone involved. Even now, after graduating a few months ago, I am still in contact with and have daily conversations with not only other grads but the instructors as well. I am still receiving guidance and knowledge at the same level as I received during the...
- Great team and support. - Extensive knowledge of various topics. - Nearly 100% percent hands-on experience - Preparation for multiple professional and industry exams.
- Fast Paced and complex - Saturdays were very long hours (but necessary). - Not enough fridge space (the crew would know what I mean).

DevLeague Job Placement Rate and Outcomes

We can’t give you the official DevLeague job placement rate as the school does not publicize these statistics. What we cant tell you is that this school has produced over 300 graduates since its inception. These graduates have the skills to land entry-level positions and advance to high-ranking positions quickly. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), information security analysts have a particularly strong job outlook of 33 percent.

DevLeague prides itself on its strong mentorship. Thanks to the DevLeague career services, students are able to craft the perfect resume and attain the soft skills needed to land high-paying jobs.

The bootcamp strives to create partnerships with several companies through the Employer Partner Program. Reputable tech companies like Google, Microsoft, DataHouse, Goma Games, Atlantic57, and SYNCADD recruit DevLeague graduates for entry-level jobs. Taking all this into account, it is indeed very likely that attending a DevLeague bootcamp will lead to a job.

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Career Paths
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DevLeague Courses and Curriculum

DevLeague courses use an intense curriculum that features fundamental tech skills to prepare students for tech careers upon graduation. The bootcamp offers two primary programs, one for aspiring software engineers and one for cyber security specialists. Both programs consist of on-site learning as well as DevLeague online coursework.

DevLeague courses aren’t free. The DevLeague bootcamp on full stack development costs $12,500, while the program on cyber security will set you back $14,500. DevLeague is an excellent option for beginners because its bootcamps involve a one-month prep course to ready students for the program.

Full Stack Javascript Part Time Session


30 Weeks




Full Time




In Person



Show more info

Part-Time 30 week course Start: Jun 3, 2019 End: Dec 28, 2019 This 30 week program is designed for individuals that are looking to make a career switch into software engineering but can't quit their day jobs just yet. Students will: 1) Learn a thorough understanding of the various components, protocols, tools and technologies that make up the current web application landscape. 2) Build extensive experience in front-end development including multiple JavaScript frameworks, as well as a thorough understanding of HTML5/CSS3 capabilities. 3) Have a personal GitHub portfolio of functional working applications to showcase their work and acquired skills and progression over the duration of the course. 4) Be prepared for topics and methods utilized in industry tech interview standard processes. 5) Learn to be comfortable working in a team collaboration environment for both effectively communicating ideas and working with group members towards defined goals using industry practices, procedures and tools. 6) Be well versed in best practices and procedures for writing quality web application software in a number of environments and languages common in current web development environments.

Cyber Security Professional


34 Weeks




Part Time




In Person



Show more info

Part-time 34 Week course Start: May 13, 2019 End: Dec 28, 2019 The Cyber Security Professional course is an immersive and accelerated training program with a focus on creating the next generation of cyber security professionals with core competencies in the following areas: 1) Critical Thinking and Application in the realm of cybersecurity 2) Structured Analytical Techniques in the realm of cybersecurity 3) Network, Operating System, and Application attack vectors and countermeasures Our curriculum has been designed and vetted from professional experience across the highest levels of national security organizations and is compliant with the NICE.

DevLeague FAQs

How Much Is DevLeague Tuition and Cost?

A DevLeague bootcamp costs $12,500 for the Full Stack JavaScript program and $14,500 for a cyber security course. While the DevLeague price tag is not small, the school features multiple payment options to finance the DevLeague bootcamp cost. DevLeague is not free, but it does organize free events such as hackathons and coding challenges.

What Is the DevLeague Acceptance Rate?

Unfortunately, the DevLeague acceptance rate is not publicly available, as the school doesn’t disclose this information. However, each course accommodates a maximum of 20 students. This low number ensures a suitable student-to-instructor ratio for productivity.

How Can I Pay for DevLeague?

You can pay for DevLeague tuition with several payment options and financial assistance. DevLeague payment options include loans, GI Bill benefits, and scholarships. However, you must pay a non-refundable $1,000 deposit to reserve your seat. DevLeague does not offer any kind of deferred tuition plan.

Below is an overview of how each funding option works:

1. Upfront payment: Students pay the entire tuition at the beginning of the course. You can pay this with the reservation fee or before you start classes.

2. Loan financing: DevLeague works with Ascent and TADS to provide loans for all interested students.

  • Ascent: Ascent covers anywhere between $2,000 to the full amount of your tuition and living expenses in Hawaii. Ascent deposits the money directly to the DevLeague account. Ascent has flexible repayment plans from interest-only repayment to deferred payments.
  • TADS: TADS by Community Brands pays the total tuition amount. TADS pays the tuition fee in installments within a five-month payment plan. DevLeague representatives work with students to set up a TADS account where the loan is deposited. Upon graduation, you will set up a repayment plan with TADS, which happens via direct transfer from your checking account or credit card.

3. Scholarships: DevLeague partners with Kingsland University to provide $1 million of scholarship money for 400 students. That means there’s a $2,500 scholarship for every student who applies for a scholarship. The school offers several other scholarships such as the Elevate Scholarship and the Diversity Scholarship.

4. GI Bill: DevLeague allows veterans and dependents to utilize GI Bill educational benefits to pay for their tuition. Depending on the VA benefits, you can either pay part of the cost or the full tuition. Notify the DevLeague admission team of your funding option, and they will help you set up your payment plan.

How Do I Apply to DevLeague?

The DevLeague application process is simple. However, getting into DevLeague can be hard as it only takes about 20 students per course. A DevLeague bootcamp employs rolling start dates, so you can apply anytime you want.

The steps to apply to the school are as follow:

  1. Visit its official website and fill out an application. During the application, you will be asked to provide basic information such as your name, email, and phone number. Once you provide that information, you will receive more information about the school, its programs, and how to continue with your application.
  2. Have an interview with a DevLeague admissions representative. All applicants must sit for an interview. During their DevLeague interview, students have to answer questions about their tech experience and qualifications.
  3. Take a coding challenge. If you pass the interview, you will be asked to complete a coding challenge to determine your technical skills.
  4. Pay the deposit. Passing the coding challenge means you are now eligible to join the school. First, however, you must pay a non-refundable fee of $1,000 to secure your place. Finally, you will need to choose a suiting financing option and pay your tuition before the start of classes.

How Do I Get Accepted Into DevLeague?

To get accepted into DevLeague programs, you must submit an application, participate in an interview, and showcase your technical skills in a coding challenge. In addition, you must be motivated and ready to devote your time to immersive learning. The curriculum is intense and requires dedicated students.

The DevLeague admissions process is open to everyone. Some DevLeague students possess computer science degrees, while others don’t have a coding background. The most important prerequisite to getting accepted into a DevLeague bootcamp is a passion for learning tech skills because the courses can be demanding.

What Is the DevLeague Admission Process?

The DevLeague admissions process consists of several steps. First, you must fill out an application form with your basic information on its official website. A DevLeague admissions representative will reach out to set an interview date. Successful applicants will then complete a coding challenge to determine their technical skills.

If you succeed in the coding challenge, you will be eligible to join DevLeague. You must pay a non-refundable fee of $1,000 to secure your placement. Select a favorable financing option and pay your tuition before classes commence.

What DevLeague Interview Questions Should I Expect?

You should expect to be asked about your tech background and any qualifications you hold in your DevLeague interview. To prepare for a DevLeague interview, make sure to practice questions about your career goals and why you are passionate about a career in technology. All students must sit for an interview before being accepted.

Is DevLeague Hard to Get Into?

Yes, DevLeague can be challenging to get into. Although the school doesn’t provide accurate figures for the acceptance rate, it only admits 20 students per course. A DevLeague bootcamp employs rolling start dates, which means you can keep applying all year round.

Does DevLeague Offer Prep Courses?

Yes, DevLeague does offer prep courses. DevLeague prep courses are included as part of the bootcamp program. Both the Full Stack JavaScript and the Cyber Security Professional bootcamps involve a prep course to impart the knowledge that the student needs to begin the main program. This prep program lasts for one month.

The best way to prepare for this coding school is to attend a DevLeague prep course. However, you can also take advantage of the myriad of resources out there that teach coding, such as the best online coding classes for beginners.

Does DevLeague Offer Workshops?

Yes, DevLeague does offer workshops. DevLeague workshops include hackathons and coding challenges. Some DevLeague workshops, such as its hackathons, are free.

Are There Any DevLeague Scholarships?

Yes, you can apply for a DevLeague scholarship. DevLeague scholarships aim to increase diversity in tech, give back to the community, and help students of all economic backgrounds kickstart a tech career.

DevLeague is powered by Kingsland University, who provides $1 million in scholarships to up to 400 students. You can get a Kingsland University scholarship by applying early. All students that apply will receive a scholarship until the fund has been exhausted.

DevLeague also offers the Elevate Scholarship Fund, providing $10,000 per cohort. Twenty-five percent of funds are allocated to outstanding women coders in the form of the Female Hacker Scholarship. DevLeague also awards the Diversity Scholarship, with recipients receiving a $1,000 contribution toward their DevLeague tuition costs.

Students must submit their applications for both the DevLeague Elevate Scholarship and the DevLeague Diversity Scholarship within a month of the course start date. The winners will be announced two weeks before the start date. The amount awarded per cohort is contingent on the volume of submitted applications and is decided by the DevLeague Awards committee.

Here’s how to get any of the DevLeague scholarships mentioned above:

  • Go to the school’s official site.
  • Click on the tab “Funding” on the navigation bar and then on “Scholarships & Loans”. This page will show you a selection of the scholarships available at the moment.
  • Find a scholarship that suits your needs and click on “Apply Now”. You will be asked to fill out a short form with your personal details.
  • Once you submit the form, a DevLeague representative will reach out to you with the DevLeague application details.

Does DevLeague Have a Refund Policy?

Yes, DevLeague has a refund policy for tuition. According to the DevLeague refund policy, if a student leaves the bootcamp during the first week, they receive a refund equal to the paid tuition minus the deposit.

The DevLeague refund policy also stipulates that If the student leaves the program after the first week, the school may offer, although it is not obliged to, a prorated or partially prorated reimbursement. After four weeks, no refunds are offered.

The school requires a $1,000 deposit upon acceptance to DevLeague programs. This is a non-refundable deposit.

How Much Do DevLeague Graduates Earn?

DevLeague doesn’t provide clear statistics on graduate earnings. However, the curriculum prepares students for well-paying entry-level jobs in the tech industry. For example, an entry-level software developer in Hawaii earns a median wage of $68,314 per year. According to BLS, the average salary of a software developer is $110,140.

Does DevLeague Offer a Job Guarantee?

No, DevLeague doesn’t offer a job guarantee. However, the bootcamp has created a solid employer network to ensure these companies prioritize DevLeague graduates. Some companies include Google, Altres, TEK Systems, Microsoft, CGI, Contix, Paubox, LiveAction, Sudokrwe, Packa, and PLEX.

What Companies Hire DevLeague Graduates?

DevLeague graduates are hired by many high-ranking companies. Some examples of these companies include Microsoft, Hawaii Pacific Health, Aloha, Anthology, Goma Games, SkyCatch, Fresher, LinkedIn, and Stanford University.

Is DevLeague Accredited?

Yes, DevLeague is an accredited bootcamp. DevLeague’s partnership with Kingsland University brings accreditation for all courses.

Is DevLeague Worth it?

Yes, DevLeague is worth it if you live in Hawaii and are looking to become a software engineer or cyber security professional. DevLeague is one of the best coding bootcamps in Hawaii, and Career Karma rated it as one of the best Honolulu bootcamps of 2021.

DevLeague bootcamp programs use a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on software engineering and cyber security fundamentals. The bootcamp provides a certification that will help you stand out in your job search. If you are looking to break into the software engineering or cyber security scene, DevLeague programs are worth it.

DevLeague Review: Is DevLeague Legit?

Yes, DevLeague is legit. This school, located deep in the heart of Honolulu, is a well-established bootcamp focusing on software engineering and cyber security. DevSchool has graduated over 300 graduates since 2013, many of who have gone on to start successful careers at some of the most prominent tech companies in the world.

DevLeague reviews and student testimonials prove that it is a legit bootcamp. For example, a DevLeague prep course review points out that “overall, it was a great program with excellent material and teachers.” Another DevLeague bootcamp review says that “being a part of this team has been a life-changing experience and continues to do so.”

DevLeague programs are accredited via the school’s partnership with Kingsland University. In addition, the school receives sponsorship from reputable organizations like DigitalOcean, Frontend Masters, and Data Camp.

DevLeague programs last approximately 16 to 34 weeks and are available for full-time or part-time students. Upon graduation, students receive a certification that they can proudly display in their resumes.

Is DevLeague a Scam?

No, DevLeague is most certainly not a scam. This is a respected bootcamp backed by Kingsland University, its consulting partner. DevLeague is a safe option if your goal is to become a software engineer, software developer, or cyber security expert. The school pairs an intense and well-balanced curriculum with strong mentorship and a solid employer network.


Answers to commonly asked questions

How many students does this school have?

DevLeague has over 213 students and graduates as of 2024. This number will only continue to grow as more and more students take advantage of the courses offered here.

What courses are offered at DevLeague?

DevLeague offers several courses in different tech subjects, including: Full Stack Javascript Part Time Session, Cyber Security Professional.

What types of programs are available at DevLeague?

DevLeague currently has Full-time types of programs available to new students.

What financing options are offered by DevLeague?

This school offers a variety of different financing options, including: Upfront Payments, Loan Financing. With these payment methods, nearly anyone can attend DevLeague.

Where is DevLeague available?

DevLeague has one campus located in Honolulu. If you live in or near Honolulu, consider visiting to get an idea of DevLeague’s style and staff. A campus visit can help...

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