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About Ironhack

Ironhack Reviews: Is Ironhack Worth It?

Yes, Ironhack is worth it if you want to become a data analyst, web developer, or a UX/UI designer. Ironhack bootcamp reviews mention that the programs are well organized, offer high-quality learning, and have highly-skilled instructors. Ironhack reviews say the support system and career services provided by Ironhack are also top-class. One Ironhack Data Analytics Bootcamp review mentions the active alumni network available to graduates.

With graduates working for tech companies like Google, Visa, Twitter, and BBC, you will learn to code with Ironhack. Graduates will be proficient in subjects like UX/UI design, operating systems, Python, SQL, and JavaScript.



Job Assistance

Overall Experience

Great experience

Ironhack Review: starstarstarstarstar
Created 3 years ago
One of the best studying experiences I’ve ever had. Learning to code from scratch. In a few months I was able to build great web apps.
Huge amount of new knowledge in a short time. Great teammate environment.
Requires big effort. COVID force it to be remote

Full learning experience

User avatar
Eloy Gomez-Caro Moreno student at Ironhack
Ironhack Review: starstarstarstarstar
Created 3 years ago
All aspects, from the study material, the support and teaching skills of the teachers, to the group dynamics and the realization of the projects, are well covered.
Undoubtedly, the presentation of module projects and seeing how you have managed to learn content and put it into practice.
Because of the COVID, classes are taken online and couldn't enjoy the full experience.

The best experience

User avatar
Yukari Guenka Yshida graduated Ironhack
Ironhack Review: starstarstarstarstar
Created 4 years ago
I entered the course without knowing anything but in the end I learned a lot about programming !
Teacher and TA's (Teacher's Assistantis)very thoughtful and prepared.
Nothing to show

Ironhack Job Placement Rate and Outcomes

The Ironhack job placement rate is not available to the public. However, Careerahack, the Ironhack career services program, is a standalone course that helps students find their dream job in tech. Ironhack also offers individual support from their coaches. Careerhack is available before, during, and after Ironhack bootcamp programs.

Ironhack career services help students work on their personal brand, identify their job goals, build their profile, learn networking skills, participate in a full job hunting drill, and connect students with hiring partners where they will jump straight to the interview stage. Ironhack currently has over 600 hiring partners so not only will you have an abundance of opportunities to find work, but you will find a job that is best suited to your skills and career goals.

Hiring Companies
Career Paths
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Ironhack Courses and Curriculum

Ironhack school courses help students gain the skills they need for tech careers such as web developer, data analyst, and UX/UI designer. Ironhack bootcamp programs include pre-work to help students get up to speed on basic skills. Ironhack online courses provide students with flexible learning opportunities.

Ironhack courses range between $7,500 and $12,500. While they don’t offer any free bootcamp courses, there is a free JavaScript course available for prospective students to build a small coding project and find out if a career as a developer is right for them. Some courses, like the UX/UI design bootcamp, are aimed at beginners with no previous design or technical experience.

Data Analytics Bootcamp (Online)






Full Time


40 Hours/week





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This course enables students to become a Full Fledged Data Analyst in 9 weeks. Students will develop practical skills useful in the data industry. Ramp-up pre-work and learn intermediate topics of data analytics using Pandas and data engineering to create a data application using real datasets. You'll also learn to use Python and Business Intelligence. Through the bootcamp you will learn by doing projects combining data analytics and programming. Ironhack's Data Analytics Bootcamp is meant to help you secure a spot in the data industry. However, the most important skill that students will take away from this course is the ability to learn. Technology is fast-moving and ever-changing.

Cybersecurity bootcamp (online)


12 weeks




Self Paced







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The Ironhack Cybersecurity Bootcamp covers the hands-on and practical skills necessary for Bootcampers to land high-paying careers in cybersecurity, one of the world’s fastest growing industries. The bootcamp is an accelerated cybersecurity training program designed to successfully prepare people with little or no background in IT for entry level jobs in cybersecurity, a highly in-demand and lucrative career path. The Bootcamp is delivered in a blended format at a Cybint Certified Center with both on campus learning and online self-paced activities.

Ironhack FAQs

What Is the Ironhack Cost and Tuition?

Ironhack tuition ranges from $7,500 for cyber security and data analytics to $13,000 for web development and UX/UI design. Ironhack bootcamp cost depends on the program, format, and location of the program. Ironhack prices are generally cheaper for full-time programs than part-time programs.

Ironhack is not free, but they do offer a free short course on JavaScript. This course will teach you the basics of JavaScript and allow you to build a small project to find out if web development is for you.

What Is Ironhack’s Acceptance Rate?

Unfortunately, the Ironhack acceptance rate is not available publicly. However, you can increase your chances of getting in by making sure you are ready for the personal interview and technical assessment. You will want to show that you are passionate about learning to code.

Ironhack accepts everyone. While you must have passion and drive, you do not need previous experience in your chosen field. It doesn’t matter what your background is, you will be welcome at Ironhack. Over 10,000 students from more than 70 nationalities across ten worldwide campuses have graduated from Ironhack.

How Can I Pay for Ironhack?

You can pay for Ironhack tuition with several payment options and financing options. Ironhack payment options include:

  • Income share agreement (ISA). You pay nothing upfront. Instead, you pay back Ironack tuition in fixed installments after you finish the program and you are earning over €18,000 (approx $20,000) a year.
  • Ironhack deferred tuition. This is only available for Barcelona, Lisbon, Madrid, and Remote campuses. You pay 15 percent upfront and then you pay the remainder of the tuition when you find a job or eight months after graduation.
  • Bank loans. You may qualify for a bank loan to cover your Ironhack fees. Terms and rates of payment will be determined by the bank.
  • Scholarships. Ironhack programs may have scholarship options available. Depending on the type of scholarship offered it might cover the entire tuition or a part of it.

How Do I Apply to Ironhack?

The Ironhack admission process is simple and straightforward. Steps to apply for Ironhack are:

  1. Apply to Ironhack through the online form.
  2. Choose your desired program and then the campus you want to attend. Select the remote option for Ironhack online programs.
  3. Ironhack admissions will contact you with an interview time and date.
  4. You will also have to complete a technical assessment.

Ironhack is not hard to get into. Financing is available for every program and you don’t need a technical background to apply. Ironhack career services will help you find employment when you graduate. Furthermore, Ironhack programs are flexible, offering part-time, full-time, and online courses.

How Do I Get Accepted Into Ironhack?

You can boost your chances of getting accepted into Ironhack by ensuring your online application is 100 percent complete and practicing for your interview and technical assessment. The interview comprises behavioral questions. You’ll share your career goals and determination to learn.

What Is the Ironhack Admission Process?

The Ironhack admissions process involves several steps. First, you will need to select your program and location. Fill out the online form, and someone from the Ironhack team will contact you to schedule an interview. Next, you will have to complete the technical assessment. Ironhack will inform you if you have been accepted, and you can select your payment method.

What Ironhack Interview Questions Should I Expect?

The Ironhack interview process involves a behavioral interview followed by a technical online test. During the Ironhack interview, you can expect to be asked about your career goals, technical background, and what program you are interested in joining. They will want to ensure that you are dedicated to learning and have what it takes to succeed in tech.

The Ironhack interview is a vital part of the admissions process. It assesses your desire to become a developer as well as your technical skill level. You must prepare for the Ironhack interview. The interview takes 30 minutes. The technical test takes about 60 minutes to complete.

Is Ironhack Hard to Get Into?

Yes, Ironhack can be hard to get into. While the admissions process is straightforward, it does require students to pass a technical assessment. You can increase your chances of acceptance by completing your online application form and preparing for your interview and technical assessment.

Does Ironhack Offer Prep Courses?

No, Ironhack does not offer prep courses. However, while there are no Ironhack prep courses, there are mandatory pre-work classes for each program. This pre-work is available to you as soon as you enroll in an Ironhack course. For the cyber security bootcamp you will be given access 20 days before the course starts. Pre-work ranges from 20 to 60 hours.

These pre-work modules are an ideal way to prepare for coding school. They are aimed at students who are new to bootcamps and who have no previous experience in the tech industry. If you enroll in Ironhack online programs make sure you have a stable internet connection and a working computer.

Does Ironhack Offer Workshops?

Yes, Ironhack does offer a workshop. This free JavaScript workshop will help students learn by doing. Students will use Ironhack’s code to build a small project. You will learn about basic JavaScript concepts such as variables and loops. The course is self-guided and instructor-led, and is aimed at people who have never coded before.

Ironhack workshops can be found here:

Are There Any Ironhack Scholarships?

Yes, you can apply for an Ironhack scholarship. Ironhack aims to increase diversity in the tech industry. They strive for everyone to have a chance to enroll in an Ironhack bootcamp, regardless of their background or financial situation.

You can get a scholarship for Ironack if you are a female student. Here’s how to get the Ironhack Women in Tech Scholarship:

  • Fill out an online application form.
  • During your personal interview, tell the admissions manager you are interested in the women in tech discount.
  • You will receive a 10 percent discount on your Ironhack tuition.

You can get a scholarship for Ironack if you are based in the Tampa region. Here’s how to get the Tampa Hybrid Scholarship:

  • Fill out the Tampa Hybrid application form.
  • Receive a 20 percent discount.
  • Discounts are offered on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • Apply by March 10th.

You can get a scholarship for Ironack if you enroll in Ironhack Tampa and live in the Tampa-St.Petersburg metro-region. Here’s how to get the Climb Credit x Ironhack Scholarship:

You can get a scholarship for Ironack if you are a member of Women Who Code. Here’s how to get the Women Who Code Scholarship:

Your Women Who Code registration number is required.

Does Ironhack Have a Refund Policy?

No, Ironhack does not have a refund policy for place reservations. However, exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis. The place reservation fee varies for each campus. In Europe, the reservation fee is €750 (approx $827). In Mexico, it’s 9,000 Mexican Pesos (approx $427). The Latam remote program is $400 and for the Miami programs it’s $500.

The Ironhack refund policy is strict, however, certain campuses offer ISA payment options where you pay nothing upfront or Ironhack deferred payment plans where you pay 15 percent up-front. The remainder of the Ironhack fees are paid when a graduate earns a certain amount of money or a certain amount of time has passed.

How Much Do Ironhack Graduates Earn?

Ironhack doesn’t disclose how much its graduates earn. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average salary of a web developer is $77,200, while the average salary of a data analyst is $86,200.

Does Ironhack Offer a Job Guarantee?

No, Ironhack doesn’t offer job guarantees. Its coding bootcamps will help you find a job through Ironhack career services, but it doesn’t guarantee that you will land a job after graduation. The experience and skills you gain from Ironhack provide an impressive touch to your resume.

What Companies Hire Ironhack Graduates?

Ironhack graduates have found work at Google, Twitter, Indeed, Mango, Cabify, and Accenture. Ironhack also helps its students find jobs with companies like OfficeDepot, TransUnion, Amadeus, and Delivery Hero. Ironhack has partnerships with these companies to help students secure a job after graduation.

Is Ironhack Accredited?

No, Ironhack isn’t accredited at this time.

Is Ironhack Worth It?

Yes, Ironhack is with it if you want to start a career as a software engineer, data scientist, or UX/UI designer. You have many learning formats to choose from, and Ironhack is accessible to students across the globe. It also provides career services, financial aid solutions, and dedicated professors to enhance your learning experience.

Ironhack is good for students that want to break into the tech industry. Ironhack career services allow you to connect with hundreds of companies such as Google, Twitter, and Visa. The cost of Ironhack programs varies and Ironhack payment options are available, but it is certainly worth the money.

Ironhack Reviews: Is Ironhack Legit?

Yes, Ironhack is legit. Ironhack reviews average at about 4.9 out of 5 and they have won multiple best bootcamp awards. One Ironhack web development review details the journey of Josh Alexy, a graduate of Ironhack Miami, from a restaurant manager to a successful freelance web developer. This Ironhack bootcamp review shows that Ironhack is legit and in just eight weeks anyone can retrain as a developer

Ironhack has graduated nearly 10,000 people since 2013. Their students work at companies like Accenture, Amazon, and Glovo. Therefore, Ironhack is an excellent school to put on your resume. While Ironhack is not accredited, it is licensed by the Florida Department of Education.

Is Ironhack a Scam?

No, Ironhack is most definitely not a scam. Ironhack is a partner of Career Karma, which means it has been fully vetted. Furthermore, Ironhack is licensed by the Florida Department of Education and has won multiple best bootcamp awards.

With an abundance of reviews and nearly 10,000 graduates, Ironhack is a legitimate and safe school. The numerous testimonials further prove that Ironhack is not a scam and students will get what is promised by Ironhack.


Answers to commonly asked questions

How many students does this school have?

Ironhack has over 12310 students and graduates as of 2024. This number will only continue to grow as more and more students take advantage of the courses offered here.

What courses are offered at Ironhack?

Ironhack offers several courses in different tech subjects, including: Data Analytics Bootcamp (Online), Cybersecurity bootcamp (online).

What types of programs are available at Ironhack?

Ironhack currently has Full-time and Part-time types of programs available to new students.

What financing options are offered by Ironhack?

This school offers a variety of different financing options, including: Upfront Payments, Loan Financing. With these payment methods, nearly anyone can attend Ironhack.

Where is Ironhack available?

Ironhack has multiple campuses in New York City, Miami, Tampa, London, Lisbon, Madrid, Mexico City, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, São Paulo. If you live in or near any of these cities, consider visiting to...

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