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About Lighthouse Labs

Lighthouse Labs is a Canadian education company that offers full-time web development and data science programs and part-time intro coding and data analytics courses. The 12-week full-time Web Development course, 12-week full-time Data Science course, and 30-week Web Development Flex course combine a mentor community of 80+ full-time professionals with an agile curriculum that emphasizes hands-on experience.

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Answers to commonly asked questions

Which companies hire Lighthouse Labs graduates?

There are graduates from Lighthouse Labs working at a number of tech companies. This list includes companies like Shopify, Scotiabank, Unbounce

How many students does this school have?

Lighthouse Labs has over 2042 students and graduates as of 2021. This number will only continue to grow as more and more students take advantage of the courses offered here.

What courses are offered at Lighthouse Labs?

Lighthouse Labs offers several courses in different tech subjects, including: Intro to Front-End with JavaScript, Intro to Web Development, Web Development Bootcamp, Intro to Data Analytics, Intro to Web Development.

What types of programs are available at Lighthouse Labs?

Lighthouse Labs currently has Online, Full-time and Part-time types of programs available to new students.

What financing options are offered by Lighthouse Labs?

This school offers a variety of different financing options, including: Upfront Payments, Loan Financing. With these payment methods, nearly anyone can attend Lighthouse Labs.

Where is Lighthouse Labs available?

Lighthouse Labs has multiple campuses in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary. If you live in or near any of these cities, consider visiting to get an idea of the school's style...

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