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About Make School

Make School offers a two-year bachelor’s degree program in computer science in San Francisco, as well as free online courses in iOS development. Partner companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Y Combinator are invited to attend their hackathons, workshops and demo days and will have the opportunity to hire students as interns and full-time graduates.

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Make School FAQs

How Do I Apply to Make School?

Students don’t have to go through a formal application process since all the courses offered by Make School are free. They can simply go to the school’s website, choose a course, and start learning.

What Is Make School’s Acceptance Rate?

Make School does not publish its acceptance rate. The programs, however, are easy to get into, and Make School reviews speak highly of them. The Make School acceptance rate is generally high.

How Do I Get Accepted into Make School?

There are no requirements to access the free tutorials and courses offered by Make School. Just choose a course and start learning.

How Much Is the Make School Cost and Tuition?

Make School’s tutorials and Intro to CS are free. With Applied Computer Science, things get a bit more tricky. The program has been transferred to Dominican University of California, where tuition depends on the program and the number of units you are enrolled in. The average cost for a bachelor’s degree at the university, not taking additional fees into consideration, is $47,190.

How Can I Pay for Make School?

Make School students that are continuing the Applied Computer Science program at Dominican University of California are eligible for transitional grants that will bring their tuition down to $15,000 for the fall and spring of 2022 and $10,000 for the summer of 2022. A further $1,000 is deducted if students attend the program fully online.

What Is the Make School Admission Process?

Make School does not have a formal admission process anymore since it only offers free courses and tutorials. You can simply go to the school’s website, choose a course, and begin learning.

What Make School Interview Questions Should I Expect?

Make School does not have a formal admission process or interviews.

What Companies Hire Make School Graduates?

Graduates from Make School’s Applied Computer Science program have landed jobs in leading companies like Google, NASA, Twitch, Apple, Tesla, LinkedIn, BlackRock, and Amazon. However, the school does not offer this program anymore. Its offer is now limited to free tutorials and courses.

How Much Do Make School Graduates Earn?

Graduates from Make School’s Applied Computer Science program earn an average salary of $100,300 per year. However, the school does not offer this program anymore.

Is Make School Hard to Get Into?

Getting into Make School is not hard. There are no requirements to take any of its online tutorials and courses online. Just go to its site, choose a class, and start learning.

Are There Any Make School Scholarships?

Make School does not offer any scholarships.

Is Make School Accredited?

No, it is not. Make School was working toward becoming independently accredited. However, it recently announced that it has ceased pursuing independent accreditation.

Does Make School Offer a Job Guarantee?

Make School does not offer a job guarantee.

Does Make School Offer Prep Courses?

Make School was one of the partnering organizations in Google’s Computer Science Summer Institute (CSSI), a four-week course on computer science, data analytics, and related areas. It served as a prep course for Applied Computer Science. However, now that Applied Computer Science is no longer run by Make School, it is unclear what the status of this partnership is.

Is Make School Worth It?

Yes, it is. The school has a range of free courses and tutorials that can help you kickstart your career in tech. Although the school no longer offers its flagship program Applied Computer Science, it still has many interesting courses that are worth checking out. Best of all, they are all free.

What Is The Make School Application Process and Interviews?

The application process for Make School has changed significantly after the school transferred its flagship program, Applied Computer Science, to Dominican University of California in August 2021.

Previously, students had to fill out an application and attach academic transcripts and letters of recommendation. However, students don’t have to go through this process anymore since all the courses on offer are free. Just go to the school’s website, choose a course you like, and start learning.

Make School Reviews: Is Make School Legit?

The non-profit organization Make School is a great place to acquire computer science and software engineering skills. It has an excellent track record of training professionals in the US tech industry.

If you are on the lookout for programs and professional content to boost your career or make that switch, read this Make School review to glean all the information you need about its courses, student reviews, tuition costs, and financing options.


Answers to commonly asked questions

Which companies hire Make School graduates?

There are graduates from Make School working at a number of tech companies. This list includes companies like Tonik Ad's, Yelp, August Home Inc

How many students does this school have?

Make School has over 325 students and graduates as of 2021. This number will only continue to grow as more and more students take advantage of the courses offered here.

What courses are offered at Make School?

Make School offers several courses in different tech subjects, including: Bachelor in Applied Computer Science, Online Academy.

What types of programs are available at Make School?

Make School currently has Online and Full-time types of programs available to new students.

What financing options are offered by Make School?

This school offers a variety of different financing options, including: Upfront Payments, Loan Financing. With these payment methods, nearly anyone can attend Make School.

Where is Make School available?

Make School has multiple campuses in Seattle, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, Dallas, Minneapolis, Oakland, Washington, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Beijing, Osaka-shi, Taichung. If you live in or...

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