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About Make School

Make School Reviews: Is Make School Worth It?

Make School reviews are mostly positive. Students praise its curriculum, teaching method, and the community it provides. However, take into consideration that most of these Make School bootcamp reviews refer to the applied computer science program, which Make School no longer runs.

One Make School applied computer science graduate says the school has done a great job of combining the best of the academic world and Silicon Valley mentality. “The curriculum is constantly changing to best prepare students for a job.”

Make Believe is an excellent place for students to learn how to code. Both the applied computer science program and the free coding tutorials will teach students CS, iOS, Python, JavaScript, and computer science skills. Furthermore, the bachelor’s degree program gives students the freedom to take classes in other fields like business, marketing, and ethics.



Job Assistance

Overall Experience

GREAT Experience

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Ryan Smith student at Make School
Make School Review: starstarstarstarstar
Created 4 years ago
I went to MS from sept 2018 to august 2020 the experience was awesome. They Really try to provide the full college experience and do a great job of it. Of course during the covid times it was all remote but the quality and the care the instructors gave was amazing! High recommend
Support, College/university experience, small classes, highly qualified teachers, excellent founder, Just seems like they are actually there to help people and I'm very fond if that mentality.
It is still a start up, Some days felt a little unstable others we were getting provided lunch.

A Great School Experience

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Henry Calderon student at Make School
Make School Review: starstarstarstarstar
Created 4 years ago
So far as a student at the Make School, one of my favorite things is the community and group work promoted by the school. Resources are numerous and the staff are always reachable (within reasonable times). I will continue to recommend all who are pursuing a software engineer career.
- open community - small classes - career help and opportunities - Resources (student tutors, coaches, etc.) - focused courses - Fun events
- Stair cases to traverse (there are elevators) - Lack of snacks

Project Based Higher Education

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Jordan Torres student at Make School
Make School Review: starstarstarstarstar
Created 3 years ago
Starting Experience: I chose to attend make school because I wanted to get a degree, but learn in a way that showcased my work instead of just giving a grade. I enjoyed visiting the school, taking a tour of the dorms, visiting classrooms, and most importantly sitting in on a lesson. Talking to other students about their experience here, and why they chose the school was important for my choice. After talking to them it felt good being surrounded by like-minded individuals. Instructors: All of...
Pros: - Learning style - Project learning - Class sizes - Small and easy to get 1 on 1 time - Courses offered - Course paths are nice and you learn a lot about each path - Staff is very open to learning - Review on themselves
Cons: - Remote Learning - Hard to keep students focused - School is still new - My mom doesn't take it seriously - Accelerated course work - Classes are fast and if you miss something you can fall behind, but the staff does work...

Make School Job Placement Rate and Outcomes

Make School job placement rates report that 67 percent of graduates from 2018 are working as full-time software engineers or product managers. 17 percent of graduates are working part-time or as freelancers and 7 percent of graduates have founded a startup company.

Graduates of the Applied Computer Science program earn an average salary of $100,300, which is similar to what Ivy League school graduates make. In addition, large brands in the tech industry, including Google, NASA, Twitter, PayPal, and Tesla, often hire these graduates. However, the school does not offer the Applied Computer Science program anymore.

There is no Make School career services team. However, those students who have transferred from the Make School applied computer science program to the Dominican University of California will be able to take advantage of the school’s career services. This service has two online platforms to help students find employment, Focus 2 Career and Handshake.

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Career Paths
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Make School Courses and Curriculum

Make School courses were created to serve the underrepresented student population. Make School online tutorials and introduction to CS courses help make learning computer science easy. The applied computer science bachelor’s program is made up of 21 required courses including engineering, web development, and data science. There are also non-core courses in subjects like communications, writing, and geology

The Make School online tutorials and introductory classes are ideal for beginners. The classes are self-paced and can be watched back multiple times. These classes are completely free and are available to anyone. The bachelor’s degree program costs $70,000 in total but Make School payment options are available.

Online Academy


101 Weeks




Part Time




In Person



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Make School

Bachelor in Applied Computer Science






Full Time




In Person


San Francisco

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In addition to their in-person programs, Make School offers free online courses, based on the same curriculum delivered at the Summer Academy. First, you will learn Objective-C or Swift by working through step-by-step tutorials. They will guide you through the process of cloning popular apps like Flappy Bird, Notes, Instagram and Timberman. The Online Academy also includes video lectures by Make School instructors and Playground challenges. Then, you will start working on your own app/game and follow our tutorials to implement analytics, monetization and learn how to ship your app to the App Store!

Make School FAQs

How Much Is the Make School Cost and Tuition?

Make School bootcamp cost is completely free for its tutorials and Intro to CS courses. There is no Make School tuition. This no-fee Make School price gives students unlimited access to the tutorials to help them learn coding fundamentals and prepare them for entry-level jobs with tech companies or a college degree.

For the applied computer science program things get a bit more tricky. The course has been transferred to the Dominican University of California, where tuition depends on the program and the number of units you are enrolled in. The average cost for a bachelor’s degree at the university, not considering additional fees, is $47,190.

What Is Make School’s Acceptance Rate?

Make School acceptance rate is not available to the public. However, Make School aims to provide computer science education to under-resourced students, and Make School payment options are ideal for those who can’t afford the tuition cost.

The Make School acceptance rate is generally high for those who enrolled in the applied computer science course, as the school’s goal is to accept everyone no matter what their background or financial status is.

Make School has a 100% acceptance rate for its free online tutorials and introductory classes. There are no requirements to take these classes and they are readily available to anyone with a computer and an internet connection.

How Can I Pay for Make School?

Make School payment options for students that are continuing the Applied Computer Science program at Dominican University of California include transitional grants. This will bring their tuition down to $15,000 for the fall and spring of 2022 and $10,000 for the summer of 2022. Another $1,000 will be deducted for students who attend the online program. Unfortunately, there is no Make School deferred tuition scheme.

How Do I Apply to Make School?

Since all the courses currently offered are free, the Make School application process no longer exists. Students simply go to the school’s website, choose a course, and start learning. The Make School admissions process is completely free and open to anyone.

If you are looking for the applied computer science bachelor’s program, it is no longer offered by Make School. Steps to apply for the bachelor’s program through the Dominican University of California are:

  1. Write a personal essay.
  2. Complete and submit your online application. There is no application fee.
  3. Submit your school transcripts.
  4. Submit your test scores if you want to.
  5. Submit a letter of recommendation if you want to.

Make School is extremely easy to get into since the introduction to CS course and online tutorials are completely free. You do not need to submit any details and there is no application process. As long as you have a stable internet connection and a computer you simply open the links of your desired course and work through the classes at your own pace.

How Do I Get Accepted Into Make School?

There are no requirements to get accepted by Make School. The free tutorials and courses offered by Make School are available to anyone.

What Is the Make School Admission Process?

There is no Make School admission process anymore. Make School only offers free online courses and tutorials. If you want to access these courses you just go to the school’s website, pick a course or tutorial, and start learning.

What Make School Interview Questions Should I Expect?

You don’t need to prepare for a Make School interview because Make School does not require them. There is no longer a formal Make School admissions process. For those who wish to enroll in the program through the Dominican University of California, there is also no interview process.

Is Make School Hard to Get Into?

Getting into Make School is not hard. There are no requirements to take any of its online tutorials and courses online. Just go to its site, choose a class, and start learning.

Does Make School Offer Prep Courses?

Yes, Make School does offer prep courses. Make School was one of the partnering organizations in Google’s Computer Science Summer Institute (CSSI), a four-week course on computer science, data analytics, and related areas. It served as a Make School prep course for the applied computer science program. However, now that Applied Computer Science is no longer run by Make School, it is unclear what the status of this partnership is.

The free Make School online tutorials and courses are an ideal way to prepare for coding school and bootcamps. These Make School prep courses cover various programming languages and computer science fundamentals such as JavaScript design, Python, mobile app development, game creation, SQL, iOS basics, and website design.

Does Make School Offer Workshops?

Yes, Make School does offer workshops. Make School workshops are all free and they cover various computer science and coding subjects such as full stack development, front end design, Python, SQL, Node.js, and React.

Make School workshops are open to anyone, particularly potential software engineers and those looking to get started in the tech industry. These lightweight courses are an ideal way to prepare for bootcamp or full degree studies.

Are There Any Make School Scholarships?

No, you cannot apply for a Make School scholarship.

Does Make School Have a Refund Policy?

No, Make School does not have a refund policy. Since the programs on offer are all free, there is no need for a Make School refund policy.

How Much Do Make School Graduates Earn?

Graduates from Make School’s Applied Computer Science program earn an average salary of $100,300 per year. However, the school does not offer this program anymore.

Does Make School Offer a Job Guarantee?

Make School does not offer a job guarantee.

What Companies Hire Make School Graduates?

Make School graduates have landed jobs with tech giants like Google, NASA, Twitch, Apple, and Amazon. However, these graduates were mainly enrolled in the applied computer science program, which is no longer offered by Make School. The Make School tutorials and courses will help students find entry-level jobs and internships at tech firms.

Is Make School Accredited?

No, it is not. Make School was working toward becoming independently accredited. However, it recently announced that it has ceased pursuing independent accreditation.

Is Make School Worth It?

Yes, Make School is worth it if you want to learn coding and computer science fundamentals for free. Make School is an excellent bootcamp with excellent reviews and a large archive of free tutorials to help you break into the tech industry.

Although Make School no longer offers its flagship program in computer science, it still has many interesting courses that are worth checking out. Best of all, they are all free. Therefore, there is no financial risk for students looking to learn at Make School.

Make School Reviews: Is Make School Legit?

Yes, Make School is legit. This non-profit organization Make School is a great place to acquire computer science and software engineering skills. Make School reviews are positive and frequently mention the active community and highly-skilled instructors.

One Make School applied computer science review mentioned how the course changed their life and helped them get a job as a mobile developer at Toptal. Make School has an excellent track record of training professionals in the US tech industry. This is evident when you read Make School bootcamp reviews and testimonials.

Make School has nearly 700 graduates since it started in 2012. Their students work at companies like Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Yelp, according to the official Make School LinkedIn page.

Is Make School a Scam?

No, Make School is definitely not a scam. Make School is safe and offers free courses and tutorials to anyone who is looking to learn computer science and coding basics. The applied computer science program that Make School used to run helped employ hundreds of graduates with established companies such as Google, Amazon, and Yelp. Furthermore, Make School is trusted by Microsoft, Apple, Twitch, NASA, Tesla, and Facebook.


Answers to commonly asked questions

How many students does this school have?

Make School has over 325 students and graduates as of 2024. This number will only continue to grow as more and more students take advantage of the courses offered here.

What courses are offered at Make School?

Make School offers several courses in different tech subjects, including: Online Academy, Bachelor in Applied Computer Science.

What types of programs are available at Make School?

Make School currently has Online and Full-time types of programs available to new students.

What financing options are offered by Make School?

This school offers a variety of different financing options, including: Upfront Payments, Loan Financing. With these payment methods, nearly anyone can attend Make School.

Where is Make School available?

Make School has multiple campuses in Seattle, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, Dallas, Minneapolis, Oakland, Washington, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Beijing, Osaka-shi, Taichung. If you live in or...

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