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Programs availableOnline, Full-time, Part-time
Financing optionsUpfront Payments, Month-to-month Installments, Loan Financing, Employer Sponsored

About Momentum

Momentum Reviews: Is Momentum Worth It?

Yes, Momentum is worth it for students wanting to pursue a career in software engineering, full stack development, or web development. In Momentum reviews, students rave about the school’s curriculum, career services, and instructors. Momentum bootcamp reviews also mention that the high cost is worthwhile.

You can really learn to code at Momentum, which makes it a great choice if you want to get hands-on experience. As well, Momentum software engineering reviews from past students say that the program prepared them to get a job in the field. Similar to Flatiron School and other dev bootcamps, you will access career resources.



Job Assistance

Overall Experience


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James Porter graduated Momentum
Momentum Review: starstarstarstarstar
Created 3 years ago
Content is great! For someone with no coding background, I was amazed at what I was able to do on my own by the end of the course.
You learn a lot
Pace is a little fast

I can't recommend Momentum enough!

Momentum Review: starstarstarstarstar
Created 2 years ago
I thought the amount of time spent learning valuable programming languages and frameworks was appropriate, the coursework was rigorous, yet extremely apt and applicable to entering the tech industry, the instructors were amazing, super knowledgable and supportive throughout the program, as were (and still are) Momentum's student experience manager, their director of career services, the rest of my amazing teammates, and the extensive, supportive alumni network. I thought the overall atmosphere...
There was never a second that I didn't feel supported during this arduous, yet rewarding journey. Everyone at Momentum, be it staff, fellow students, or alumni have your back and want you to succeed. The coursework itself is excellent, I...
I think communication with career services could have been slightly better. I would have liked to have been prepared earlier in the program with an outline, or schedule of our post-graduation tasks, meetings, etc. This is a very small...

Best School Ever!

User avatar
Charlette Bauer graduated Momentum
Momentum Review: starstarstarstarstar
Created 2 years ago
I have a Bachelors degree, an associates degree and now a certificate from a bootcamp and I can tell you that Momentum was by far the best! When I started Momentum, I didn't even know how to use my Mac. Amy Gori, my first instructor, was the most patient, kind, and incredible teacher you could ask for. Not only did she slowly and methodically teach me how to code, but she was there as my support person. Not only do the instructors encourage you but there are many others who take care of your...
Instructor knowledge, support system, way the classes are laid out, languages they teach
That Amy is not at my new job to onboard me!

Momentum Job Placement Rate and Outcomes

The Momentum job placement rate is 89 percent, which is very high, especially compared to other coding bootcamps. The school also reports that the average salary for graduates is $65,200. Not only does Momentum get you a job, it also gives you a community that will support you.

Momentum career services are included in its curriculum. You’ll have access to one-on-one mentorship and career advice as you go through the program, which will help you get a job in the field once you graduate. Momentum graduates go on to work for major companies and institutions, including Credit Suisse, Duke University, and Relias.

Hiring Companies
Career Paths
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Momentum Courses and Curriculum

Momentum courses include a full-time immersive software engineering program and a part-time flexible software engineering program. The Momentum bootcamp provides tech training to both individuals and companies. Bootcamp grads can become software developers at top tech companies in just a few weeks.

The programs at Momentum are not free, but they are worth the money. Momentum is a good choice for beginners and code newbies. As well, you can study at Momentum online from your own home and on your own time if you choose the part-time program. There is no Momentum bootcamp prep, but the program lets you start from the beginning.

Part-Time Software Engineering Course


24 weeks




Part Time


20 Hours/week





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We don’t just train you in the right front-end and back-end tech­nolo­gies. We give you the right tools and timeta­bles to learn it all in 24 weeks and still man­age your day-to-day. Set up a sim­ple sched­ule, then access your engi­neer instruc­tors and col­lab­o­rate with oth­er learners.

Software Engineering Immersive


16 weeks




Full Time


40 Hours/week





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Momentum's Software Engineering Immersive course helps you get the tech skills you need for a career in technology. With the rigorous, 16-week curriculum you'll learn to code and gain specialized skills for a high-paying salary. Routine project assignments done individually, in pairs, and on teams develop your robust portfolio as a professional software developer. You'll focus on fundamental programming concepts and get extensive training on the latest technology leading companies use. A career change shouldn't have to wait. That's why we've made our course available every 8 weeks. Our 16-week curriculum is organized into four 4-week phases so it's easy to learn programming skills step by step. All students receive dedicated career services support, helping to simplify the job search process and prep you succeed in the workplace. Career services include networking with hiring managers, career guidance modules, negotiation support, interview training, 1-on-1 career planning support, and so much more. If you do not get a job offer with­in 9 months of grad­u­a­tion, we will refund your tuition. Subjects: CSS, HTML, Python, Agile, React.js, SQL, Django, JavaScript, UX

Momentum FAQs

How Much Is Momentum Tuition and Cost?

Momentum tuition is $4,375 per phase of the program, which adds up to $17,500 total. Although the Momentum price is high, the curriculum reflects its cost. As well, Momentum is not free, but it does offer many payment plans to help you pay tuition.

The Momentum bootcamp cost is easy to pay if you opt for an income share agreement or other loan. As well, there is a Momentum refund policy, which means you can get your money back if you don’t get a job within nine months of graduating.

What Is the Momentum Acceptance Rate?

The Momentum acceptance rate is not publicized. However, this bootcamp has small class sizes, which means it is hard to get into. Momentum doesn’t accept everyone, but it will accept you if you have a strong application and can commit to the online bootcamp. The tech industry is full of advances in software development, so the demand is high.

How Can I Pay for Momentum?

You can pay for Momentum tuition with upfront payments or different types of loans. The Momentum deferred tuition income share agreement gives you the option to pay a percentage of your salary when you get a job after graduating. You can find all of the Momentum payment options here:

  • Installments
  • Income share agreement
  • Climb Credit loan
  • Ascent loan

How Do I Apply to Momentum?

You can apply for Momentum admissions by filling out the form on its official website. The Momentum application process is quite simple, and once you complete the application form and the interview, you’ll be considered for admission. The steps to apply for Momentum are as follows:

  1. Fill out the Momentum application form on the website.
  2. Wait for an admissions advisor to reach out.
  3. Complete the bootcamp interview.
  4. Accept your offer if you receive one, and try again if you don’t.

Momentum is hard to get into, but you can get in if you share your passion for coding. Since the school is open to beginners, all you have to do is show that you are a hard worker who’s ready to commit to the Momentum program. You will need to show your career planning skills if you want to receive career counseling and extensive training.

How Do I Get Accepted Into Momentum?

To get accepted into Momentum, you’ll need to send in an impressive application and perform well at the interview. You should prepare for tough interview questions to increase your chances of being accepted. People who want to become junior developers or gain employment with high-profile companies apply for Momentum.

What Is the Momentum Admission Process?

The admission process at Momentum is an online form and a personal interview. You will choose your course of choice in the application and answer certain behavioral questions about your tech background and career goals. Once you complete the form, you will complete the Momentum interview and wait to learn if you’ve been accepted.

What Momentum Interview Questions Should I Expect?

During your Momentum interview, you can expect questions about your tech background and personal goals. You can prepare for your admissions interview by practicing common bootcamp interview questions with a friend. Since there is no Momentum prep course, you should practice a bit of coding before you start.

The Momentum interview is important because it allows the school to get to know you and your skills. It isn’t a long interview, but you should still put your best foot forward. Be prepared to answer questions about your goals and interests as well as your experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Is Momentum Hard to Get Into?

Yes, Momentum is hard to get into, but it is not impossible. The school’s admissions process is straightforward and open to people of all levels of experience. However, Momentum’s small class sizes and high-quality curriculum make it more competitive, even for the part-time course.

Does Momentum Offer Prep Courses?

No, Momentum does not offer any prep courses. The school’s software engineering courses are designed for tech beginners. Instead of a Momentum prep course, you can prepare for coding school with free beginner courses from online platforms such as Udemy and Coursera.

Does Momentum Offer Workshops?

Yes, Momentum offers workshops. Along with its software engineering programs, this bootcamp also hosts events, seminars, and workshops to help you learn about the industry. Momentum workshops are open to anyone, not just bootcamp students. You can contact the school to learn about Momentum workshop pricing.

For example, Momentum has a career path workshop series that can teach you about different jobs. You can learn about a day in the life of a software engineer and what it takes to work in tech. Future workshop topics might include coding techniques, job interview tips, and Q&A sessions with tech employees.

Does Momentum Offer Scholarships?

Yes, you can apply for several Momentum scholarships. Currently, the school offers a $1,000 discount on tuition to veterans. Momentum scholarships are not public other than the veteran discount, but you can contact the school for further information about payment and financing options.

You can get a scholarship at Momentum by indicating on your application whether you want to be considered for scholarships. Once you do that, an admissions advisor will discuss your options with you. This can help you pay the Momentum price and enter the tech job market.

Does Momentum Have a Refund Policy?

Yes, Momentum has a refund policy in the form of a job guarantee. If you don’t get a job within nine months of graduation, you will get a refund. As well, if you choose to use the income share agreement, you don’t have to pay tuition until you get a job. However, the $1,000 deposit is non-refundable.

How Much Do Momentum Graduates Earn?

Momentum reports that its graduates earn an average salary of $65,200 every year. Graduates go on to work in lucrative tech positions like IT analyst, front end web developer, and software engineer. They enter high-paying careers with an average salary of over $60,000.

Does Momentum Offer a Job Guarantee?

Yes, Momentum offers a job guarantee. If you don’t get a job in tech nine months after graduation, you can get your money back. As well, Momentum offers an income share agreement (ISA), which is a type of loan that you repay once you graduate and get a job.

What Companies Hire Momentum Graduates?

The companies that hire Momentum graduates include Duke University, IBM, Red Hat, Spencer Health Solutions, Credit Suisse, SCIMED Solutions, MetLife, and FoodLogiQ. Momentum reports that 89 percent of its graduates get bankable development and software engineering jobs after graduation and are hired by highly reputable companies.

This is due to the school’s heavy emphasis on job placement training, relevant industry skills training, and partnerships with reputable institutions. Momentum has several university and corporate partnerships, including Clarkston Technology Solutions, Opportunity Hub, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Spoonflower.

Is Momentum Accredited?

No, Momentum is not accredited. However, the coding school is highly reputable and partners with popular institutions to provide tech training services to its students. Its lack of accreditation doesn’t mean it isn’t a good education option. It offers college counseling and teaches fundamental programming concepts.

Is Momentum Worth It?

Yes, Momentum is worth it for anyone looking to learn software development. The Momentum program is worth the money, and it also offers payment options to help you before and after you graduate. Momentum is a good bootcamp that can help prepare you for your future career.

Momentum Reviews: Is Momentum Legit?

Yes, Momentum is a legit coding school. Although it is not accredited, Momentum reviews state that the program is worth it. According to LinkedIn, Momentum has over 600 successful alumni working at Accenture, Spreedly, IBM, Duke University, and more. In Momentum bootcamp reviews, graduates rave about their experiences.

You can put Momentum on your resume if you want to attract high-quality employers and get your dream job. According to Momentum software engineering reviews, the program will prepare you for a job and help you feel confident in the industry. If you’re wondering “Is Momentum legit?” the answer is yes.

Is Momentum a Scam?

No, Momentum is definitely not a scam. Momentum is a safe school that has been vetted by Career Karma as one of our preferred partners. This means that the curriculum is up to industry standard and the instructors are qualified and experienced. When you pay Momentum tuition, you receive a high-quality program, not a Momentum scam.


Answers to commonly asked questions

How many students does this school have?

Momentum has over 818 students and graduates as of 2023. This number will only continue to grow as more and more students take advantage of the courses offered here.

What courses are offered at Momentum?

Momentum offers several courses in different tech subjects, including: Part-Time Software Engineering Course, Software Engineering Immersive.

What types of programs are available at Momentum?

Momentum currently has Online, Full-time and Part-time types of programs available to new students.

What financing options are offered by Momentum?

This school offers a variety of different financing options, including: Upfront Payments, Month-to-month Installments, Loan Financing, Employer Sponsored. With these payment methods, nearly anyone can attend Momentum.

Where is Momentum available?

Momentum has one campus in Durham and is also available Online. If you live near Durham, consider visiting to get an idea of the school’s style and staff. If you're relocated ...

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