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SMU Boot Camps

Programs availableFull-time
Financing optionsUpfront Payments, Loan Financing

About SMU Boot Camps

Southern Methodist University (SMU) Boot Camps is an online bootcamp provider that offers various courses through SMU Continuing and Professional Education. SMU Boot Camps online programs cover a wide range of technical skills such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Java, Database Theory, Command-Line, and Git. SMU Boot Camps programs focus on...

SMU Boot Camps Reviews: Is SMU Boot Camps Worth It?

SMU Boot Camps is worth it if you are looking to increase your level of education through hands-on experience. SMU Boot Camps reviews also describe an increase in employment opportunities after completing its bootcamp, which further attests to its worth.

Some SMU Boot Camps bootcamp reviews reflect the instructors’ dedication to educating their students and preparing them for promising careers. One SMU Boot Camps Coding Boot Camp review stated that the school was well worth the money. The bootcamp curricula teach students a wide range of tech skills, such as coding and data analysis, which have a high market demand. This trust in the quality bootcamp programs and career support services makes SMU Boot Camps worth the financial investment.



Job Assistance

Overall Experience

Code Newbie

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Amber Phillips graduated SMU Boot Camps
SMU Boot Camps Review: starstarstarstarstar
Created 4 years ago
I had no experience coding before starting this bootcamp. My experience was solely in the financial industry. I was referred by a friend to attend SMU's bootcamp because I had been trying to get into the tech industry but just didn't know how. This was different and challenging which is what I loved. You don't feel alone in class because there are people there from all different backgrounds and career types. There were a lot of hands on exercises in class and homework due each week. You have to...
Teacher Assistants in class, Slack Channel to ask questions.
Projects working around others schedules, sometimes lack of communication b/t groups.

SMU Part-time Web Dev Program

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Julio Sanchez graduated SMU Boot Camps
SMU Boot Camps Review: starstarstarstarstar
Created 4 years ago
SMU Coding Bootcamp falls under the Trilogy Education umbrella. Many universities have similar programs and you can easily find horrible reviews for Trilogy programs. My review is ONLY for the program at SMU. It was worth going and I would do it again. You have to go into this knowing that you have to study and practice your butt off AFTER class. You will not learn everything you need during class hours...and they told us this on the first day. If you don't add another 20 hours a week of...
-Free hour of online tutoring a week while in the part-time program. -Relevant technologies are being taught -Active and involved job assistance program (if you don't use them, it's your loss) -Less expensive than some other programs
-No baseline of expected knowledge for students. Some students won't know what an <p> tag is and others will have basic JS knowledge. This can make it hard down the line in group projects -At the time I attended, some of the curriculum...

It lacks a lot compared to other bootcamps

SMU Boot Camps Review: starstarstarstarstar
Created 2 years ago
So, after graduating, I attended a hackathon where I met a lot of other graduate students from other Bootcamps. The support they have and the private connections with businesses are unparalleled to SMU. They have so much support. And the way they taught was so much better than SMU. I regret a lot choosing SMU as my Bootcamp. Just because of the name. Trust me on this when I say, name isn't everything. So many of my classmates were so lost throughout the entire course. The teacher we had mumbled...
Nothing. I don't see anything that stands out from other Bootcamps. This Bootcamp lacks A LOT. They have zero connections with businesses. They go through 2U for job searching where there are 1000's looking while other Bootcamps have...
a lot... A lot of cons. I already listed above the cons.

SMU Boot Camp Job Placement Rate and Outcomes

SMU Boot Camps career services provide career advisors who work with you to present your unique skills in a professional portfolio that caters to your career goals. SMU Boot Camps have industry insights that are fully at your disposal. There are also career coaches that will guide you in finding the best place to work in your industry for optimal job outcomes.

There are no SMU Boot Camps job placement services, but the SMU Boot Camps career services team has relationships with more than 260 employers across the globe in partnership with Trilogy Education Services. They help you get stellar job referrals to open roles that suit your skill set and set you on the right path to your career dreams.

This team offers a range of career services, like one-on-one career coaching and mock interviews to help you fully prepare for whatever lies ahead. Even without SMU Boot Camps job placement services, this school positions you for success through skill acquisition and networking and gets you high-growth careers that allow you to professionally advance.

Hiring Companies
Career Paths
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SMU Boot Camps Courses and Curriculum

SMU Boot Camps courses are centered around in-demand tech skills. The SMU Boot Camps online and offline courses have a broad curriculum that touches on everything you need to learn to start a tech career. The SMU Boot Camps bootcamp programs are offered for data science, coding, fintech, cyber security, and product management. These programs are beginner-friendly and don’t require prior tech experience.

These courses are developed using cutting-edge curricula. They are not free to enroll in as the full-time coding course and cyber security course are $13,495, while the data science and fintech courses are $12,995. The part-time coding course is $12,495 and the product management course is $8,995.

Full-Stack Flex - Full-Time


12 Weeks




Full Time




In Person



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SMU Coding Boot Camp is a 12-week, full-time web development course. The full-stack curriculum includes HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, Responsive Design, Heroku, Git, User Authentication, React.js, MySQL, MongoDB, and more. Students have access to participate in experiential learning opportunities. Students receive career-planning services, portfolio reviews, and 1:1 coaching to position students for success in the field.

Full-Stack Flex - Part-Time


24 Weeks




Part Time




In Person



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SMU Coding Boot Camp is a 24-week, part-time web development course. The full-stack curriculum includes HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, Responsive Design, Heroku, Git, User Authentication, React.js, MySQL, MongoDB, and more. Students have access to participate in experiential learning opportunities. Students receive career-planning services, portfolio reviews, and 1:1 coaching to position students for success in the field.

SMU Boot Camps FAQs

How Much Is SMU Boot Camps Tuition and Cost?

SMU Boot Camps bootcamps cost between $11,995 and $13,495 as the SMU Boot Camps tuition varies by course. The full-time coding course is $13,495, the part-time coding course is $12,995, the data science course is $12,995, the Fintech course is $11,995, and the Cybersecurity course is $13,495. SMU Boot Camps prices are quite expensive, so be sure to explore payment options.

What Is the SMU Boot Camps Acceptance Rate?

SMU Boot Camps has not published its acceptance rate. While the SMU Boot Camps acceptance rate remains unknown, it accepts anyone who passes the enrollment stage. SMU Boot Camps encourages its prospective students to prepare for the interview and test in order to get accepted into the bootcamp.

How Can I Pay for SMU Boot Camps?

You can pay for SMU Boot Camps tuition through one of multiple payment options. The SMU Boot Camps payment options include:

  • SMU alumni scholarship
  • Interest-free payment plan
  • Early registration discount

How Do I Apply to SMU Boot Camps?

You can apply to SMU Boot Camps by following the simple SMU Boot Camps application process. Moreover, getting into SMU Boot Camps is entirely dependent on when you apply and how well you impress the SMU Boot Camps admissions team. Below are the steps to apply to SMU Boot Camps:

  1. Fill in the application form and submit it online.
  2. Complete the SMU Boot Camps interview with an admissions team member.
  3. Take a multiple-choice critical thinking and problem-solving assessment.
  4. Explore financing options.
  5. Pay a deposit to secure your spot in your chosen bootcamp program.

How Do I Get Accepted into SMU Boot Camps?

Getting into SMU Boot Camps is simple, especially considering prospective students aren’t required to have technical skills. However, if you feel the need to undergo SMU Boot Camps bootcamp prep before starting the course, there will be an SMU Boot Camps prep course that serves that purpose. SMU Boot Camps prep courses, in the form of pre-course tutorials, are included in the cost of the course and packed with valuable information that will help you get started on your course

While applying for enrollment into SMU Boot Camps, there will be an interview stage, which is the most crucial factor in determining whether or not you’ll get into SWU Boot Camps. This interview will assess your character and career goals. There will also be a test on critical thinking and problem-solving.

What Is the SMU Boot Camps Admission Process?

The SMU Boot Camps admissions process is relatively straightforward and involves sorting candidates based on their critical thinking, character, ambition, and articulation skills. The SMU Boot Camps admission team invites students for interviews based on the applications they submit. Once students pass the interview stage, the admissions team gives them the critical-thinking and problem-solving test. Only then can students choose a payment option and pay the deposit to secure their spots.

What SMU Boot Camps Interview Questions Should I Expect?

The SMU Boot Camps interview will be a casual interview wherein the advisor will most likely ask about your career aspirations and personal history, and the practical skills you hope to learn. The SMU Boot Camps interview is a critical part of the admissions process, as this is where the admissions team determines who they want to enroll.

Is SMU Boot Camps Hard to Get Into?

No, SMU Boot Camps is not hard to get into. Based on the fact that SMU Boot Camps doesn’t require students to have prior tech experience, students who complete the application process, interview, and admission test should have no problem getting in. With that said, not all students who apply will get accepted as there are limited spots in each cohort.

Does SMU Boot Camps Offer Prep Courses?

Yes, SMU Boot Camps offers prep courses. Prep courses are short courses that help prepare you for attending the main course ahead of time. If you want to prepare for coding school, you’ll be given that opportunity through the SMU Boot Camps prep program, which is included in tuition.

Does SMU Boot Camps Offer Workshops?

No, SMU Boot Camps does not offer workshops. Although SMU Boot Camps workshops are not available, students don’t need to worry about lacking preparation for the core programs as all courses are for tech beginners and include prep courses.

Do SMU Boot Camps Offer Scholarships?

Yes, SMU Boot Camps offres a scholarship. This SMU Boot Camp scholarship is needs-based and only offered to students who graduated from Southern Methodist University, so not everyone is eligible to apply for it. Here’s how to get a scholarship for SMU Boot Camps:

  1. Be a SMU graduate.
  2. Within your application form or during your SMU Boot Camps interview, make it clear that you would like to claim the $500 SMU alumni scholarship.
  3. Contact the SMU Boot Camps admissions team to ensure that you will be receiving the $500 alumni scholarship.

Does SMU Boot Camps Have a Refund Policy?

No, SMU does not have a refund policy for deposits or tuition. Although there isn’t a publicly-stated SMU Boot Camps refund policy, students who want to explore the possibility further can contact an SMU Boot Camp representative through the website. .

How Much Do SMU Boot Camps Graduates Earn?

SMU Boot Camps has not publishe data on the average SMU Boot Camp graduate salary. However, based on the professions that SMU Boot Camps prepare students for, there is reason to believe that graduates earn comfortable salaries.

Does SMU Boot Camps Offer a Job Guarantee?

No, SMU Boot Camps does not offer a job guarantee. Although there isn’t an SMU Boot Camps job guarantee or an SMU Boot Camps job placement service, it offers excellent career services, including networking training, opportunities, and sometimes, arranged connections with employers. Through its many partnerships, students have no problem finding jobs after graduation.

What Companies Hire SMU Boot Camps Graduates?

Some of the biggest companies in the world hire SMU Boot Camp gradutes. These companies include Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook. SMU Boot Camps has relationships with over 260 employers all over the globe, providing a high likelihood of employment after graduating from one of its programs.

Is SMU Boot Camps Accredited?

No, SMU Boot Camps is not accredited. However, it is offered by Southern Methodist Univeristy, which is an accredited university. Although SMU Boot Camps is not accredited, it remains a highly-respected respected and reputable education provider.

Is SMU Boot Camps Worth It?

Yes, SMU Boot Camps is worth it for anyone looking to enter or advance in one of the fields it provides courses in. It’s particularly beneficial to anyone who is undergoing a career transition and wants the hands-on training and practical experience provided by this school. Students interested in learning or pursuing careers in web development, fintech, data science, cyber security, or product management.

SMU Boot Camps Reviews: Is SMU Boot Camps Legit?

Yes, SMU Boot Camps is legit. Although it’s not accredited, SMU Boot Camps reviews attest to its legitimacy. You can put your time at SMU Boot Camps on your resume and it will get recognition. SMU Boot Camps have over 52 graduates, with many more to come.

One SMU Boot Camps Part-Time Web Development Boot Camp review praised the school, describing the skills and knowledge developed through the program. In addition to positive SMU Boot Camps bootcamp reviews and 260 company partnerships, the official SMU Boot Camps LinkedIn account reports what its graduates are currently doing with their bootcamp credentials.

Is SMU Boot Camps a Scam?

No, SMU Boot Camps are definitely not a scam. There are numerous testimonies of SMU Boot Camps graduates that testify to the contrary. SMU Boot Camps is one of our preferred partners, meaning that anyone worried about it being a scam can rest assured that its been through our rigorous vetting process. In addition to SMU Boot Camps not being a scam, students are guaranteed to receive what they’re promised by the school.


Answers to commonly asked questions

How many students does this school have?

SMU Boot Camps has over 55 students and graduates as of 2024. This number will only continue to grow as more and more students take advantage of the courses offered here.

What courses are offered at SMU Boot Camps?

SMU Boot Camps offers several courses in different tech subjects, including: Full-Stack Flex - Full-Time, Full-Stack Flex - Part-Time.

What types of programs are available at SMU Boot Camps?

SMU Boot Camps currently has Full-time types of programs available to new students.

What financing options are offered by SMU Boot Camps?

This school offers a variety of different financing options, including: Upfront Payments, Loan Financing. With these payment methods, nearly anyone can attend SMU Boot Camps.

Where is SMU Boot Camps available?

SMU Boot Camps has multiple campuses in Dallas, Akron. If you live in or near any of these cities, consider visiting to get an idea of the school's style and staff. A visit can help any potential...

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