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UCF Boot Camps

Programs availableFull-time
Financing optionsUpfront Payments, Loan Financing

About UCF Boot Camps

UCF Boot Camps is based in Orlando and hosts both part-time and full-time tech bootcamps. Students can access UCF Boot Camps’ online and in-person education, training, and certification. UCF Boot Camps offers these bootcamps through the UCF Division of Continuing Education, collaborating with Trilogy Education Services. UCF Boot Camps programs...

UCF Boot Camps Reviews: Is UCF Boot Camps Worth It?

Yes, UCF Boot Camps is worth it for anyone who wants to learn about web development, data analytics, or digital marketing. This is especially true when you read UCF Boot Camps reviews. You can learn to code with UCF Boot Camps, whether relating to web development, data analytics, or digital marketing.

UCF Boot Camps reviews reveal that students have a very positive experience overall. In fact, one UCF Boot Camps Online Web Development Program review says that “there is a tremendous amount of support to help you succeed.” Another UCF Boot Camps bootcamp review says, there is plenty of student support, with one-on-one tutoring available as well as numerous 'office hours' sessions with teaching assistants.”

UCF Boot Camps is also listed amongst the best User Authentication Bootcamps and one of the best Coding Bootcamps in Fort Lauderdale. You can feel confident that by the end of your attendance at a UCF Boot Camps course, you will be prepared for the job market and employment with your newly acquired, in-demand skills in coding. An online coding bootcamp can help you develop a portfolio of projects demonstrating your advanced skills, which will help you stand out to potential employers.



Job Assistance

Overall Experience

UCF Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp

UCF Boot Camps Review: starstarstarstarstar
Created 2 years ago
UCF's Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp is administered by Trilogie/2U. The course is fast paced: I originally enrolled in the 12-week full-time program :4-hour classes (Mon-Fri) , but found that is just moved too quickly for me (I wouldn't recommend it if you have no previous coding experience) I transferred to the 24-week 'part-time' course, which runs 2-hour classes, 2 days a week and found that it was more in-depth: one learning module, in-class problem-solving and a homework project each week,...
Student support, career support (mostly resume hacks & interview prep) You also have access to"elective" languages (Python, Java, AWS & C#) for a year after you complete the course.
The pace: it's 24 weeks, no mid-term breaks, no holidays. No matter what you have going in life, assignments are due before midnight each Sunday. Plan for it!! They push career coaching & development, BUT you will need a bit of...

Trilogy Full Stack Coding Bootcamp

User avatar
Jeff Brown graduated UCF Boot Camps
UCF Boot Camps Review: starstarstarstarstar
Created 4 years ago
My goal was to ramp up quickly in the Full Stack model in an environment led by real-world coding professionals; pleased to say my expectations were met and exceeded. Please note I'm writing this review with two years of hindsight, the bootcamp exposed me front-end and back-end primarily in the MERN stack, but included comparative forays into other platforms. Trilogy also provided solid career counseling, connected me to an array of recruiters, and I formed some lasting relationships with...
Instructors and TAs are authentic working professionals; the Trilogy infrastructure is active and continuing even two years later; the curriculum involves building working websites
Well, it ain't cheap ... but that's because you're face-to-face with real coding professionals in a smallish group setting; we always had at least three sometimes four instructors (one lead and two or three TAs) in the classroom at all...

Life Changing Experience

User avatar
Altricia W Latimer graduated UCF Boot Camps
UCF Boot Camps Review: starstarstarstarstar
Created 9 months ago
The program opened up a world that I really didn't understand at first, but has become a place I never want to leave.
Everyone working together on teams. The instructors, teaching assistants, guidance counselors and tutors helped immensely.
The only downside is that I wish the course was longer.

UCF Boot Camps Job Placement Rate and Outcomes

There is no UCF Boot Camps job placement guarantee offered. However, there is job assistance and support through UCF Boot Camps career services. UCF Boot Camps helps you get a job by providing a career material advisor and career coach for every student. These professionals assist in building your resume and social media profile. They will also lead you through extensive portfolio reviews and mock interviews.

You will have access to these mentoring sessions and career coaching opportunities for almost four hours during office hours outside of your class time. You also have a tutor network and a peer network to identify and pursue opportunities. Further, UCF Boot Camps has 260 employer partners, including industry leaders, to ensure students meet future employers and gain access to the right opportunities for full-time jobs.

UCF Boot Camps Courses and Curriculum

UCF Boot Camps courses cover a wide range of subjects relating to web development, data analytics, or digital marketing. Students can also access UCF Boot Camps’ online courses. So you can attend UCF Boot Camps however it is most convenient to you. For example, UCF Boot Camps’ 40-hour digital marketing program can be completed over 18 weeks. You’ll gain the proficiency in marketing strategy fundamentals you need to become a digital marketer.

UCF Boot Camps are not free. They are, however, packed with value, as you will see from this guide. UCF Boot Camps are good for beginners as you do not require any experience to apply. Furthermore, the cost of UCF Boot Camps courses ranges from $8,295 to $12,495. The school has several payment options to help you cover the UFC Boot Camps price.

Full-Stack Flex - Part-Time (Valencia West)


24 Weeks




Part Time




In Person



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UCF Coding Boot Camp is a 24-week, part-time web development course. The full-stack curriculum includes HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, Responsive Design, Heroku, Git, User Authentication, React.js, MySQL, MongoDB, and more. Students have access to participate in experiential learning opportunities. Students receive career-planning services, portfolio reviews, and 1:1 coaching to position students for success in the field.

Full-Stack Web Development (Online) Part-Time


24 Weeks




Part Time







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Learn to code wherever you are. The full-stack, online curriculum includes HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, Responsive Design, Heroku, Git, User Authentication, React.js, MySQL, MongoDB, and more. Through hands-on projects and training, students will complete the coding program in 24 weeks via live, instructor-led lessons. Individuals receive support from a variety of channels, so students are never alone throughout their online coding boot camp journey. University of Central Florida’s online coding boot camp gives you the opportunity to “think like a developer.” In addition to learning many of the most in-demand languages and creating your own personal portfolio, you will also partake in an 8-week Agile Team Project that mimics a real-world environment. Students are assigned a piece of the full project (division of tasks into short phases of work and frequent reassessment of adaptation of plans) and then finalize the project together with the assistance of an industry leader who has on average 5-7 years of experience as a software engineer. At the end of this online coding program, you will receive a Certificate of Completion from University of Central Florida, helping you stand out to employers.

UCF Boot Camps FAQs

How Much Is UCF Boot Camps Tuition and Cost?

UCF Boot Camps tuition ranges from $8,295 to $12,495. Depending on the course you choose to pursue, the UCF Boot Camps price will vary. This also varies between a part-time and full-time bootcamp. For example, the Digital Marketing UCF Boot Camp costs $8,295, and the UCF Boot Camps bootcamp cost for the full-time coding course is $12,495.

UCF Boot Camps are not free, but a free pre-course tutorial needs to be completed once you are admitted, and before you start your course. In addition, the price range is pretty affordable, and UFC Boot Camps offers a range of career services along with flexible payment options. Many positive reviews of the school show that both full-time students and part-time students had a positive learning experience at their UCF bootcamp.

What Is the UCF Boot Camps Acceptance Rate?

The UCF Boot Camps acceptance rate is not public. Though UCF Boot Camps does not accept everyone, the application process is not terribly difficult to get through. Applying early and preparing for the interview may help you gain entry.

How Can I Pay for UCF Boot Camps?

You can pay for UCF Boot Camps tuition with two payment options, including financial assistance. However, there is no UCF Boot Camps deferred tuition option at the moment. You can discuss the payment possibilities with the UCF Boot Camps admissions officer. UCF Boot Camps payment options include:

  • Upfront Payments. This requires the total cost of your course to be paid before starting.
  • Loan Financing Interest-Free Payment Plan. This requires an initial deposit. Then the remaining outstanding value is split up into monthly installments that are interest-free.
  • Early Registration. Many academic institutions offer an “Early Registration Pricing” incentive. This means if you pay upfront and early, you may get a discounted fee and save some money.

How Do I Apply to UCF Boot Camps?

The UCF Boot Camps application process is simple. It does, however, require some planning and preparation on the part of the student. Regardless of whether you intend to enroll in a full-time program or on a part-time basis, impressing the UCF Boot Camps admissions team is the first step you will need to get through. The steps of the UCF Boot Camps application process are as follows:

  1. Complete the contact form online.
  2. Accept an invitation for an interview.
  3. Attend the interview and talk with the admissions officer about why you want to attend a bootcamp.
  4. Complete the multiple-choice and critical thinking assessment.
  5. Await acceptance to the bootcamp and sign the enrollment agreement.

How Do I Get Accepted into UCF Boot Camps?

Getting into UCF Boot Camps is a straightforward process. While you do not need any real-world experience to apply, you do need to get through the interview and multiple-choice and critical thinking assessment to stand a chance at getting into UCF Boot Camps. As such, make sure your logic and reasoning skills are sound before taking the UCF Boot Camps admissions assessment.

When it comes to UCF Boot Camps bootcamp prep, prospective students do not need to worry. UCF Boot Camps programs are designed for beginners or those with minimal experience. In addition, there is a UCF Boot Camps prep course that all admitted students will complete before the in-person or online training for the digital marketing bootcamp officially begins. In other programs, students will learn foundational concepts in the first weeks of the official program.

What Is the UCF Boot Camps Admission Process?

The UCF Boot Camps admissions team requires students to select their desired course and provide personal information through the contact form. Then, as part of the UCF Boot Camps admissions process, they will invite you to an interview where they will assess you as a prospective UCF Boot Camp student. If you pass the UCF Boot Camps interview process, you will be asked to complete the multiple-choice and critical thinking assessment.

UCF Boot Camp applicants are contacted with feedback on whether they have been accepted or not. If you get in, you will be required to complete the UCF Boot Camp prep course and arrange for your payment method with the UCF Boot Camps admissions department.

What UCF Boot Camps Interview Questions Should I Expect?

The UCF Boot Camp interview is more of an informal discussion, and you can prepare by researching typical bootcamp interview questions you may be asked and conducting mock interviews with someone who has experience in interviews.

You will want to do well in the UCF Boot Camps interview phase to get into coding programs. Here are some examples of UCF Boot Camps interview questions you may encounter:

  • Why have you chosen UCF Boot Camps?
  • What is your educational background?
  • Why are you interested in making a career switch into tech?
  • What are your academic goals?
  • What are your career goals?

Is UCF Boot Camps Hard to Get Into?

It is not too difficult to get into UCF Boot Camps. The most important factor for getting into UCF Boot Camps is showing your interviewer that you are committed to learning valuable skills through one of the intensive bootcamp programs. Whether you want to follow a course on digital marketing or UI/UX design, you will also need to show that you are passionate about the subject.

Does UCF Boot Camps Offer Prep Courses?

Yes, UCF Boot Camps does offer a prep course for the digital marketing program. UCF Boot Camps prep courses come in the form of an optional pre-course that students can engage in before the official digital marketing bootcamp begins.

Students do not need to worry that there is no prep program for UCF Boot Camps’ other offerings because they are meant for beginners. As such, students will learn all of the necessary foundational knowledge within the first few weeks of the program.

Does UCF Boot Camps Offer Workshops?

No, UCF Boot Camps does not offer workshops. However, in the absence of UCF Boot Camps workshops, students can visit the organization’s blog for additional resources. Through the blog, you can learn about the complex projects past students have developed and access career guidance information.

Does UCF Boot Camps Offer Scholarships?

Yes, you can apply for a UCF Boot Camp scholarship if you are a UCF alumni. Right now, people who graduated with academic degrees from UCF can receive a $500 scholarship. Unfortunately, this is the only scholarship opportunity available.

For those who need help with tuition fees, UCF Boot Camps does offer flexible payment options in the form of an interest-free payment plan and an early registration discount incentive. To access these options, you can reach out to a UCF Boot Caps admissions advisor.

Does UCF Boot Camps Have a Refund Policy?

Yes, there is a UCF Boot Camps refund policy for deposits and tuition. Under the UCF Boot Camps refund policy, refunds are only available in the first calendar week of a course. After that time, no refunds are granted. In addition, initial deposits are non-refundable at UCF Boot Camps.

How Much Do UCF Boot Camps Graduates Earn?

The average UCF Boot Camps graduate salary is not reported by the organization. However, there are many UCF Boot Camps reviews in which students report being pleasantly surprised by their new salaries. In fact, one student of the coding bootcamp claims that she was even able to double her salary.

It's also worth mentioning that companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and JPMorgan Chase, are the top employers of bootcamp graduates. As such, UCF Boot Camps graduates are likely enjoying the lucrative salaries that the tech industry offers. If you are looking for a well-paying career, you may find the programs at UCF Boot Camps worth it.

Does UCF Boot Camps Offer a Job Guarantee?

No, UCF Boot Camps doesn’t offer a job guarantee. While they provide career services and support services, a UCF Boot Camps job guarantee is not listed anywhere on their website. However, the career services and support services provided greatly help the UCF Boot Camps job placement rate. In addition, students will have access to the 260 partner employers in the UCF Boot Camps network.

What Companies Hire UCF Boot Camps Graduates?

Two companies are mentioned on the website that speaks about UCF Boot Camps hires. One is Deloitte, which has hired two UCF Boot Camp Alumni in the past. The second is Capco, which has a handful of UCF Boot Camps hires. Overall, UCF Boot Camps proudly connects over 260 hiring partners to its bootcamp graduates.

Is UCF Boot Camps Accredited?

No, UCF Boot Camps is not directly accredited. However, it is offered through UCF’s Division for Continuing Education, which is an accredited university. This status is provided by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). In addition, UCF Boot Camps is offered in collaboration with Trilogy Education Services.

Is UCF Boot Camps Worth It?

Yes, UCF Boot Camps is worth it if you’re looking for quality education with valuable career and support services. With that, UCF Boot Camps is worth the money as the programs offer students a chance to earn certificates, develop new skills, gain hands-on experience, and apply for a wide range of lucrative tech positions. The expert instructors are always there for students who need extra assistance.

You’ll gain experience with tools used by experts in your industry during your online sessions. Further, with a range of career services, including career coaching, graduates can feel confident entering the job market.

UCF Boot Camps Reviews: Is UCF Boot Camps Legit?

Yes, UCF Boot Camps is legit. The fact that UFC Boot Camps is linked to the University of Central Florida, which graduated over 18,000 students in 2021, should overcome concerns about whether the programs are legit. With an established record for providing students with real-world skills and knowledge, UCF Boot Camps looks great on a resume

UCF Boot Camps provides courses in partnership with Trilogy Education, a company specialized in educational services. In addition, UCF Boot Camps reviews by students are very positive, most having allocated five out of five stars. One UCF Boot Camps Coding Program review mentions the organization’s career services and says, “They assist in preparation for interviews and provide resources for finding employment.”

Is UCF Boot Camps a Scam?

No, UCF Boot Camps is absolutely not a scam. UCF Boot Camps is a preferred partner at Career Karma and has been vetted accordingly. Another way to know that UCF Boot Camps is not a scam is the sheer number of graduates and students who flow through its academic system and then proceed to write glowing reviews.

As such, UCF Boot Camps is a safe option if you are interested in learning more about coding, digital marketing, data analysis, or UX/UI design. You do not have to worry about a UCF Boot Camps scam.


Answers to commonly asked questions

What courses are offered at UCF Boot Camps?

UCF Boot Camps offers several courses in different tech subjects, including: Full-Stack Flex - Part-Time (Valencia West), Full-Stack Web Development (Online) Part-Time.

What types of programs are available at UCF Boot Camps?

UCF Boot Camps currently has Full-time types of programs available to new students.

What financing options are offered by UCF Boot Camps?

This school offers a variety of different financing options, including: Upfront Payments, Loan Financing. With these payment methods, nearly anyone can attend UCF Boot Camps.

Where is UCF Boot Camps available?

UCF Boot Camps has multiple campuses in Orlando, Fort Lauderdale. If you live in or near any of these cities, consider visiting to get an idea of the school's style and staff. A visit can help any...

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